Tony ‘The Ripper’ Abbott wants to rip the guts out of public school funding

In remarks yesterdays, Tony Abbott promised that if he ever got into government, he would take an axe to the public school budget, which he believes is too high.

As PM Gillard said,

Like Jack the Ripper, he is going to be there wielding his knife to cut money out of that public school… Whatever label one wants to put on it, what that means is that that {sic} school would have less money for the education of children. The Leader of the Opposition in his own words today, in a carefully scripted remark, has said that he is coming for public schools to cut back their funding. Every public school in this country, every parent who sends a child to a public school, and every community member who cares about the quality of public education needs to know from today that the Leader of the Opposition is coming for them. He is coming with cutbacks, and he is coming to destroy the opportunity for those schoolchildren.

Source: Hansard

text of image: Tony ‘The Ripper’ Abbott
wants to slash and hack at the funding for public schools, which he believes is too high… and redirect that money to for-profit “private” schools
that is the real class warfare being waged in this country


6 Comments to “Tony ‘The Ripper’ Abbott wants to rip the guts out of public school funding”

  1. Thanks for posting this, TL. Their reaction in Question Time to the PM raising it shows how sensitive they are about it. The more sensitive the Noalition are about something, the more the public at large need to be informed about it.

    • But the LNP have been successful in convincing the muppets that they are entitled to private school and if they cant pay for it, thats what the tax payer is for – we are heading for a situation in this country where “non government” schools are paid for by governments and public schools raise funds privately from parents, corporations and the community

  2. Within a short time there would be corporate advertising plastered all over the schools. From the front gate, over the buildings and on banners inside the classrooms.

    Third World – here we come!!

  3. Back in the Ming days it was the Liberal philosophy of being ‘born to rule’ and to keep the plebs poorly educated and thus easier to control. It would seem that little has changed.
    Phoney Tony wants to bring back the Howard era and it would seem also the 50’s.

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