Men and Women of Australia, a future Prime Minister: Tony Abbott’s interview by Leigh Sales on 730 report

no, Not Tony Abbott… Leigh Sales: smart, literate, can complete entire sentences, not merely parrot slogans, does her research, speaks clearly.

And for those wondering who Tony Abbott reminds you of in this interview:
Thunderbirds, marionette puppets. They are less wooden and have more warmth and a large range of facial expressions that the Current Leader of the Opposition


5 Comments to “Men and Women of Australia, a future Prime Minister: Tony Abbott’s interview by Leigh Sales on 730 report”

  1. Frankly this bloke is an embarrassment. How this bloke could be the leader of a major political party, or a leader of anything, is fucking scary. He is supposedly a Rhodes Scholar but cannot string a couple of words together without tripping himself up. If Kerry O’Brien had conducted that interview he would have crucified him. Not one answer to one question except his programmed and scripted slogans. Contrast his pathetic and juvenile effort to Julia Gillard who had the courage to front the ” journalistic elite of this country” for about an hour and never faltered once. She was completely coherent , forceful and positive with every answer she gave in complete contrast to that nuff nuff Abbott who only had his scripted slogans.

  2. thanks for the laugh

  3. After watching the 7.30 shocker in which he admitted not reading the latest statement from BHP, I watched him this morning doing a damage control interview. When asked if he had read the statement – he said yes he had read it at 3.45 pm yesterday. It was then pointed out that he had said he had not read the statement on the 7.30 program, he remarked that he was responding to something Leigh had said?????

    What the reporter then should have then asked is: “Was he prepared to put that into writing?”, remember he has said that he can only be held to account for not lying when it is in writing, but then again perhaps he is lying about lying.

    Q How can you tell when Abbott is lying?
    A. His lips are moving.

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