The Awful Truth Of Tony Abbott Revealed In Two Interviews

It has not been a good fortnight for Tony Abbott.

Tony Windsor stood up in Parliament, last week, and told the nation exactly what the thought of Abbott – he is a power mad disgrace, who would say anything to become Prime Minister, who would do anything except sell his arse. (full text and video of that smack-down here). And Tony Abbott’s fortnight was all downhill from there…

There was the interview on ABC’s 730 report with Leigh Sales on Thursday night. Nothing particularly hard-hitting about the Sales interview. Just a journalist doing her job and asking questions. Questions that Abbott found it impossible to give a simple, straight-forward answer to without reverting to slogans and obfuscation and subsequent denials. (video of interview here)

Lastly there was the soft, breakfast show interview with channel 9’s Lisa Wilkinson on Sunrise. It should have been easy. Except Tony Abbott gave the exact same answers that he gave to Sales, regardless of the question, except for the answers which contradicted answers he gave to Sales. Even the question about football at the end had Abbott looking out of his depth and struggling. (video of interview here

The man is not articulate, cannot string a sentence together without reverting to slogans and really bizarre pauses in places they don’t belong, and ah, well, verbal ticks. He ignores the questions and just answers what he wants. When he does give a straight answer (did you read the Klopper’s statement? from Leigh, and he answers “NO”, by the next interview, he has changed his mind).

If this is the real Tony Abbott under the pressure of having to answer simple questions the truth is: This man is not fit to be Prime Minister.


4 Comments to “The Awful Truth Of Tony Abbott Revealed In Two Interviews”

  1. A lie by Abbott in the interview by Wilkinson that has not been tested by the media. When asked if he had seen the Gillard press conference,Abbott said “Well no, it was about a half hour before QT…..blah, blah”

    Well heck NO Mr Abbott the PM spoke for over 50 minutes and still left the room with 10 minutes to spare before QT.

    Does Abbott expect that anyone would believe that his office would not be watching and NOT advise him what was happening?

    A great question by Wilkinson that would shame a lot of the Canberra press
    “Well Mr Abbott are you going to read the transcript or have someone else do that?” A question that supports the belief Abbott lied about reading the BHP statement, in other words he is lying about a supposed “lie/ misheard because of rapid questions to Leigh Sales”

    • Hes too busy preparing for QT to watch a press conference where the person hes been demanding answers of, is giving answers… yeah, he is more busy that the Prime Minister.

      You are correct, the entire canberra gallery has been put to shame by a former Cleo editor (no insult to Lisa W, shes one of the leading lights in media these days)

  2. What really cheeses me off is the outdoor interview where the sound system setup does not allow the viewer to hear the question being asked by the journalist. Tony must love this format as his “non answers” stand up when the question can not be heard. However, he even stuffs this up and has to be rescued by a staffer asking a Dorothy Dixer, if this does not work, he scurries away in silence.

    Of course the Liberal Party operatives running the ABC news fix it up for him by doing a cut and paste for the prime time news thus ensuring he comes across as semi articulate.

    Australia runs the significant risk of having this turkey elected because the media are covering for him.

    • I don’t know if the Liberals would take the risk – if they change leaders, they will get a bump. Abbott is damaging their brand as much as he is getting hits against the government

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