Ch 7 Reporter gleeful at the sight of assaulted union workers

Is there some sort of media handbook that says when you refer to unions you automatically include the word “thug”?

Unions stand up for workers rights – they ensure that your wages aren’t diverted to fund the bosses pokies habit, you get paid fairly for work you have done, that you have a safe work place that does not kill you.

But not all those in the media appreciate what unions do for workers. Here is channel 7’s Samantha Armytage:

text of tweet: I love it when a police horse knocks over a violent thug #cfmeu

A horse knocking over a person has the potential to cause a lot of injuries, and just because someone belongs to a union, does not mean that deserve that.

Perhaps there was a better way to phrase this than wish harm on the members of the CFMEU.


4 Comments to “Ch 7 Reporter gleeful at the sight of assaulted union workers”

  1. Most of the staff left with Fairfax are mostly right wing conservatives.

  2. The “mainstream” media again pushing the cause of the 1 per cent.

  3. Channel 7 is going broke and is it any wonder with little charmers like Armytage, never mind Samantha, the ABC will give you a position working for Chris Uhlmann

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