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September 30, 2012

Even More Condemnation from all sides for Alan Jones

2GB’s Alan Jones told a room full of Liberals Every person in the caucus of the Labor Party knows that Julia Gillard is a liar, everybody. I will come to that in a moment. The old man recently died a few weeks ago of shame. To think that he has a daughter who told lies every time she stood for Parliament.

This comment was not appreciated by many politicians, left and right, media, and other national figures.

Kevin Rudd, Federal Labor Member for Griffith, QLD
Alan Jones’ comments are lowest of the low. Abbott must dismiss Jones from Liberal Party now & ban him from future Liberal events. KRudd
Source: here

Teresa Gambaro, the Federal Liberal Member for the seat of Brisbane.
Alan Jones comments absolutely disgraceful, hurtful and offensive. He should immediately apologize to the PM.
Source: here

Anthony Albanese, the Federal Labor Member for Grayndler, NSW
Organiser of the SULibs event where #alanjones made the disgraceful remarks was Alex Dore, Libs 2010 #Grayndler candidate
Source: here

Bob Brown, former Greens senator, Tasmania
Alan Jones should be sacked. This doyen of the hate media apologises to boost his ratings.Misogyny is his hallmark. Switch him off. Bob.
Source: here

Sharman Stone, the Federal Liberal Member for Murray, Vic
Alan Jones remarks were a disgrace. He should sincerely apologise.
Source: here

Freedom Furniture, sponsor of the Alan Jones show
We would like to confirm that we have pulled our advertising. We do not support Alan Jones’ comments. (11:33pm – 30 Sep 12)
Source: here

John Robertson, leader of the NSW Opposition, Labor member for Blacktown
That is just an absolute disgrace. No one should be allowed to say that regardless of who you are or who it's about.
Source: here

Malcolm Fraser, former Prime Minister, Liberal
That is just an absolute disgrace. No one should be allowed to say that regardless of who you are or who it's about.
Source: here

Wayne Swan, DPM, Federal Labor Member for Lilley
Alan Jones’ comments are disgusting and he should be sacked – enough is enough
Source: here

Bob Carr, Foreign Minister of Australia, Labor Senator for NSW
A Liberal Party meeting. Jones remarks cheered by Liberals. Liberal frontbenchers there. Of course Abbott should apologize.
Source: here

Mike Rann, former Labor Premier of South Australia,
All decent Australians, regardless of politics, would be appalled by Alan Jones’ comments regarding the PM.
Source: here

Emma Alberici, ABC Lateline presenter
this is not a left right issue it’s a question of common decency and respect
Source: here

Kevin Wilde, NSW Political Reporter, Nine News
Excuse after excuse after excuse. He said it. And not just in “isolation”. Now he’s the victim #alanjonesapology
Source: here

Ken Wyatt, Federal Liberal MP for Hasluck, WA
Alan Jones’s comments about PM’s father are insensitive and appalling. The loss of a father leaves an incredible gap in a person’s life
Source: here
meanwhile, Ken Wyatt once famously stood in front of a poster that said ‘Ditch The Witch’ about PM Gillard (pictured here)

Paul Howes, National Secretary of the AWU
What a bizarre world Alan Jones lives in “the PM is quarantined from criticism” – he’s bagging her whilst “apologizing” to her.
Source: here

Craig Emerson, Federal Labor Member for Rankin
The signed chaff bag auction says a lot about the culture Jones is seeking to cultivate in young politicians – viciousness.
Source: here

Andrew Bolt, professional Right Winger
The remark is shameful. I wish the few Young Liberals who laughed in apparent surprise or scorn had booed or otherwise protested instead.
Source: here

Lexus of Parramatta, sponsor of the Alan Jones show
We are not boycotting 2GB, but we will definitely be pulling out our advertising with Alan Jones
Source: here

JJ Metro West (air conditioning company), sponsor of the Alan Jones show
We disagree 100 per cent with what Alan Jones said and we have already contacted the station with our concerns about the comments
Source: here

Peter van Onselen, Murdoch media contributer
Watching this presser what a loss to the conservative side of politics it is that Alan Jones lost his 5 attempts to become an MP…
Source: here

September 30, 2012

I am joining the 2GB and their Sponsors boycott – Alan Jones you’re a failed human being

Edited to add: List of sponsors can be found here Sack Alan Jones

The comments from 2GB’s Alan Jones regarding the late father of the Prime Minister have been condemned by The Australian‘s Peter van Onselen, Malcolm Turnbull, 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

Tony Abbott has been gutless in his silence.

The radio station and their sponsors deserve to be boycotted for these comments. When others on the Right can speak out, the silence from Liberal leaders is telling. If they refuse to condemn the comments, then it is up to all of us to condemn them with our wallets, by refusing to financially support the companies that keep Alan Jones on the air.

text of image: @TurnbullMalcolm
Alan Jones’ comments about the late John Gillard were cruel and offensive. He should apologise to the PM and her family.

text of image: @3AWNeilMitchell
What Alan Jones said about Julia Gullard’s late father is poisonous and disgraceful and hurtful. Australia must be above this

Peter van Onselen
Malcolm Turnbull
Neil Mitchell

September 25, 2012

Joe Hockey’s week: flip-flopping, pwned by Penny Wong and wearing a pink tutu in Parliament

If Tony Abbott (or Turnbull, or Hockey, or… anyone from the Liberal National Parties) forms government in 2013 – without a doubt, they will do to Australia what Campbell Newman is doing to Queensland, Barry O’Farrell is doing to New South Wales and Ted Baillieu is doing to Victoria.

Here is Joe Hockey, and the lies and backtracking and flip-flopping exposed. This is how the LNP work – they make the announcements, then deny them.

text of image:
Joe Hockey: Another big Labor lie…that I said 20,000 public servants would go under us. Penny Wong where did I say that?
Penny Wong: .@JoeHockey See … (JOE: We will cut the public service UHLMANN: By 20,000? JOE: And we’ve already said that) – TeamWong

What Joe Hockey’s exact words on 730 Report were:

JOE HOCKEY: Well we always try to deliver on our word. That’s what we do as Liberals: we deliver on our word. Labor makes promises, but it doesn’t deliver.

CHRIS UHLMANN: So where will you start?

JOE HOCKEY: Well, the fact is, as I’ve said before, and interestingly, there’s still 20,000 more public servants in Canberra today than what Labor inherited in 2007.

CHRIS UHLMANN: So you’d cut 20,000 jobs from the public service?

JOE HOCKEY: We would cut – we have said we will have to cut the size of the public service

730 report transcript

And as for the pink tutu? Anthony Albanese, ALP leader of the House tabled a photo of Joe Hockey wearing it, during Question Time, 20 September 2012 (About The House > Question Time: approx 67 minutes in).

Albanese has begun to table random documents in response to the LNP seeking leave to table dodgy electricity bills and edited letters from Constituents.

Post-election when the LNP begin to defund public schools to pump up the budgets of For-profit schools, when they open national parks to mining and fracking and shooting, when every public owned asset is sold off to fund the lavish lifestyles of a select few CEOs with Private Servants, private Nannies, Gardeners, and house cleaners working for the dole, GSTax at 15% or 20% on food, medicine and school fees – it will be our own fault, for not listening.

Joe Hockey tweet
Team Penny Wong tweet
transcript of Joe Hockey’s 730 report saying he would sack Public Servants
Albanese photo: source and downloadable copy
Joe Hockey in tutu photo: Talkin’ About Your Generation.

September 23, 2012

Wayne ‘Triple A’ Swan says what the entire world is thinking: Conservatives will destroy economies

Wayne Swan – deputy Prime Minister and treasure for one of the very few countries that escaped the global financial crisis and is at the helm of a Triple A rated economy, yes that Wayne Swan. When he talks about economies, he knows what he is talking about – and his opinion should be respected.

Let’s be blunt and acknowledge the biggest threat to the world’s biggest economy are the cranks and crazies that have taken over a part of the Republican Party

When conservatives grab the keys to the economy, they always crash it into a ditch – then blame the Left for not pulling it out fast enough.

Also, given the love and obedience the Liberal Party of Australia has for United States Republicans – the same will apply here, if we are stupid enough to give Tony Abbott (or any of the free-market, Neo-con, Murdoch-puppet Liberals) the keys to our triple-A rated economy.

September 22, 2012

Journo asks people to not tweet links to his work for a national newspaper – fails to understand Old Media is dead

With apologies to The Finnigans for using your tweet. The extraordinary outburst from the journalist would not make sense without the previous tweet.

How is a link to an article “propaganda”? – if you actively seek to stop one side or the other from linking to your work, that is when it becomes propaganda.

When You control how and where information is used – You have become a propagandist. George Megalogenis can’t even say he was taken out of context, it was a link to his own work.

I say we do what he asks, stop tweeting, stop facebooking, stop reading, stop promoting, stop mentioning him at all. If the man doesn’t like his work being linked to – social media should abide by his wishes…. and ignore him completely.

And remember, this is the man who compared vile, sexist, violent threats against the Prime Minister with the Left laughing at Rebekah Brooks being arrested – trying to suggest that in that cute way that the Right-wing does that “both sides are as bad as each other”. (See: Are you serious? You’re comparing our Prime Minister with Rebekah Brooks)

This: ALP best manager of money, history shows is the News article that Megalogenis does not want the Left to know about.

September 19, 2012

Marriage Equality – How did your local parliamentary person vote?

Today, 19 September, the House of Representatives voted on the Bill for Marriage Amendment 2012. Seeing PM Gillard, Wayne Swan, Yvette D’Ath, Craig Emerson, Tony Burke, Joel Fitzgibbon sitting on the same side as Tony Abbott was a bit out of place. But maybe that should tell them something.

The following MPs voted YES, and a big thank you to these men and women for standing up for basic human rights.

Anthony Albanese – Grayndler, NSW
Adam Bandt – Melbourne, Vic
Sharon Bird – Cunningham, NSW
Gai Brodtmann – Canberra, ACT
Mark Butler – Port Adelaide, SA
Nick Champion – Wakefield, SA
Darren Cheeseman – Corangamite, Vic
Jason Clare – Blaxland, NSW
Julie Collins – Franklin, Tas
Greg Combet – Charlton, NSW
Simon Crean – Hotham, Vic
Mark Dreyfus – Isaacs, Vic
Justine Elliot – Richmond, NSW
Kate Ellis – Adelaide, SA
Peter Garrett – Kingsford Smith, NSW
Steve Georganas – Hindmarsh, SA
Steve Gibbons – Bendigo, Vic
Gary Gray – Brand, WA
Sharon Grierson – Newcastle, NSW
Alan Griffin – Bruce, Vic
Jill Hall (teller) – Shortland, NSW
Harry Jenkins – Scullin, Vic
Stephen Jones – Throsby, NSW
Mike Kelly – Eden-Monaro, NSW
Catherine King – Ballarat, Vic
Kirsten Livermore – Carpicornia, QLD
Jenny Macklin – Jagajaga, Vic
Richard Marles – Corio, Vic
Rob Oakeshott – Lyne, NSW
Melissa Parke – Fremantle, WA
Graham Perret – Moreton, QLD
Tanya Plibersek – Sydney, NSW
Amanda Rishworth – Kingston, SA
Nicola Roxon – Gellibrand, Vic
Janelle Saffin (teller) – Page, NSW
Bill Shorten – Maribyrnong, Vic
Sid Sidebottom – Braddon, Tas
Stephen Smith – Perth, WA
Laura Smyth – La Trobe, Vic
Warren Snowdon – Lingiari, NT
Craig Thomson – Dobell, NSW
Andrew Wilkie – Denison, Tas

The vote was No 98, Yes 42

If your member isn’t listed here, they voted NO, or were absent. No pairs are granted for conscience votes.

Until the last few decades women were regarded as male property, from father to husband, unable to stand for Parliament – unable to even vote. Perhaps voting to deny human rights to others is a sign of progress for the women who voted yesterday to continue the discrimination against people who happen to fall in love with what society says is the “wrong” person.

Source: Hansard

September 18, 2012

Thank you for the suggestion that I go join the Taliban

The christian churches still read from the bible, the christians lobbyists still quote Leviticus and its anti-gay sentence. The Old testament is not irrelevant to christians.

And… the New testament is not exactly 21st century either.

September 17, 2012

Cuts Hurt – job cuts hurt everyone, not just the public sector

Think you will be unaffected by the decimation of the public service in Liberal-run states? Think because you run your own business you don’t need to worry? Think because you have private schools, private transport, private health care insurance that these cuts only affect the poor and undeserving?

QLD and NSW cutting fire fighters and other first responders – don’t get involved in a car accident or have your house burn down.

Don’t employ anyone, who might not have private insurance, come to work with the latest unknown strain of flu and spread it around.

Oh well, you can always sack a sick worker, they have no job protection, and replace them with what? Someone educated at the local TAFE, which recently shut down.

Don’t expect to drive your flash cars on public roads, they’ve all been tolled.

Don’t have your hand out for government subsidies, fewer workers means less tax – but don’t worry, I’m sure the Big Miners will fill in the hole.

Still think you are unaffected?….

People without jobs tend to not spend a lot of money on unessentials. Thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs slashed from public sector means those people won’t be spending money, and the small businesses that rely on that spending will also start to do it tough.

Jobs cuts effect the entire economy, not just those people whose jobs disappear.

September 17, 2012

Rich country, poor country (quote)

text of image: “A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation.” Gustavo Petro, mayor of Bogota Colombia
translated from original

Source of quote, in its original Spanish: here

September 16, 2012

Tony Abbott, have you lost something recently?

text of image: hey Tony Abbott… lost something?