Oh Joe Hockey – Your arrogance makes me laugh and the media fawning over you is appalling

Following yesterday’s episode of Insiders (ABC), Joe Hockey (Shadow Minister for Crying) commented:

text of tweet: Watching #insiders and wonder how they can talk about Grollo dispute and Coalition w/o mentioning our policy for new ABCC. Aaargh!

Aside from the news which seems to have escaped most media – the LNP are actually, in fact, the Opposition, the losers of the 2010 election – Not In Government.

Endless press coverage for every squeal and squeak from an Opposition Party is not a usual feature in countries with independent media. It is in Australia, where the media has an agenda to promote (and active participants in): Regime Change.

Although, Hockey has a good point – why aren’t the media talking about the Liberal Party policies – their planned raising of the GSTax to 15%, adding GSTax to items that never attracted tax previously, such as food, medicines; why aren’t we talking about Tony’s planned to slug the lowest paid workers in this country a levy to fund the nannies of CEOs, those who can least afford it will be subsidising lifestyle choices of the ultra-rich.

Why aren’t we talking about the Liberal plan to remove all work place safeguards, or their plans to slash to public service and all those services?

Why is the media ignoring the Liberal plans to reintroduce WorkChoices (which should be called “boss-choices”, because if you are a worker, your choice is “do as I say or get another job”).

Why is there silence over the Liberal plans to introduce Austerity – despite Australia having one of the best economies in the world, and the best economy in Australian history.

One only needs to look at what is happening in states with Liberal governments – NSW, Victoria, Queensland – a slashing of public services and a cash injection for private-profit-yet-public-funded enterprises.

Victoria has seen public schools axed while for profit schools get “bail outs” and there CEOs walk away with the quaintly termed “performance bonuses”.

NSW has seen an axing of ambulances to save money, resulting in deaths of people who are unfortunate to require medical attention outside of business hours.

Fire brigades in NSW are facing their numbers slashed by 10%, (did someone informed Barry Ofarrell, the only way to improve productivity would be to increase the numbers of fires) yet, according to the premier, that is okey-dokey, we don’t need paid firefighters, that is why we have volunteers. I know there is a word for an unwaged-workforce… um, oh yeah – SLAVERY.

And could everyone pray that your house doesn’t burn down while the volunteers are at their paid employment.

But let us return to Joe Hockey’s original gripe, lack of media attention on the ABCC:
And for those who do not remember what ABCC (Australian Building and Construction Commission) is – something which Tony Abbott has promised to introduced across all industries – it criminalises unions, to the point you will go to prison (and union members have gone to prison under Howard’s ABCC). Because in Tony Abbott’s own words, protecting the wages and lives of Australian workers is a “BURDEN”.

So, go on Joe, cry for construction workers who are killed on the job from bosses who cut safety measures to save a dollar – or do you just cry for kids who die in refugee boats under the Liberal’s “tow them back and let them drown” policy.


10 Comments to “Oh Joe Hockey – Your arrogance makes me laugh and the media fawning over you is appalling”

  1. Thanks for this truthful article. Am so tired of the media’s fawning of the Opposition.

  2. Sloppy Joe Hockey, who doesn’t know millions from billions. The SERFchoices fanatic who fantasies about people living in cardboard boxes and begging on street corners.

  3. What do you expect from a fat,bloated, over fed pig. Sloppy Joe is just one of the many misfits in the LNP. I am sure Sloppy thinks he has God on his side when he puts down ordinary working people. Solidarity people.

    • But the media will keep covering for them until they are in government, and the people will end up as neo-serfs bleating “no one told me it would be like this, I voted for change, that living in the best society, best economy in the world, change it”

  4. On the same program Cassidy quoted Hockey’s comment on the carbon price “If the carbon price is above $50 per tonne, Australians will suffer, if the carbon price is below $10 Australian tax payers will suffer”

    So Joe forgot to mention the Goldilocks option that any price between $10-$50 will be just right.

    Imagine Joe as our next treasurer or finance minister – be afraid, be very afraid.

  5. Actually its no laughing matter- these guys ( the oppostiton) are likely to get into government- if the media were impartial – or even simply asked tough questions of the opposition ( like Leigh Sales) then they would be seen for the shambolic lot they are.Every inane pronouncement they make is reported without query- or rebuttal.And of course TA is famous for walking away from questions he doesn’t want to answer.

  6. Well done “Turn Left”. Factually and eloquently stated!

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