Think homosexuality is “wrong”, an “abomination”?

With the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard pulling out of a speech to the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) not due to their entire reason for existence being to harass gay men, but because Jim Wallace, the spokesmoron said that being gay was worse than smoking for your health.

I wonder though, if you are a gay man who is not having sex does this change things? or is not having gay sex worse than smoking?

Anyway. this is the classic smackdown from The West Wing, when the President shows how quoting the bible selectively opens you up to looking like a bigoted hypocrite.

Australian Christian Lobby, not very Christian, although for 5 men and a pet goat, they are very successful as a Lobby given the amount of free press they get from the ABC and other news organisations. These people are not interested in any of the other teachings from Jesus, they are not interested in helping the poor, they seem to completely ignore everything the bible has to say – except one tiny little piece about gay men.


2 Comments to “Think homosexuality is “wrong”, an “abomination”?”

  1. I wish we could get some real ACL content so we could start a parody meme or something. But unfortunately, it’s all so nuts there’s nothing to base the parody on.

    • I can’t even get information about WHO they are? I was surprised that PM JG was going to give a speech before them (yes, apart from them both being opposed to marriage equality), because I didn’t know there was enough of ACL members! Surely she could just meet them at a McCafe and share a table.

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