Did the media use the PMs fathers death as a free kick?

It is no understatement to suggest that since ALP came to government in 2007 the ALP has not had an easy ride in the media. It is also no understatement that the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (who was Prime Minister at the 2010 election and whose party legitimately formed government)has been subjected to a level of vitriolic and vicious abuse unwitnessed against any politician in Australian history.

The disrespect and open hostility from some sections of the media has been overwhelming at time – and that is just for the readers and viewers – who read and watch the hate spill forth on a daily basis.

On the weekend, however, came the sad news for the PM that her father had passed away. Did the media show the Prime Minister respect in her time of grief, respect her calls for privacy, show some compassion or respect?

No, why change what they seem to think works for them.

Both Fairfax and Skynews ran with the same headline Gillard misses APEC because father dead. Both Fairfax and Skynews used the phrase failed to appear in their stories, as if the PM was a school girl who slept-in and missed school, not a Prime Minister who grieving for a father.

Fairfax could not even get simple things such as Mr Gillard’s age correct, having his age at 93.

(These stories may have been amended since the time the screen grabs were taken).

So how should the story been handled? With much more respect for a start. Something like this from the BBC

Julia Gillard: Australian PM’s tribute to Welsh father

See, Fairfax, Murdoch media, that isn’t so complicated?

Fairfax: Gillard misses APEC because father dead
Skynews: Gillard misses APEC because father dead
BBC: Julia Gillard: Australian PM’s tribute to Welsh father


14 Comments to “Did the media use the PMs fathers death as a free kick?”

  1. Yes the French knew what to do. As an aside I see their new President is going to stick it to the obscenely rich with high taxes , wonderful. A pity Gina doesn’t live there, they can have her and her money. The media are after Gillard of that there is no doubt. I see this very evening the ABC were giving their vast amount of knowledge on the fishing trawler that’s lobbed here. Ullman is so full of it, I can’t bare to listen to him anymore. The details are irrelevant really, they just make up the bullshit as they go along. That the worlds fishing industry is in trouble all around the world was just as irrelevant to the ABC.

    But I think some of them, the journos that is that work for auntie have finally realised they have ruined their credibility stakes. You can see now that the Gillard government is drawing to a close, they are trying to suck up to the so offended Labor politicians, an enquirey I say.

  2. The war is creeping over to the so called left media now. Anyone reading the blog of (one of my heroes) Bob Ellis would think he was a paid up member of the Liberal party. I watched late line last night and had to sit through the biggest load of fawning diatribe about Tony Abbott I have ever had the dis-pleasure to listen to. No, not by some rancid right wing spruiker, but the very essence of common sense reporting and analysis, a one David Marr. The world is indeed going bonkers.

    Further to, anyone watching Q&A last night if sane, if in control of ones marbles and faculty’s, could only conclude the only person on the panel with a shred of intellectual capacity was Catherine Deveny. Yes, we are in for interesting times the right wing loonies are winning the war of that there is no doubt.

    The right will not stop until they have even their own supporters on two bucks an hour, the seas fished out, global warming left to run rampant and encased the planet in concrete. They truly are all barking mad.

    They really are mad, they think the planet can be plundered for thousands of more years. They think it’s a bottomless pit that it can go on for ever. These fucking tools just don’t get it. We have best part fucked the planet in 150 years and their mantra is growth.

    There will be a revolution, much the pity I wont be around to watch some them dance on the end of a rope, that if there is any justice left in this world,’ is waiting for some of them.

    Fuck I feel better already.

    • Thank you for the comment, a lot of good thoughts there, surprised about Marr though, I thought he was one of the few good guys left. And as for revolution, the French had the right idea for dealing with their aristos.

  3. THey later amended the headline in Fairfax to “gillard leaves APEC after father’s death” so maybe they took note of your post.

  4. Maybe I am just being a bit cynical here folks, but remember, we are dealing with politicians here ?

    The poor guy was in his eighties, and so being cold, his falling off the perch, was hardly an unforseen event perhaps ?

    The current polls show a massive 27/60 satisfaction/disatisfaction rating for Labor, and anything, anything, that could be seen as perhaps giving that a bump, will be milked by labor. (source : http://www.newspoll.com.au/cgi-bin/polling//display_poll_data.pl )

    I don’t think it was the media that got the free kick here ?

    • wow, do you regularly troll left wing blogs providing your offensive opinions – and free too? lucky us

      • I am sorry if I have offended you, but that is sometimes the reality of politics. After all, as a classic example, they are still using the shooting/assassination of JFK in American politics, to further their own agendas, some fifty years after the event ?

        Where am incorrect in making the assumption, that Labor, at less than a 20% approval rating, won’t try to use the sad event to their own benefit ?
        That’s not low, that’s politics ?

      • no, you didn’t offend me – YOU ARE OFFENSIVE, and as for your comment:
        oh yes, because you know the Left wing just keep on shooting anyone that makes a difference, just for popularity – John Kennedy, bullet to the head, that will bump up the polls, Robert Kennedy, expendable; Martin Luther King, more popular now he is dead than he ever was fighting for civil and union rights… Malcolm X, Gandhi, no one needs them alive; Gabrielle Giffords, wow, her political career is really going places, once she can learn to walk and talk properly again…. and that sneaky Julia Gillard makes people like Graham Morris and Alan Jones making actual death threats against her, because she loves it, so good for her popularity…. right? that is basically what you are saying, isn’t it?

  5. This just confirms yet again the low life grubs who inhabit the MSM. There has never been a more vile and hate filled media in Australia’s history courtesy of the loony right. Of course there are exceptions like Peter Fitzsimons,Mike Carlton, Richard Ackland and a few others but basically the rest are a waste of space. We all know that the worst of the maggotts infest the right wing media, both the print and broadcast media, and they are pure evil. If these low life’s can not show any hint of compassion when some one’s loved one passes away then they never will, and as said they are pure evil.

    • Carlton is championing a Ruddstoration, it wont save the govt, but it will save the furniture, and Fitzsimons repeated the lie that the Europeans told PM JG to stop lecturing them about financial matters, when they were saying that to the Canadians, and it wont be long til Ackland has been replaced by one of the Shire rejects or a former Big Brother housemates opinion pieces

      • I do not believe that these three are hate filled like the right wing maggotts. If I have a choice to read articles from these blokes or the right wing misfits it is no brainer, I will take the other three every single time.

      • nope, not saying they have moved to the right, just how pervasive these right wing ideas are, there is barely a left wing voice anwywhere

  6. It will only get worse as the MSM push their agenda to get the Tory LNP Coalition into power. The dye is cast, the hatred of Julia and the Govt knows no bounds. I cannot imagine the media in any other civilised democracy behaving in such open warfare in their attempt to bring down a free, democratically elected Government.

    • it is vicious, a war against the Left, a war against women, a war against anyone who is poor, working class, non-white, not-straight, not-christian – and it wont get better unless something drastic changes, not likely under the current ALP Govt

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