What do Americans think of Gina Rinehart? They think she is obnoxious (Warning: this post contains traces of Gina)

This video from TYT (The Young Turks) pulls apart Gina Rinehart’s recent forays into the world of social media and social commentary. And Cenk Uygur, the host, is less than impressed.

While The Young Turks are not quiet a match for Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart for humour, or Rachel Maddow for analysis, they are Left-leaning political commentary team, something we do not have nearly enough of in Australia.


2 Comments to “What do Americans think of Gina Rinehart? They think she is obnoxious (Warning: this post contains traces of Gina)”

  1. Gina is an obnoxious piece of work to be sure, but she is only doing what these people do. What is more important and worries me is, it is not the actions of Gina or the fact she is filthy rich, It is the absolute barking mad followers that attend her ” Rolex Rallies”.,and I don’t mean her hangers on and the other rich members of her staff. It is the followers from the poor suburbs some of whom no doubt live in state housing, some no doubt on social welfare. These are the (although small in numbers) are the imbeciles that make and break the Labor governments that give them a life with some dignity. They really do think that Gina and her ilk really care about them, the mind does indeed does boggle.

    No more is this more glaring than in the current political climate in Queensland. The working class who voted for Newman really did think he was going to be a caring, sharing, premier. If it wasn’t so funny I could cry. Should I live to be a 100 hundred years old, I will never understand the working class, the conservatives always seem to be able to get one half of them to beat up the other half. My only conclusion is at this point in my life is, working class conservatives must all have a gene in them that makes them all stupid ?????????????

    • This is such a relevant point – people on minimum wage – which Gina would be happy to see at less than $2 a day – think she is a goddess. It is purely ideological. If someone like Gina came out supporting an ALP govt, these people would drop her like a hot rock.

      Is it the money they admire? The way she throws around her power to try an oust a democratically elected government? It cannot be based on reason and logic.

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