Cuts Hurt – job cuts hurt everyone, not just the public sector

Think you will be unaffected by the decimation of the public service in Liberal-run states? Think because you run your own business you don’t need to worry? Think because you have private schools, private transport, private health care insurance that these cuts only affect the poor and undeserving?

QLD and NSW cutting fire fighters and other first responders – don’t get involved in a car accident or have your house burn down.

Don’t employ anyone, who might not have private insurance, come to work with the latest unknown strain of flu and spread it around.

Oh well, you can always sack a sick worker, they have no job protection, and replace them with what? Someone educated at the local TAFE, which recently shut down.

Don’t expect to drive your flash cars on public roads, they’ve all been tolled.

Don’t have your hand out for government subsidies, fewer workers means less tax – but don’t worry, I’m sure the Big Miners will fill in the hole.

Still think you are unaffected?….

People without jobs tend to not spend a lot of money on unessentials. Thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs slashed from public sector means those people won’t be spending money, and the small businesses that rely on that spending will also start to do it tough.

Jobs cuts effect the entire economy, not just those people whose jobs disappear.


8 Comments to “Cuts Hurt – job cuts hurt everyone, not just the public sector”

  1. Turnleft did you see the placard at the qld rallies last week?
    “Newman puts the N in Cuts”

  2. Nice presentation. I’d get rid of the reference to the CPSU though and make it a presentation for everyone!

  3. There should be a link to Twitter? So we could tweet the article. Cheers, Lurline.

    • There is, on the right side column, under the search box, it says “share / save” with a picture of the facebook ‘f’ icon, and the twitter bird, and something that looks like a ‘B’

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