Joe Hockey’s week: flip-flopping, pwned by Penny Wong and wearing a pink tutu in Parliament

If Tony Abbott (or Turnbull, or Hockey, or… anyone from the Liberal National Parties) forms government in 2013 – without a doubt, they will do to Australia what Campbell Newman is doing to Queensland, Barry O’Farrell is doing to New South Wales and Ted Baillieu is doing to Victoria.

Here is Joe Hockey, and the lies and backtracking and flip-flopping exposed. This is how the LNP work – they make the announcements, then deny them.

text of image:
Joe Hockey: Another big Labor lie…that I said 20,000 public servants would go under us. Penny Wong where did I say that?
Penny Wong: .@JoeHockey See … (JOE: We will cut the public service UHLMANN: By 20,000? JOE: And we’ve already said that) – TeamWong

What Joe Hockey’s exact words on 730 Report were:

JOE HOCKEY: Well we always try to deliver on our word. That’s what we do as Liberals: we deliver on our word. Labor makes promises, but it doesn’t deliver.

CHRIS UHLMANN: So where will you start?

JOE HOCKEY: Well, the fact is, as I’ve said before, and interestingly, there’s still 20,000 more public servants in Canberra today than what Labor inherited in 2007.

CHRIS UHLMANN: So you’d cut 20,000 jobs from the public service?

JOE HOCKEY: We would cut – we have said we will have to cut the size of the public service

730 report transcript

And as for the pink tutu? Anthony Albanese, ALP leader of the House tabled a photo of Joe Hockey wearing it, during Question Time, 20 September 2012 (About The House > Question Time: approx 67 minutes in).

Albanese has begun to table random documents in response to the LNP seeking leave to table dodgy electricity bills and edited letters from Constituents.

Post-election when the LNP begin to defund public schools to pump up the budgets of For-profit schools, when they open national parks to mining and fracking and shooting, when every public owned asset is sold off to fund the lavish lifestyles of a select few CEOs with Private Servants, private Nannies, Gardeners, and house cleaners working for the dole, GSTax at 15% or 20% on food, medicine and school fees – it will be our own fault, for not listening.

Joe Hockey tweet
Team Penny Wong tweet
transcript of Joe Hockey’s 730 report saying he would sack Public Servants
Albanese photo: source and downloadable copy
Joe Hockey in tutu photo: Talkin’ About Your Generation.


4 Comments to “Joe Hockey’s week: flip-flopping, pwned by Penny Wong and wearing a pink tutu in Parliament”

  1. Um… if you watch the clip from 6:40 you can see it differs from the transcript. Hockey said “We will cut the public service. And we’ve already said that.” Uhlmann’s statement “by 20000” has been incorrect inserted to give the impression it was two seperate distinct statements.

    Guys, relying on transcript typos is pretty weak…..

    Watch the clip for yourself.

  2. God save us from overweight nongs who can’t count!

  3. So if you lie about lying, are you telling the truth? If you are Wong, can you ever be right? So many questions, I will let you know the answer closer to the election (trust me).

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