I am joining the 2GB and their Sponsors boycott – Alan Jones you’re a failed human being

Edited to add: List of sponsors can be found here Sack Alan Jones

The comments from 2GB’s Alan Jones regarding the late father of the Prime Minister have been condemned by The Australian‘s Peter van Onselen, Malcolm Turnbull, 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

Tony Abbott has been gutless in his silence.

The radio station and their sponsors deserve to be boycotted for these comments. When others on the Right can speak out, the silence from Liberal leaders is telling. If they refuse to condemn the comments, then it is up to all of us to condemn them with our wallets, by refusing to financially support the companies that keep Alan Jones on the air.

text of image: @TurnbullMalcolm
Alan Jones’ comments about the late John Gillard were cruel and offensive. He should apologise to the PM and her family.

text of image: @3AWNeilMitchell
What Alan Jones said about Julia Gullard’s late father is poisonous and disgraceful and hurtful. Australia must be above this

Peter van Onselen
Malcolm Turnbull
Neil Mitchell


31 Responses to “I am joining the 2GB and their Sponsors boycott – Alan Jones you’re a failed human being”

  1. Allan Jones has been a bully for years and a disgrace to society in general and its about time he got a taste of his own medicine

  2. 100,000 people voicing their opposition – that’s not cyber bullying. That’s PEOPLE POWER. Alan Jones has made a fortune by radio bullying, hidden behind a microphone and a mute button. He hates it when he gets treated with his own medicine.

    I reserve my right to refuse to deal with companies which engage in actions I strongly disagree with. I reserve my right to tell them so. What’s wrong with that?

    • A caller to the show – according to Julian Morrow – said the consumer boycott was “terrorism”, if only Al Qaeda, ETA and the IRA knew about it. And considering it is just days away from the anniversary of the Bali bombing, it is really insensitive to let comments like that go to air

      • my response to Alan Jones is not based on my political viewpoint. It is a response to bullying and the inciting of hatred for those who may hold a different opinion to A Jones and supporters. His behaviour should be held up for examination and people may then make an informed choice as to whether to they agree with boycotts or not.

      • Totally agree.

        There is a growing list of Liberals-Conservatives who condemned the comments – starting with Turnbull as soon as the story broke, Murdoch hack Peter Van Onselen maintaining the rage, Sharman Stone, Ken Wyatt, Teresa Gambaro, Murdoch’s The Daily Tele, Murdoch’s The Australian, Laurie Oakes, even Alex Hawke who was at the dinner where the speech was made condemns the comments (says he didnt hear them, but condemns them anyway). Its not about left or right, and 2GB and Liberal power brokers dont get that.

        -99 for TL

  3. Alan Jones has a made a living from cruel, vile comments. His comments often incite to violence.
    Alan Jones is a powerful man who indulges himself by saying whatever he wants, whenever he feels like it, wherever, and about whomever because he can and he knows he can get away with it .

    It is time for all of us Australians to unite and stop his vile, low act, bully acts.

  4. Well done to Peter van Onselen, Malcolm Turnbull, 3AW’s Neil Mitchell. Malcolm you would make a much better leader than Tony Abbott!

    • Sharman Stone, Teresa Gambaro, Alex Hawke (who was at the dinner where the comments were made), Ray Groom – all Liberal Nationals – and have all come out and condemned the comments. Abbott gives a wishy washy answer

  5. Woolies should consider the company they keep.

  6. I agree Jones is a disgrace and I will not be buying any products advertised on his program or any product advertised on 2GB for that matter.

  7. “Woolworths have tried to say that is was non-political, but as Simon Burger, the Woolies ‘Government Relations Manager’ is the one who donated the signed chaff bag made into a jacket or suit, it is extremely political. And they don’t need my money”
    I am a loyal Woollies customer and I am disturbed by the political revelations of the past two days and the involvement of a staff member of Woollworths organisation.

    If you are a sponsor of 2GB I hope that you reconsider your position and withdraw.

    I would also like to condemn the cameo role of your Mr Simon Burger. Reputations are built by the company you keep.

    Lawriejay and Annjay

  8. Maybe this will end the power and tyranny that Jones has held over the political scene, the emperor was shown to have no clothes or substance. Woolworths have shown that they support the hate and vitriol of the 2GB network and will not have my support in any way.

  9. Allan Jones comments disgust me, How do I contact his sponsers. They must take responsibility & disassociate themselves from him.

  10. ii can no longer let the vile utterances of this creature go without making my own protest. starting MONDAY I will boycot Woolworths in protest of their senior executives horrible contribution which indicates much than just poor judgement.Further to this I will obtain a list of all 2GB sponsors and actively encourage as many people as i can to make a protest. 2GB should take a serious look at the ugliness they are providing a vehicle for. Paul Jones.

  11. Hi. I just received an email from Harris Partners confirming they are not a sponsor of Alan Jones. Here is the email:
    Thanks for your email.

    In order to set the record straight, we do not advertise with Alan Jones. I am perplexed as to how or why Harris Partners Real Estate were added to the petition that is now doing the rounds.

    Both my wife and I felt Alan Jones’ “shame” comments in relation to Prime Minister Julia Gilliard’s father John Gilliard passing away, were disgraceful and offensive.

    Harris Partners does pay to advertise on Ross Greenwood’s 2GB Money News programme from time to time. It is non-political and in line with our target audience.

    Any Harris Partners ads that may have run during Alan Jones’ programme were unpaid advertisements. Other than the complaint emails I received from telling me that we advertise on Alan Jones’ programme, I was totally unaware that we were ever featured on Jones’ show.

    If you get the chance to forward this email to the person that associated us with Alan Jones and added us to the petition mail-out, I would be grateful.

    Best wishes

    Peter O’Malley

    Harris Partners Real Estate
    404 Darling Street
    Balmain NSW 2041

    Ph: (02) 9818 2133
    Fax: (02) 9810 6432

  12. Thanks so much for the list, I intend to contact all of these businesses although given that they sponsor this vile creature I am not sure how effective it will be.Only reason he has apologised is because he has been caught out, he is not in the least bit sorry for this reprehensible act.

    Abbott and his cohorts have spent two years encouraging this disgusting hate filled vicious old man through their tacit approval of the numerous misogynistic rants against the PM so he is as much to blame for this latest outburst. Very telling the way the liebrals do business, god help us all if abbott becomes PM.

    • Alan Jones gave a 58 minute apology press conference, in which he attacked the PM for pink-batts, carbon pricing, feeling aggrieved, budget surplus, trolls on twitter wishing him dead, he also repeated his comment that women – Clover Moore, Christine Nixon and Anna Bligh were ruining the joint. For an apology it lack a certain something – like remorse.

      Agree, god help us if this current mob of liberals ever form government.

  13. Perhaps Woolworths would like to dissassociate themselves from the executive and his politics?
    Its un acceptable behaviour.
    I agree boycott is the way to go!

    • Woolworths have tried to say that is was non-political, but as Simon Burger, the Woolies ‘Government Relations Manager’ is the one who donated the signed chaff bag made into a jacket or suit, it is extremely political. And they don’t need my money

  14. Who are the sponsors concerned? I want to black-list them as well. Spread the word!


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