Simon Berger, Woolworths Manager of signed Chaff Bags for Prime Ministers & his close Liberal connections

Woolworths have said publicly the donation of a chaff bag signed by Alan Jones is a private matter, even though the man is their “Community and Government Relations Manager”.

What is his connection to the Liberal party? very close.

Here is his linkedin profile.


5 Comments to “Simon Berger, Woolworths Manager of signed Chaff Bags for Prime Ministers & his close Liberal connections”

  1. We’re Woolworths the chaff bag people….

  2. Woolworths may suggest that their public relations person attended the function as a private citizen but what will they think of the free advertising
    woolworths the chaff bag people

    And all those pictures of the woolies reps out with the farmers, did the friendly farmers throw in the chaff bags or did for Berger pay for them himself to get the coat made for his private friend Alan Jones.

    • The connections are deeper than just attending a private dinner, but thats corporate Australia, sometimes it seems that it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Liberal party, we’re just the commoners who pay for it.

  3. As a result of Woolworths being a part of this disgrace I have just emailed them voicing my shame at there continued actions and the withdrawal of my support to any of their businesses. Woolworths continued advertising on the Alan Jones show after the chaff bag comments and as such they show their support for those comments. The office of Prime Minister of this great country deserves a great deal of respect no matter which side of politics you are on.

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