What sponsors have dumped Alan Jones … so far (updated Wednesday, 510PM)

Updates added as new organisations cease or suspend advertising on Alan Jones’ 2GB show, statements are being released and reported, some may be misreported, apologise for any error or omissions:

Ozforex – foreign exchange services, posted the following notice on their website “we have written to radio station 2GB to express our disgust and have demanded that none of our advertisements are placed on Alan Jones’ show”

Source: here

Oporto – food retailer have issued the following statement on their facebook page “Oporto does not have a direct commercial arrangement with the Alan Jones Breakfast Show and/or 2GB. We do have a media schedule that currently includes the Australian Traffic Network within our radio buy, these are the spots you hear before/after the traffic reports and these are syndicated across a number of networks including 2GB. We have been in discussions today with the Australian Traffic Network and have explicitly requested that no spots are to appear on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show and/or 2GB. We can therefore confirm that all spots will be removed by the close of business today.”

Source: here

Wayne Swann, DPM has tweeted “And because of these disgusting comments, I’ll be boycotting Alan Jones’ show.”

Source: here

Sydney City Opel (automotive engineering), email response “We are not responsible for the action of others but we are responsible for the way others see us. In that respect please be aware that as of today we have ceased all advertising with 2GB and in particular the Alan Jones Show. I thank you for your respectful email and hope that you will support us in the future

Jeff Edgell
273 – 291 Princes Highway
Source: here

State Custodians Mortgage Company issued the following statement via their Facebook page “We would like to thank all of those who contacted us with your feedback. State Custodians Mortgage Company has today announced we will be suspending all advertising on Radio 2GB until further notice.”
Source: here

Greater Building Society have said “The Greater Building Society does not currently directly advertise or have sponsorship arrangements with 2GB.
Via Ad Choice, our online banner advertising may display on the 2GB website. We are currently making arrangements to exclude this site.
Snr Customer Contact Consultant”
Source: here

NRMA Insurance have said “Hi everyone – regarding the Alan Jones Breakfast Show, as of this morning we have currently ceased advertising on this program. We have a relationship as an advertiser with 2GB, and not with particular on air personalities.”
Source: here

Sydney Symphony issued the following statement on their facebook page “This is why we requested that no more Sydney Symphony ads be run on the Alan Jones show. And we apologise for any distress this morning’s promotions may have caused.”

Source: here

Ford Australia in response to a Facebook post said “We don’t support Alan Jones or his programs – we instructed our media agency yesterday to ensure there was no advertising booked on those programs. Unfortunately it appears that an advert ran this morning (which we were alerted to by one of our FB community) and, after investigation, we determined this was due to our instructions yesterday not being actioned due to the NSW public holiday. We’ve reiterated our position with them again today and have confirmation that no further advertising will run.”

Source: here

Mazda Australia issued the following statement on their facebook page
“Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to post this up earlier, but I was just waiting for confirmation from our advertising team. Here it is:
Mazda Australia would like to advise that it has withdrawn all advertising support from 2GB and Alan Jones.

After review, this decision was made and communicated to 2GB on Monday afternoon with confirmation that all Mazda representation was removed late this afternoon.
I hope this clarifies everything. Regards, Luke and Mazda Australia.”

Source: here

Geeks 2 U (mobile computer repairs) have said “The comments made by Alan Jones were deeply hurtful and offensive. We’d like to be clear that we do not sponsor his program nor have we ever done in the past. We advertise right across 2GB and some of our ads have aired during the Alan Jones’ show. We have already taken action at 11.45am this morning and suspended all advertising on the Alan Jones’ show effective immediately.
Thank you again for your feedback.
Kind regards,
Melissa Hanns
General Manager Operations”
Source: here

Jetstar Travel responded to a Facebook enquiry “thank you for your comment, please be advised as of today all current advertising on 2GB has been suspended.”
Source: here

2nds World have said via email “Thank you for your email.
In light of the recent distasteful comments made by Alan Jones regarding the Prime Minister’s late father, 2nds World unreservedly condemns any such comments, and as a result will be suspending our advertising from the Alan Jones Breakfast Program on Radio 2GB until further notice.
Please let me know should you have any further enquiries.
Jacob | 2nds World”
Source: here

Harrington Kitchens issued the following statement:

Clarity Marketing & Communication
We assist Harrington Kitchens with their marketing and communication.

Harrington Kitchens has asked us to set the record straight and clarify that Harrington Kitchens has been INCORRECTLY listed as a sponsor of Alan Jones radio program and of 2GB on your Facebook page.

Harrington Kitchens does advertise on 2CH, a sister company. Due to an error by 2CH Harrington Kitchens was listed on the 2GB website as a sponsor. Again we would like to state clearly that Harrington Kitchens is NOT a sponsor of Alan Jones and 2GB and do not place their advertisements with the Alan Jones program.

Harrington Kitchens is a family-owned and operated business with a long standing community presence. Harrington Kitchens has received numerous complaint emails over this matter and is astounded that they are associated with this issue.

It would be greatly appreciated that the listing of Harrington Kitchens as a Alan Jones or 2GB sponsor on your Facebook page is removed immediately so this family owned business is NOT associated with this issue any longer.

Thank you for your assistance.

Source: here

Big W have been busy on social media issuing statements ranging from “BIG W do not and have not recently sponsored or advertised on this program or station. Hope that clears things up.” to “We will not be advertising with this station moving forward.”
Source: here and here

Momentum Energy are said to have issued the following statement “We have contacted 2GB and asked that they remove our advertising from the Alan Jones program. At Momentum Energy we pride ourselves on our values and apologies. …Paul Sanghera | B2B Consultant”

Source: here

Warren Snowdon (ALP MP for Darwin, NT), tweeted “Territory FM have just announced they are pulling Alan Jones off for two weeks and then will evaluate audience response #auspol” (5:16 PM – 2 Oct 12)
Source: here

Medibank private health insurance, in response to a comment that they love Alan Jones, said “We purchase online ad spots based on our target audience & don’t directly sponsor this website. Our ads are being removed. Thanks!”

Source: here

Slater & Gordon lawfirm, tweeted “Comments by Alan Jones re PMs father have crossed a line. @SlaterGordon stands with 1000s of Aust’s who would want us to advertise elsewhere… we believe those comments crossed the line. We’ll be advertising elsewhere”

Source: https://twitter.com/SlaterGordon/status/252978368604168193 and here

McDonald’s Australia restaurants posted the following on their facebook page “Hi fans. We would like to let you know that we made a decision this morning to remove our advertising support from Alan Jones’ radio program.”

Source: here

Harvey Norman has tweeted “The views expressed by Alan Jones are not supported by Harvey Norman. We do not condone his sentiments & have no adverts running on his show”

for some reason the time stamp says 422PM, this was actually tweeted at 322PM, eastern time
Source: here

Toyota who say they are not a sponsor, but condemn the Jones comments anyway, ABC reporter Simon Cullen has said of the car company

Toyota (which has been targeted by anti-2GB campaign) says it has no advertising with the station … Toyota says even though it doesn’t advertise on 2GB, “The comments…are completely inappropriate & are not endorsed (or) shared by Toyota” … “We are confident the mgmt of the Macquarie Network will take the appropriate action to deal with the comments made by Mr Jones”

Source: here and here and here

for some reason the time stamp says 1145AM, this was actually tweeted at 1045AM, eastern time

As of tuesday morning, following the Alan Jones show, in which Hyundai apparently advertised, they have again tweeted their response “Hyundai has suspended all advertising on Alan Jones’ breakfast program with immediate effect. We do not condone his comments in any way.”

for some reason the time stamp says 934AM, this was actually tweeted at 834AM, eastern time
Source: here (although it may disappear like the previous tweet)

RSVP online dating issued the following statement on their facebook page “RSVP does not support comments made by Alan Jones. The advertising that you see online is part of a wider online advertising package and is not linked to Alan Jones show specifically. We are however currently reviewing our online advertising.”

Source: here

Honda Australia has tweeted that “Honda Australia does not condone comments made by Alan Jones over the weekend. We have instructed that all our advertising be removed.”

Source: here

St George Bank tweeted that “We can confirm that St.George Bank is not advertising on the Alan Jones program, or any other 2GB program.”
Source: here

Hyundai Australia tweeted that “Hyundai does not condone Alan Jones’ recent statements and is withdrawing advertising from his program with immediate effect.”
Source: here
Edited to add: this tweet seems to have disappeared, maybe they are not withdrawing advertising and are re-condoning the comments

The Australian International Motor Show has joined the queue of advertisers who have taken offence at Alan Jones’ comments on Julia Gillard’s father.” Ron Hammerton reports that AIM is withdrawing its advertising from the Alan Jones’ radio program
Source: here

Rock The Gates a rally against Coal Seam Gas, (Alan Jones was one of the few broadcasters to take a strong stand against CSG mining) have dumped Alan Jones as a headline speaker at the Tweed next week
Source: here

Telstra a tweet from the Telstra authorised twitter account says “We take matters like this seriously. Telstra will not support the Alan Jones breakfast program -Esther”
Source: here and if that link does not work

Source of image: here

The Facebook group Destroy The Joint, reports that companies and organisations as diverse as Lite n’ Easy, Freedom Furniture, and Deakin University are removing their advertising from the 2GB website or the Alan Jones show

Virgin Australia tweeted a vague statement that could mean just about anything “Virgin Australia currently has no commercial relationship with the Alan Jones programme”, and it is just a tweet, 140 characters is not a press release. Does not cover commercial arrangements with Alan Jones personally or the radio station, 2GB which Alan Jones has a financial interest in.
Source: here

Coles are responding to individual posts on their facebook page, comments such as “we share your view that the comment made were insensitive. As you mentioned we have suspended all advertising on Alan Jones’ show. We don’t generally advertise much on 2GB but we will pass your feedback onto our advertising team.”
Source: here

Source: here

Bing Lee electronics: issue a statement via their twitter account “Bing Lee does not condone the comments made by Alan Jones and will be removing all advertising from his programs going forward.”
Source: here

JJ Metro West managing director John Megalli said the air-conditioning company was considering its options for advertising with 2GB and it would boycott Alan Jones’ program altogether. …We disagree 100 per cent with what Alan Jones said and we have already contacted the station with our concerns about the comments,” he said.
Source: here

2AY ALBURY radio station
Boss of 2AY, Mark Taylor, said the response from listeners made the decision simple and it would not be revisited.
Source: here

2QN, Deniliquin, have also dropped Jones’s show from its schedule
Source: here

Mercedes-Benz in a statement on their Facebook page say: “Australia/Pacific has instructed its dealers to cease any form of advertising on the Alan Jones show as our company does not condone such inappropriate comments.”

Freedom Furniture, said via twitter: “You spoke, we listened. We do not support the comments made by Alan Jones. We have pulled our advertising off the air. …We would like to confirm that we have pulled our advertising. We do not support Alan Jones’ comments.”
Source: here and here

Challenger financial services: Latika Bourke reported that “Challenger tells @ABCNews24 its terminating its sponsorship of the Alan Jones show on 2GB saying his apology was unsatisfactory.” and a spokesperson for the company is quoted as saying “Challenger does not feel the apology made by Alan Jones reflects the gravity of the offensiveness of the comments”.
Source: here and here

Dilmah Tea, via their twitter account have said “we reject as inappropriate Alan Jones’ comment about the PM’s late father. We are suspending support.”
Source: here
and a tweet from the Dilmah Family says “yes we have suspended our support for Alan Jones show and are reviewing our involvement with 2GB in its entirety.”
Source: here

ING banking and financial, tweeted: “@INGDIRECTAUS has removed any advertising on the Alan Jones show on 2GB as of Monday 1 October.”
Source: here

Lexus of Parramatta are also listed as having withdrawn or suspended sponsorship of Alan Jones’ 2GB radio show
Source: here
Lexus of Parramatta has had its listing removed off the 2GB website and has cancelled the current advertising schedule which was running during the popular DRIVE program in the afternoons. – emailed by Mark Turner, General Manager
Source: here

Woolworths, in a statement said “From time to time we have had advertising during this program, however, this morning we have made a decision to suspend this advertising.”
Source: here


21 Comments to “What sponsors have dumped Alan Jones … so far (updated Wednesday, 510PM)”

  1. Who’s left supporting Jones?

  2. Thanks for keeping the list of cancelling advertisers. Glad to see a couple I emailed are on the list.

  3. As long as these advertisers don’t quietly start drifting back once the dust has settled.

    • They will, in my opinion, Jones is too powerful to disappear, but the consumers and social media warriors might learn a lesson in their power, and the next time, will be better able to fight

      • Oh, let’s not pretend this is just a few days’ worth of action. This is – of necessity – a long-term and ongoing issue which we will have to watch (well, listen to) very closely from now until the day AJ is taken off the air.

  4. What about Commbank ‘;women in focus’ ha ha ha ha as if!

  5. MacDonalds Have still not withdrawn their support

  6. The term “suspension” is temporary in nature. We should be pushing for permanent withdrawal!

  7. dilmah is the only company of this group i will definitely go out and buy their product this week as they have removed their ads from the station. $$$$ this is the only way attitudes will change.
    i need to purchase some bookcases this week so i hope another company changes its mind and i will use them.

  8. I received this in a an email some weeks ago from Lexus of Parramatta -“Further to this Lexus of Parramatta has had its listing removed off the 2GB website and has cancelled the current advertising schedule which was running during the popular DRIVE program in the afternoons”. – emailed by Mark Turner, General Manager. Good on you Mark!

  9. Okay, these are the companies that ARE pulling their advertising, but who is still holding out?

    • The suspensions are coming in so fast and it is a public holiday, Harvey Norman will discuss with management, Hyundai, Virgin are some of the big ones that haven’t release statements, that I can tell

  10. Have any of these companies issued official media statements to this effect? Not sure social media is an official enough platform.

    • Does it matter? doesn’t a statement on a corporations facebook page count as an official statement these days? besides… the whole thing will blow over in a week and they will probably quietly resume their sponsorship.

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