Who Is Defending Alan Jones over his recent comments?

Karl Stefanovic, Channel 9’s breakfast show himbo

The following exchange was reported by Simon Cullen (ABC Reporter, Canberra)

Karl Stefanovic to @LaurieOakes: “You don’t have much time for Alan Jones yourself do you?” Oakes: “Well, after this Karl, do you?”

Karl Stefanovic: “(awkwardness)…. well, I’ll declare that yes, I am friends with Alan Jones…”

source: here and here

It turns out they are very good friends:
Alan Jones: Karl’s “terrific friend”. Gave Karl a $100,000 interest-free loan towards a deposit on a house.”
Source: The Daily Telegraph

and, Miranda Devine, court jester for Murdoch media says:

@mirandadevine A lot of the people jumping on the Bash Alan Jones wagon are the most vicious slanderous haters around. Hypocrites.

Eric Abetz, current Leader of the Coalition Opposition in the Senate, says “he’d have no problem with broadcaster Alan Jones speaking at future party functions” according to news.com.au

edited to add

Piers Ackerman, has said of the Jones non-apology “Despite the furore, the attacks have demonstrated that Jones is the better person.”
Source: here

Mia Freedman, while not exactly sympathising with Alan Jones, she is not expressing much solidarity with campaigners against the misogyny on the 2GB airwaves. Mia says “Thinking of all the good and innocent people who work on other 2GB shows that will suffer because of #alanjones’ appalling behaviour. Sad.”
Source: here


5 Comments to “Who Is Defending Alan Jones over his recent comments?”

  1. Laurie Oaks got you there Karl…

  2. Mirand would be one of the biggest hypocrites, but then she is just another right wing nut job.

  3. Miss Devine is one of the most vicious evil right wing Abbott/Tory supporters writing in News Ltd and there are plenty of them. To accuse others of being vicious slanderous haters while she supports Jones is utterly laughable and her hypocrisy is beyond belief. She is the epitome of all that is wrong in Australian journalism. A vile person with an ego to match. Jones is welcome to her adoration

    • The Right wing simply do not understand hypocrisy, always accusing others of what they themselves do. They also have no self awareness, they want something they do or say it, other people – the little people – do not count. They do not live in the same reality as everyone else.

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