When media on the Right condemn Alan Jones, the Liberals get confused

Peter van Onselen, Murdoch media bovver boy, has been one of the few in the media to say when it comes to Alan Jones, enough is finally enough. Here he is speaking with Michael Kroger, Liberal powerbroker about Alan Jones – and Kroger’s only response seems to be “it’s all Labor’s fault” and van Onselen is jealous. Not very intellectual reasoning from people defending Alan Jones.

van Onselen has said “To those who think I’m going on about the AJ stuff, it’s bc if we don’t he rides it out. It’s incumbent on anyone outraged to stay that way.”

Here is Laurie Oakes, no friend on the ALP, heavy weight of political reporting for Channel 9, mocking Karl Stefanovic (indebted to Alan Jones by $100,000) for towing the Tony Abbott line about Alan Jones.


5 Comments to “When media on the Right condemn Alan Jones, the Liberals get confused”

  1. The stupid rich white men with Stepford wives of the U.S have seemed to be influencing our coalition.

    Adopting conservative American tactics to win over the Bogan vote of the masses is pathetic.

    Glad i live in Melbourne where there are wealthy Greeks, Italians and Jews that tell the Libs to get stuffed!!

  2. How can any reasoning be intellectual when you are trying to defend the indefensible?

  3. Michael Kroger, just like Alan Jones is an ugly person, inside and out. PVO had better watch out, because the old fossil Rupert will not be amused.

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