What Would Margie Abbott Do?

Guest Post: Ed MacLeod
images created by Turn Left editor ’99’, source Turn Left facebook page

Tony Abbott dragging his wife and children into the spotlight will forever change election campaigning in Australia. By pushing his wife, Margie Abbott, in front of the cameras, to defend himself against allegations of his sexist attitudes towards women, and his misogyny, Tony Abbott has now declared families fair game.

Of course, he is a Liberal, and the Right are hypocrites, Abbott could parade his wife before the adoring media (in a publicity stunt that went horribly wrong) at the same time squawking about the media intruding into his personal life.

Image and captions taken from Abbott may roll out ‘secret weapon’ again:

Margie Abbott will be used again to blunt Labor’s attacks on her husband as being anti-women, the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott said today.

Mr Abbott predicted the anti-women line would be kept up by Labor, saying he expected a “destructive, negative, personal campaign”.

Tony Abbott displays his wife like the freak exhibit in a travelling show and then sends a message to Labor – now that I have brought the Little Woman out to defend me, if you continue to attack my sexism and misogyny, it is you operating a destruct, negative campaign.

This Google ad shows how desperate the Liberal party really are

Go on, click the link, every hit is costing the Liberal Party money every time you do


6 Comments to “What Would Margie Abbott Do?”

  1. And Abbott out and about this morning using his daughters. I would like to ask Margie what she thinks of her husband using a murdered woman and linking it to his family? Do you Margie get it?

    “Coalition government will spend $50 million installing CCTV cameras if it wins office.
    Police say CCTV played a crucial role in the investigation into the murder of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher.

    Mr Abbott made the announcement in Melbourne and says the money will be diverted from proceeds of crime.

    “As the father of three daughters, I want our communities to be safe for our children to be there in the evening,” he said.

    • thank you for that link – says it all doesn’t it. Trading on peoples grief to scare them, is grief-porn. CCTV might not stop crime, but they can watch it happening on endless replay.

      And, I suspect there will be endless “my wife” and “my three daughters” every time Taliban Tony is doing his “Look At Moi” publicity stunts.

  2. This was positively embarrassing — for everyone! ‘Look! I’ve got a nuclear family and Gillard hasn’t!’ You’d hardly expect his family to come out and say he’s a nasty piece of work, would you?

    • Kevin Rudd tried that, and lost – and he had the added bonus of a new grandbaby and a sick kitty
      -99 for Turn Left

      • Awwww! A sick kitty! Maybe Phoney needs something sick? I know! A sick Whiney Pyne — that should make everyone feel sorry for him!

      • Pynes nickname is Poodle, and Julie Bishop is “The Pomeranian” (well, not so much a nickname, that’s just what I call her).

        But can you imagine the outrage if Tim gave soft interviews on all major newspapers and breakfast TV saying how wonderful Julia is.

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