Tony Abbott repeats the phrase “died of shame” in Parliament

After all the outrage that has consumed this nations media, both old and social – following Alan Jones using the phrase “died of shame” in relation to the Prime Minister’s late father – Tony Abbott apparently stood up in Parliament today, and used very similar words.

In attacking the Prime Minister, the parliament and the Speaker, Peter Slipper – the phrase fell from his poisoned tongue.

Adam Bandt (Greens MP for Melbourne): After Alan Jones’ outrage, can’t believe Tony Abbott just said the gov’t was dying of shame. Shows his true nature. #qt
Source: here

Craig Emmerson (MP for Rankin): Seems @TonyAbbottMHR and Alan Jones are fond of the phrase “die of shame.” #qt
Source: here

Rhys Muldoon: I am still utterly amazed that TAbbott would use the phrase “die of shame” in question time today. That is profoundly poor judgement. #qt
source: here

Sarah Wiley (ch7 political reporter): he said a ‘government which should have already died of shame’
Source: here

Peter van Onselen (Murdoch court jester): I actually missed this, but TA today said: a ‘government which should have already died of shame’. I mean seriously, what was he thinking…
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Meanwhile: the Mark Scott’s ABC sure knows how to spin it

ABC (twitter account): Watch now: Julia Gillard attacks Tony Abbott during Question Time
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7 Comments to “Tony Abbott repeats the phrase “died of shame” in Parliament”

  1. It was apparent looking at the video of his speech that the ‘shame’ comments were quite deliberate, especially has he repeated it! Abbott is an amoral piece of nastiness totally underserving or being a parliamentary representative of the people let alone a potential Prime Minister.

  2. This man is sick.

  3. The controversy that followed A Jones speech was seen by many as perhaps a start in bringing respect and intelligence to public debate and political opinion. It is now obvious that the Liberal Leader has no use for these goals and in fact only sees himself as a winner if the level of his discourse causes shock and dismay. Maybe he has been taking lessons from the loudest shock jock of all. What a waste of his supposed intellect.

    • He got his Rhodes scholarship on boxing, apparently. Some are suggesting he made the comments to distract from his own misogyny, while were talking about that we are not talking about the substance of claims against him. Others just think his is a clueless arrogant git, and used the phrase because he is a moron.

  4. I don’t see the issue with Gillard attacking him for it. He has a history or being a misogynist and should not be making statements questioning the actions of the speaker (which were really not that dramatically bad). He calls to remove the speaker because of lacking moral and ethical fibre yet he himself casually ignores everything he’s said in the past and still holds his religious beliefs as part of his political beliefs.

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