Did Julia Gillard just destroy feminism?

Well, according to Julie ‘Stand by your Man’ Bishop, the Prime Minister did just that.

text of image: ABC News Breakfast ‏@BreakfastNews
Julie Bishop: The PM is setting back the cause of women for decades by using her gender as a shield against criticism

Source: ABC twitter

Really? many would disagree with Julie Bishop. But unlike the ABC or Murdoch Media, no one can tell you what to think. Here is the video, decide for yourself.


7 Comments to “Did Julia Gillard just destroy feminism?”

  1. Finally Julia Gillard has spoken out about the trash that she has been subjected to. Contrary to Julie Bishop’s opinion I think it is one small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind

  2. Abbott’s repeating of the ‘die of shame’ phrase showed a profound lack of dignity and respect. Alan Jones was secretly recorded. Abbott repeating the phrase for ALL to hear( albeit ‘supposedly’ against the Labor Party ) was clearly going to personally hurt Julia Gillard by reminding her of what was said about her father. Alan Jones showed poor judgement, Tony Abbot on the other hand did something far worse (why repeat this phrase in open discussion)

  3. The ABC has picked up the Liberal party narrative (Gillard baaad) instead of the more responsible reporting of why parliamentary conventions are important to governing the country.

    Abbott has discovered that it is possible to wreck the joint by constant and on going negativity. In some organisations this is called “willful negligence”.
    Negligence being defined by “Failure to use reasonable care, resulting in damage or injury to another.”

    Of course Abbott thinks he is being very clever. That the ABC refuses to criticize him is a damning indictment of their culpability

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