Tony Abbott shows Indonesians his leadership style

In a photo that Tony Abbott posted twice on twitter, he shows Indonesians a demonstration of his leadership style – if you are poor, he will walk all over you.

Is there any culture in the world where it is acceptable to put your feet (especially wearing shoes) on a table where food is served?

Yes, the kids have their feet on the table, but a) they are kids, b) it is their table, c) they’re not wearing shoes, d) they’re tiny, and e) they’re not trying to demonstrate their power over the “little” people.

The adults in the room are looking at Tony Abbott’s feet, but Abbott is oblivious.

source: here
Tony Abbott removed the foot from his mouth just long enough to put it on someone’s table.


8 Comments to “Tony Abbott shows Indonesians his leadership style”

  1. That isn’t a table, mate. Clearly you just don’t like him so anything that he does you will see it from negative angles. Also, do you really think that we are Indonesians also sit on the table and put our baby on it while the food is being served and we are having guests???

  2. Umm isn’t he kneeling on the floor…? I dislike the guy immensely but let’s be fair here. That’s a step down behind the children and they’re sitting on the floor.

    • IT IS NOT A FLOOR – the kids are sitting on the table, if it was a floor, why do you not see the feet of the adults standing behind the kids, especially the woman in the pink shirt standing behind the kid in the red shirt? Theyre standing in a hole? that makes not sense, no matter how poor someone is, they dont put food on the floor.

      And if it was the floor, how does Tonys leg get bend at such a strange angle, shouldnt it be straight.

      I have a heap of right wing websites you can go visit, you might be more comfortable defending Tony putting his feet on the table over there.

      • Sorry – it is a raised floor, hence the tiles and the pillar. It is common in Indonesia to eat on the floor. He should have taken his shoes off though. Not defending the person.

  3. Oh sweet jibbering righty tighty’s. This is beyond the pale of a joke, what is wrong with that man’s brain?

  4. We all know that Tony is the ‘Great White Hope’ for Asia. He’ll tell those Indonesians a thing or two — especially about towing boats back into their territorial waters! And, how they should stop the boats!

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