PM gives thanks as Australia win temporary seat on UN Security Council

Australia won through in the first round against Luxembourg and Finland with 140 of a possible 193 votes. A resounding win for a government that has achieved so much for this country.

Despite prominent “Lib-tweeters” implying there was a scandal because the Prime Minister did not thank Kevin Rudd, who has started this process, PM Gillard did thank Mr Rudd.

Images via Turn Left’s facebook page

Text of Rupert Murdoch tweet: Big deal! Australia gets temporary non- veto seat on Security Council. Cost big fortune in foreign aid all over the place No Aussies care
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13 Comments to “PM gives thanks as Australia win temporary seat on UN Security Council”

  1. It is an issue that we should take seriously and ensure that the thoughts of the people are heard by the Government. Rupert is entitled to his opinion … Ijust wish he would stop assuming he knows my opinion! I also wrote a bit on this topic. Thanks for the post.

  2. The PM was asked a question by Laura Tingle, to which the PM said “that is infantile ”
    Tingle had asked whether Australia would now have to chose between America and China (Check out the reply if you can)
    That question and this editorial displays the path the AFR has taken with it’s new editor former Australian journalist.

    • Good find. The PM told the media to “stop writing crap” they didn’t listen, their sales fell. The PM is doing what she should have done a long time ago – calling the media out for what they are.

  3. Joe Hockey , News 24, on Australia getting seat on UN Security Council

    “maybe now the UN can help to Stop the Boats”

  4. Murdoch is unbelievable! cost a fortune? What planet is he on?

    • To put this fortune into perspective – the cost of the big is 1/4 of One QLD racetrack – OR 500 rorted Peter Reith phone cards. Ted Bailleu will spends more on lunches and wine than this UN SC seat will cost

  5. Abbott was on ABC TV last night preparing the way for the NO coalition negative carping after we had lost the vote. Bugger, we won! what to do, Ohhhh what to do? Start negative carping on something else I’d guess.
    If there was ever an individual so completely underserving of high office in Australia, then that person would have to be Tony Abbot.

  6. Just read negative comments on ninemsn, cannot believe that people think we should stay cocooned in our own little world and that the rest of the world has no impact on us. The human population is global and we do need to know and care what is happening beyond the family farm. The esteem that is held for Australia would in some part be due to K Rudd and W Swans fianancial handling of the GFC, something the extreme right will never admit.

  7. Oh the jealousy that must be felt by opposition. Had this campaign been run during J Howards reign the Murdoch press would have only spun a positive spin. What a fabulous endorsement of our current Government and it’s policies.

    • Abbott was confused, telling the world if Australia lost, it would have been devastating; if Australia won it would be no big deal; the cost was many ‘tens of millions’ – in reality it is 1/4 of what Campbell Newman is spending on a QLD race track.

      All credit to Rudd, Carr, Gillard, and countless unknown people.

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