When you are a Liberal propagandist, all you see is evidence of Tony Abbott under siege

When you are a Liberal propagandist, all you see is evidence of Tony Abbott under siege from ALP – even when he is the one doing the attacking.

There has been lots of talk about the Government’s adjusting of the ‘baby bonus’ (the un-means tested baby bonus, changes announced in yesterday’s MYEFO – Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook), a bonus which was nothing more than John hoWARd’s “cash for votes” middle class welfare scheme.

What got lost in the media outrage about “Wayne Swan attacking families” was the Liberals plan for removing the school kid bonus.

Instead we get soundbites and slogans from Tony Abbott “Wayne Swan is attacking household budgets so he can patch up the Federal Government’s ailing Budget. #MYEFO”

The removal of the School Kid bonus by a future hypothetical government will negatively impact the budge of a “family with 2 kids $15,500 over their children’s life.” Craig Emerson said.

The Liberal opposition are attacking the Government for adjusting the Baby Bonus while promising to remove the School Kid bonus – meanwhile these are all bonuses, not entitlements.

Apparently, one is so important for families, the other not so much, as Tony Abbott once said “This schoolkids’ bonus doesn’t have to be spent on schools… people could go and blow [the bonus] on the club, on the pokies’. Yes, the same could be said the Howard Baby Bonus… but never is.

Tony Abbott then turned this into an attack on the Prime Minister, and her lack of understanding families – was this another cheap shot about her recently deceased father or the PM’s lack of children.

text of tweet
‏@latikambourke Suspect Tony Abbott’s ‘if only the Govt has more experience in this area’ (families) line is retaliation for PM Gillard’s misogyny

Gillard’s misogyny attack? No, the PM was using Tony Abbott’s own words and deeds – and if some interpret that as a ‘misogyny attack’ perhaps that is because that is the truth of Tony Abbott.

Retaliation? Tony Abbott dog-whistles the Prime Minister about being child-free, and some how some political tweeters see that as an attack on Tony himself.

Suspect? Why ascribe malevolent motives to everything the government does?

Surely we in Australia deserve better than this – when the paid political reporters morphing into school yard social media butterflies and amateur bloggers and tweeters are looking more political and delivering more in-depth analysis by the day.

By the way, Tony, how many children does Julie Bishop, your deputy have? None, you say? can’t have much experience with families then.

text of image:
If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly.
Thomas Sowell


9 Comments to “When you are a Liberal propagandist, all you see is evidence of Tony Abbott under siege”

  1. The difference between Julia Gillard not having children and Julie Bishop not having children is obvious..Bishop has never introduced a misogynist speech, which I thought was shrill and sad, to parliament and did not cut the baby bonus..which was enjoyed by many..middle class and those on the dole. It had nothing to do with elections, and everything to do with populating australia with australians rather than relying on immigration. Please get it right..this sort of rubbish does australia no favours and encourages class war. Without the middle class..Australia would be in a world of trouble! I’m a labor voter..but gosh I wonder why sometimes..I have heard Abbott spout the ‘shame’ thing many, many times..so I give him the benefit of the doubt. Like many, I’m tired of the hate politics.

  2. I get irony, really I do, but pointing out Julie Bishop’s childlessness is on the same level as Trash Talk Abbott. We should leave all the trash mouthing to the LOTO and avoid it ouselves as though our life depended on it.

    • So, according to you, any mention of politicians, whether a true statement of fact or a deliberately designed sledge intended to hurt, belittle and humiliate are exactly the same? Good to know, will be more mindful in future when mentioning politicians.

  3. While I’m at it, facebook as well? (I am still learning etiquette of all this).

    • the Turn Left facebook is mainly used as a place to upload the images used on the blog (the blog has limited storage for graphics), but if you want to link, feel free.

      Copyright says you can use up to 10% of a work. If you want to use a link and an paragraph or two extract based on size, that is fine under copyright laws.

  4. Another brilliant article. I heard Tony Abbott and the not so overt dig at ‘family’-morgan poll yesterday I noticied (for what they are worth), was labor 55.5%, wing nutters 49.5%. I am still optimistic Australians, (or enough of them) are seeing Abbott for what he is. Please, would it be okay if I linked this blog on my twitter? The title, your page link just in a tweet or 3015 tweets? Thanks for all this, I feel my sanity regaining.

    • Agree, I think people are starting to wake up, Tonys act would have only worked if he could force an early election, he and Peta didnt plan long term

      thanks for the comments… link away

  5. Ahh but the removal of the school kid bonus serves to further dumb down future voters 2013, thereby making for a more stupid and uncritical electorate. You need to think long term NO Coaliton strategy 2013! Bloody electorate is getting too smart for its own good — looks like ignoring mainstream media and coming to it’s own conclusions!

    • Yes, dumb it down, an educated population will see through the lies and propaganda

      its about ideology, the only people who deserve govt handouts are the Rich, the entitled, and the friends of liberals, everyone else works to subsidise the lifestyles of the Chosen Ones. Everything they do is to those ends

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