Trolls, haters, online bullies – a tale of two celebrities

Trolls, haters and online bullies – if you turn on a computer, it is a fact of life.

There are people who think if you engage in any kind of social media, you are giving them permission to make you fair game. However, Twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs – these are not “public spaces” although used by the public. These sites are owned by someone, it is their space, we are just visiting, the Users on social media sites are subject to terms and conditions of that site, as well as the all laws applicable in the relevant jurisdiction.

Russell Crowe recently tweeted support for Barack Obama, and that was enough to set the bullies typing.

hey haters..Every min u are harrassing me is another min u are distracted from spewing hate at people who are less resolute.Haha,God bless


Not all celebrities handle trolls and haters with such calm.

Don’t respond, don’t encourage, don’t give trolls the oxygen of publicity and validation they crave. Just ignore them, as Crowe did, and soon enough the trolls will find a new target, a new celebrity to engage with, one who will react.

Charlotte Dawson, who teamed up with a private investigator, a television network and a whole lot of self-righteousness and publicly named and shamed her online harasser on national TV. Outing a 20-year-old as a troll on TV, takes Gold, Silver, Bronze in all the trolling events.

How Dawson managed to fit it in, in between “a busy media schedule”, who knows. As the old saying goes ‘all publicity is good publicity‘, but this is from the woman who called teenage girls “dogs” on her previous television show, humiliating children is par for the course for a celebrity will all the power of entire media networks at her disposal over children with laptops and phones.
Source: Dawson defends decision to out trolls


While we should all be aware that there usually is a person at the other end of the words we read on a screen, and treat others the way we wish to be treated, the unequal power position should not be glossed over. A depressed teen in their bedroom sending out hate tweets will never be in the same position to attack as an international celebrity with a slavish media willing to demonise moody children, at their disposal.


7 Comments to “Trolls, haters, online bullies – a tale of two celebrities”

  1. So much hate. So much anger! Haters publish hateful comments towards many remarkable and successful individuals. Psychologists have determined that haters, also known as bullies, start by abusing their own families, spouses, children, siblings, pets, and friends. Haters are also, most often, child abusers and always cowards when confronted.

    Don’t be a hater. Take back control of your emotions and always question Social Media hateful BS. Choose to be positive. A positive approach will serve you well in your personal and family lives. It’s a personal choice. It’s your choice. You can end the hate today; end the anger.

  2. What’s really perverse is when the Old Media throws up “celebrities” (for example, shock jocks) who make a living out of trolling. As these are invariably right wingers churning out anti-progressive propaganda it stands to reason they have the blessing of the billionaires and other elites. Doing their dirty work for them, you could say, looking to set a favorable political climate for the 1 per cent. It’s perverse as it goes against community common interest.

    • Charlotte Dawson as the face of an anti-troll campaign – is just another self promotion for her – its like putting Ronald McDonald in charge of childrens nutrition. People have to stop think the media is this neutral thing delivering the news, the “news” is just an ad delivery system

  3. The outing just confirmed my view of trolls — a bunch of airheads, sorely lacking in any intellect whatsoever!

  4. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t call the kettle black and other mixed metaphors.

    It’s real simple, if you are not tough enough to put up with and ignore abuse don’t go on social media

    • What is to be gained by dragging it out and making tv shows about your troll, then you start self-trolling when you do that – or get more mentions in the Old Media, which ever comes first.

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