Right-wing unhinging begins, Murdoch and Haters lost, What next for Australia after US election

by 99, editor of TurnLeft

Why does the USA elections matter to Australia? It matters because Australia is dominated by some of the same ranting right-wing media, it replicates the hate-filled shock-jocks, and Teaparty tactics. Some in the Liberal Party have even spent time in the US learning Teaparty tactic (notable Cory “Slippery Slope” Bernadi).

If the Right can lose in the US, despite a biased media, biased election officials, gerrymandering districts in the extreme, “malfunctioning” voting machines, millions of dollars poured into advertising and electioneering, Mitt Romney’s son owning voting machines in Ohio and billionaire donors, then there is a little sunshine on Australia Left today.

image from the TurnLeft facebook page

Apart from the drones civilians, failure to close Guantanamo Bay (an election promise last election), imprisonment of Bradley Manning and other whistleblowers, marines in Darwin – apart from that – the re-election of Barack Obama is better than an election of Mitt Ronmey would have been.

Let the Right-wing unhinging commence

Expect denials, blaming, accusations of a biased left-wing media, illegal voting – any excuse why the Right-wing didn’t win. Expect anything except a hard look at their candidate and policies.

Melbourne’s Andrew Bolt had a few things to say, apart from being badly sub-edited, it appears the Right are in a bit of denial about how democracy works. People vote, votes get counted, someone wins. Will Bolt be using the word “illegitimate President” next to Obama’s name every time he mentions him.

Failed candidate Donald Trump (was Trump ever a serious presidential candidate or was it just about the publicity) went on a now-famous rant. Hilarious in its extreme. Many of these tweets have since been deleted, one of the most extreme tweets was “More votes equals a loss…revolution!” – which shows the entire agenda of the Republicans. As Trump said – the more people who vote, the more likely the Right are to lose.

(In Australia – the difference between compulsory voting and voluntary voting is the Right losing about 5% – which is why the Right sees taking away a persons vote a short cut to victory, source here)

many of these tweets have since been deleted, but here is Trumps account to see what other unhinged tweets he has – @realDonaldTrump

What might this mean for Australia?

Rupert Murdoch was backing the conservative, like he does in Australia with his media empire pushing for Tony Abbott – and he will not like losing.

Although the impact of a Romney loss will be less about policies, and more about everything else.

Politicians are grown up, with entire departments for dealing with foreign countries, who ever is President or Prime Minister would make little difference on how the countries negotiate with each other. Except in Abbott’s case – he cannot negotiate to save his arse, or sell his arse.

Some see the US election as a victory for the centre, the moderates, the less extreme (and in state races it was, with Teaparty favourites and pro-rape old men (Todd Akin, Tom Smith, Joe Walsh, and Richard Mourdock) losing to women and moderates.

However, another way this might play out, Murdoch’s media might double down on Abbott. The Australian media might go even harder pushing their extreme views and right-wing agenda. Like a bully who has to be even more destructive as their power starts to wane, Murdoch (and his media) might have to ramp up the vindictiveness to prove to himself and others he still has power.

Murdoch is fast becoming irrelevant, and will do all he can to show that he still can pull the strings of his puppets in parliament.

Perhaps the Australian right can pull back from the far right, perhaps they could learn – but, if Tony Abbott could learn from his mistakes, he would be the smartest man in Australia – he doesn’t and he isn’t.

Outspoken actor, John Cusack, had his own take on the result:
Cusack saw this as a step back from the extreme right and optimistically sees this as a move back to the centre.

image from the TurnLeft facebook page

Whether it was a win for the Left (or what passes as Left in US politics) or a rejection of the Right – Romney and his little band of rape-apologists lost.


5 Comments to “Right-wing unhinging begins, Murdoch and Haters lost, What next for Australia after US election”

  1. People should need a certain IQ to qualify to vote. That way we might elect a government that knows how to manage an economy. I just hope something changes with the current government before our economy is completely decimated.

    • Howard promised interest rates would be always lower under a Lib govt, interest rates were never this low under a lib govt, unemployment down, Triple A rating, wasteful unmeans tested middle class welfare being phased out

      Golden BISONs 1 – Unemployment 5.1%, GDP 3.7% (11/12) – Inflation 1.2% – Interest 3.5% – Credit Rating AAA – There’s been $919B of private investment in Australia since late 2007 equivalent to almost 2/3 of our annual GDP with BI Sharpnel latest report says The BISONs will still be running wild and free in the next 3 years at the least. On 20/09/12 – IMF at an open lunch function said “Australia is one of the best managed economies in the world”. IMF says policy to tackle GFC deserved “full marks” for its implementation and success.

      Source: here

      and it did all that during THE worst world wide financial crisis the world has seen since the great depression, while other countries were going bankrupt, Australian economy was growing.

      btw: decimated means reduce by 1/10th, related to the word dec=10

      • Unemployment was 4% a few years ago. Most recent value went down slightly but the trend is up. Interest rates are low as the RBA tries to offset damage caused by labor. Costs are too high and investment is on decline. RBA responds by making money cheaper. Interest rates trend down in weak economies, for example Japan and USA. Liberal would keep interest rates lower than labor for a given economic climate because they don’t have an addiction to wasteful spending and constant squandering on failed schemes. They can manage a budget.

        Our economy is fairing ok as we ride the remnants of the mining boom. There is no longer an incentive for huge mining investment in Australia due to high cost base and mining super tax. In a world market we are no longer competitive in most industries due to high costs. I’m worried about our future in an international economy.

      • Im not really sure why you are arguing with me. But fine, thanks for your comment.

      • You’re welcome. It’s not arguing, it’s friendly banter. I think you have some valid points to make, I’ll be keeping an eye on your site.

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