November 11 – Gough was betrayed: 5 part look at the Dismissal (video)

Here is the 4 Corners investigation into the Dismissal originally aired on the 20th anniversary:

And this is Sydney band The Whitlams, singing about what this day means for Australians


4 Comments to “November 11 – Gough was betrayed: 5 part look at the Dismissal (video)”

  1. A great man with with an even greater intellect, where he could have taken this country if only he had been given the chance. That was the problem with the conservatives then as it is now, they fear really intelligent leaders. I am not just talking university or even Rhodes scholars, Gough Whitlam had the ability to take information,analyse said information and accurately predict outcomes relating to this information. He was a great speaker and I never remember him stooping to cliches or relying on a demographers’view of his fellow man, how he must have squirmed if he listened to J Howard and his use of “aspirations and aspirational” to define western Sydney voters. NSW schools would not be waiting in fear to see what pain state Government budget cuts will bring down upon their heads,Gough Whitlam saw education as the right of every person not just those who could afford it and he believed government had a duty to enable this. I still remember the day it happened and how we could not believe it would really happen, we kept thinking that someone would stop it. It was a shameful day in our history.

    • Im not old enough to remember, but the more info that comes out – and recently it was one of the solicitors (?) whos story was revealed – the more outrageous it is. Maybe Tony remembers it clearly and has been wishing and hoping for something similar. Gough changed this country so much even in his first few weeks before he appointed a cabinet, for women, education, the arts, immigration – he government for people, not corporations.

  2. In the first vid. Malcome Fraser; “I’d want to catch Gough Whitlam with his pants down” -referring to an election date. If my memory serves me, years later Malcom had a revisit to that phrase, we never did hear what ‘really’ happened??

    • I don’t think we will ever truly know what happened in that hotel in Dallas (?) – if it wasn’t a staffer prank, that had more serious implications that just “oh isnt that funny”

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