Australia – the richer you are, the more government hand outs you get

Joe “Eleventy” Hockey the age of unlimited and unfunded entitlement to government services and income support is over“.

And this is from the same man who had his hand out to collect the baby bonus.

But let’s talk about the real unfunded entitlements….

Source: Fairfax To those who have much, more will be given as handouts

Ok, Joe, I know that economics is not your strong suit – but it is not unfunded – pensions are the result of workers paying taxes for fifty years. Perhaps upper-class welfare was stripped back there would not be an issue of aged pensioners and war veterans get something that you don’t think they’ve earned.

Joe, this is, to borrow a phrase from Jane Caro “class-based apartheid” – targeting people to subsidise your lifestyle based on their already low-income.
Source of phrase: Heads the private schools win, tails public schools lose

Joe Hockey, the Shadowy Treasurer, has whined about his meagre $1/4million income, and promises to rip benefits from people on below-poverty line incomes. Hockey wants Australia to emulate our neighbours, who pay no government benefits – they also pay a lot less tax.

Who are these neighbours we are supposed to emulate –

Africawhere Gina Rinehart says people are happy to work for less than $2 a day and wants to fly in- fly out Africans to work in her mines for slave wages (they’re not happy to work for that, that is just what she tells herself so she can under pay everyone else)

India – where the poverty line is 44 cents a day

Cambodia – where entire slum towns are built on garbage dumps, where the poverty line is 45 cents a day.

The wealthy would argue that poor people shouldn’t receive any sort of government assistance, that’s what charities are for. However, add the rapidly shrinking middle class and the working class that can barely keep their heads above water, just who will be donating to charities? The exact same government-benefit-sucking, over-entitled elitist parasites who think governments should not be paying pensions, single parent payments or war veteran benefits in the first place. Yeah, that will work out well.

The people currently sucking up a disproportionate amount of government benefits and complaining about those worst-off in our society getting anything at all.

A Liberal government would tear up the social contract, people retiring now would have worked hard for fifty years on the understand that they paid taxes, and high rates, in exchange for a pension when they retire. Yet strangely, the Liberal party polls well among the over-65s, the very people who will suffer greatly at the hands of a Hockey treasurer.

The Liberals would argue the only way we can afford to live in our society is to raise GSTax, institute massive austerity measures and increase productivity and return to WorkChoices. “Increase productivity” is get neo-conservative code for work harder and longer for less pay.

Rich people do not care about income inequality – for one very good reason – they are rich, and the poorer you are, the richer they get. And the politicians on meagre $1/4million wages benefit from your poverty. Expect that equality-gap to widen.
For more information: see “Liberal Nationals: 50% more GSTax, poverty line of 44 cents a day and NO pensions – then what are our taxes funding?

If you are not a millionaire, you will always be financially worse off under a Liberal government.


6 Comments to “Australia – the richer you are, the more government hand outs you get”

  1. It’s well past time for work for tips employees to go on strike and let the establishment stay open if it can without their labour. Unfortunately, the poor sods wouldn’t be able to do that in any case.

    Just the sort of labour market the Liars are desperate to have in this country.

    Go figure wrt pensioners. One red hot Liars voter whinged about the increased utilities allowance because it was paid fortnightly not quarterly. All the whingers should have their beefed up pensions returned to Rodentochracy levels. They should be more than happy with that arrangement.

    • thanks for the comment, yes, pensions were appalling under hoWARd, but they didn’t start complaining on mass until Rudd become PM, then suddenly they and the Opposition had a problem with it.

  2. That’s because Australia’s Liberals are actually Republicans — free marketeering, carpetbagging, yankee capitalistic ultra-conservatives.
    Their mantra: keep ’em uneducated, unprotected by the most basic of working conditions, and make em pay for everything.
    There strongest desire; That Australia emulate America where the rich get richer, there is a rich upper class, and the poor get ripped off!
    Macquarie not only needs to redraft the meaning of misogyny but also the world liberal!
    Ooooooooh! I’m so cross i could poo on my foot!

    • wow, that is cross.

      In some work-for-tip jobs in the US, you don’t get paid a wage, you pay the establishment for the right to do the job, and do if you do it well, you earn enough in tips for a wage you can live on – that is, if they can’t insource your job to prison labour, where if you refuse to work for pennies you get solitary confinement

      • The more I see/read/hear about American culture the more convinced I become that it’s a democracy in name only.
        The tragedy is that the NO Coalition want us to be the same!

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