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December 31, 2012

#AshbyInquiryNow – the plot to overthrow the Government is ignored by the media

The day that Justice Rares handed down his decision in the Ashby-Slipper case was the day the media lost all interest in reporting the facts.

Until then, the focus had been on salacious gossip and innuendo, and smears against the government.

Once this case could no longer be used to smear the Government, it was of no use to the media.

Rares had found that:

I do not accept Mr Ashby’s commentary that he had feelings of distress and harassment concerning Mr Slipper’s actions. Ms Hubbard’s message quoted in [34] above suggests that at 4 February 2012 Mr Ashby was contemplating that Mr McArdle would use the text messages. The passages I have emphasised from the exchanges of text messages show that Mr Ashby’s discussion with Mr McArdle concerning his text message exchanges with Mr Slipper, particularly those of 1 and 2 February 2012, was to do with empowering Mr McArdle or someone else with the ability to use those messages against Mr Slipper. Mr Ashby’s references to “empowering others”, and “national decisions”, were concerned solely with the political consequences of what Mr Ashby was contemplating. Those consequences could affect the balance of power in the House of Representatives, depending on whether Mr Slipper could remain as Speaker if Mr Ashby used his “power” and what effect that use would have. That was because the Government did not have a majority in the House and was reliant on cross bench support, assisted by Mr Slipper having ceased to be a member of the Opposition
Emphasis added, Source: here

The day the judgment was handed down, the ABC twitter account and some on-air personalities said that the ruling went against Slipper, this was quickly retracted.

Justice Rares has also found that James Ashby, a staffer for the Speaker, did not act alone.

Rares identified where Ashby had conspired with a former, and possible future, MP to change the make-up of the Government, in an attempted to bring down the Government.

The other prior event must have been Mr Ashby making contact with Mr Brough to indicate his preparedness to undermine Mr Slipper. That became apparent when Mr Ashby began exchanging texts the next day with Mr Brough about the diary entries.
Source: here

What we have is a judge has found that the allegations against Slipper were for the purpose of getting Slipper out of his. You can’t change the balance of power, unless you change the people involved.

The current government being a minority government relying on the votes of independents and cross-benches, change who sits there, and there was a good chance of changing the government.

There was a conspiracy between Mal Brough, who is now the pre-selected candidate for Slipper’s seat and Ashby against a sitting member.

This was, without a doubt, a plot to bring down the democratically elected government, and install the (democratically rejected) Tony Abbott as Prime Minister in charge of a Liberal government.

This is treason, this is sedition, this was a failed coup d’état.

What part did Murdoch play in this?

Well, we don’t really know, because the media has dropped the issue. Almost as if nothing had happened.

We do know that it was Murdoch newspapers that broke (invented? caused?) the story, it was his newspapers that paid for Ashby’s travel and accommodation.

It was also a Murdoch-hack that was involved in the plot to unseat Slipper (and possibly bring down the government).

News Limited hack Steve Lewis is on record telling Mr Ashby “We will get him!!”

Mr Lewis: “Ta Abt to hop on plane Will call later We will get him!!”

Mr Ashby: “Great Thanks for coming up”.

Mr Lewis: “I am here to help!!!”
Source: here

Lewis has tried to convince us that it was a remark taken out of context – Justice Rares rejects this.

Rares has said

Mr Harmer gave evidence that Mr Lewis had informed him that his remark (emphasised in the above exchanges) “We will get him!!” referred to locating the hire car driver so that he could corroborate some material. I do not accept that assertion. That is not how the text messages read. In my opinion the reference is clearly to Mr Ashby and Mr Lewis “getting” Mr Slipper, not to Mr Lewis finding a driver
Source: here

The plot to unseat Craig Thomson did not work, the plot to bring down the Prime Minister with 20 year-old gossip from her time as a lawyer did not work. The Ashby conspiracy to unseat Peter Slipper did not work. The Liberal National Parties under Tony Abbott, it appears, will not stop in their obsession to force out legally elected members in order to force a by-election, in the attempt to change government.

During the Watergate scandal in the US in 1972, reporters helped uncover the plot, in Australia, we have journalists who almost seem as if they are covering it up.

And what does the media prefer to focus on?


source: here

This is apparently the most important issue going on in Australia today.

Look, shiny sparkly blingy celebrities. The media are hoping you will be so dazzled that you won’t notice anything else.

Full judgment against Ashby can be found here: FEDERAL COURT OF AUSTRALIA
Ashby v Commonwealth of Australia (No 4) [2012] FCA 1411

outraged? good, you can do something about it

Sign the petition
Attorney General, Parliament House, Canberra.: Inquiry into people involved with James Ashby acting against Peter Slipper

December 31, 2012

Oh The Beautiful Caring Sharing Left Wing On Social Media – Not

“You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims.
~ Harriet Woods

Having recently had my eyes opened to the monstrous way people on the left pick targets and then hound them mercilessly, using social media, I thought I would take a few words to look at how they do this. These are just a sample of the tweets received before the account was deactivated (it seems the so-called tolerant left are all for a fair-go, except when you point out the prejudice involved in “Keep Cronulla Westie-free”, then you become the bully).

Step 1. No profile picture. Pseudonym. On twitter the default image is an egg, some trolls don’t even bother to upload a profile picture, when you are mass producing accounts, that can take too much time.

Yes, editors of this site use pseudonyms to blog, but our identities, faces, phone numbers, real names are all available to people we interact with regularly on social media sites.

Step 2
. Find someone who has an opinion. Then disagree.

I made the mistake of quoting Alan Jones to someone who made the comment of Cronulla Beach that outsiders were not welcome.

Having an opinion on twitter, is risky. People hunt in packs, if you dare to be different, someone will have a go at you.

Uh, yeah, was responding to a particular person about their “Keep Cronulla White” comment, you can’t just drop into a conversation at the end and start making all sorts of assumptions… unless you like trolling.

Step 3. Attack and insult even after you’ve been blocked.

Since I don’t have to put up with insults, and I don’t debate eggs or trolls, I block, saves so much trouble.

That didn’t put an end to it.

So gonehomer already is aware they have been blocked, and so feels free to call me a bigot (for pointing out the discrimination involved in a Keep Cronulla White comment apparently), throw around a few insults here and there, knowing that I wouldn’t be seeing their tweets in my twitter mentions page, and says when you block next time… uh, yah, no, won’t be following again any time soon in order to block you a “next time”.

Step 4. Keep it up until they deactivate their account.

Having already seen Greens supporters tag team with a Murdoch hack to rip shreds off an ALP supporter, my love of twitter was already fading fast at this point.

And felt no need to stick around and wallow in the orgy of self-righteous trolling from the Left against anyone who has an opinion different.

Account deactivated.

Temporarily un-deactivated to respond to someone assuring them, that I was no blocking them, just deactivating the account.

Step 5. Blame the victim

So, what happens next – we get this little gem. Keep in mind gonehomer is well aware they have been blocked. Any tweets to the turnleft2013 account are just ranting at this point.

I left, you won, at this point, you’re just kicking a corpse.

Think it is safe to say, a slight over reaction to being blocked.

Abuse, attack, insult, questioning my state of mind (fragile, yeah, perhaps gonehomer is a male, they always go straight for the “she has mental problems” when they’ve been rejected, even if that rejection is something as trivial as being blocked on twitter).

Ok, let’s for one moment assume that I was fragile, I had suffered a torrent of abuse, death threats, threats of sexual violence, threats of physical violence, all day on twitter, racist abuse, sexist abuse – the typical thing females on social media can be subjected to when they disagree with anyone.

Let’s say that had happened, let’s say I was fragile.

What is the purpose of any further tweets from gonehomer once s/he is aware they have been blocked?

The ONLY purpose to continue tweeting someone after they have cut off contact is trolling. If you were truly stable you would realise what being blocked meant.

That is it, that is all. End of story. This is trolling, not just abuse, not just criticism, but trolling – one definition of trolling is harassment, another is comments designed to get a reaction, another is ” trolls feed off the reactions of their victims because their agenda is to take delight in causing trouble”. Troll.

You got a reaction, I left.

But, why continue the abuse after I have blocked and got out the conversation? If I was fragile, is the purpose to push me even further over the edge? Identify a weakness and exploit it?

gonehomer had been blocked, so clearly the second part of his/her tweet was moronic – truth hurts… um, no, your abuse is just not a necessary part of my day, and I don’t have to put up with it, just because it makes you feel better about yourself.

I was not going to respond to someone who was taking great delight in possibly pushing what they hoped was a fragile person with even more abuse.

Because that’s what trolls do, they attack and then blame their victim for walking away – she can’t handle it, truth hurts, your fault for not staying on-line and continue being subjected to my abuse… or the old favourite “if you don’t like playing with the big boys, leave social media”.

Do we allow people to tell women who have been attacked on the streets, ‘if you don’t like it, lock yourself in the house, and never leave home after dark’, no, we don’t. Yet on social media, women have to deactivate accounts, go private, block comments, change how they interact. On social media we tell the victim to change their behaviour, rather than call out the trolls and bullies for the bullies they are.

The troll has found their victim and is now blaming the victim.

On twitter blocking the abuser is seen – by trolls – as evidence that the abuse is deserved.

Apparently I was running away because the truth hurt – and in gonehomers mind it had nothing to do with the abuse, insults, degrading nasty and wrong comments.

If this was the real world, would we tell women they must stand there and cop whatever abuse men want to dish out, because if they leave the situation it proves the harasser is right. Get out of here!

Step 6. Continue the abuse, not because you are getting a reaction but to destroy the other person’s online reputation and enhance yours (or at least, pretend that you are not the bully)

Um, moron, the turnleft2013 account was deactivated about an hour before this tweet. You’re just being abusive for the fun of it. Your fun, not mine.

And yes, the account is still deactivated at this point, so what does gonehomer think is going to happen?

This is just more abuse and harassment.

Yeah, and for some reason, you thought you would abuse me for blocking you. Yeah, guess I’m just a silly little woman for not sticking around to endure that.

And since the account had been deactivated, I am not really sure what bile and hate s/he is referring to, unless it’s telling people that “Keep Cronulla White” is actually racist, but then again, it could be the voices in gonehomer‘s own head. Cos, I had well and truly had enough of the abuse, that twitter account was inactive.

Whatever came next, who knows, who cares. That’s the thing, once you decide it is irrelevant, it no longer matters. gonehomer has probably already moved on to his/her next target.

Though, I must ask: Are you pleased gonehomer that your bullying drove someone off twitter? Do you think it aids the fight for the left in the 2013 election? Do you feel proud that you silenced an activist of the Left?

You are in effect a collaborator of the Right, you are doing the work of the Right, bullies like you are silencing the voices of the Left.

(And with that, I expect there would be more victim blaming, “if you can’t handle the heat, get back to the kitchen”, because it never has anything to do with the lies, bullying, abuse, vile nasty comments, nah, never, the bully is always innocent, just ask Tony Abbott.)

I have probably burned a lot of bridges with this post, gonehomer is in the right clique on Australian politics social media. But like high school or any work place, I could keep quiet, endure the abuse from gonehomer for fear of alienating everyone else, or call out a bully when I see one. And if the #Auspol people want to hold it against me for speaking the truth while they protect the bully, who would expect anything different. This is Australia, the bully always wins.

December 30, 2012

Why I Deactivated My Twitter – the racism, classism, sexism, discrimination From the Left is overwhelming

Having recently witnessed a group of self-identified Lefties team up with a Right-wing Murdoch media personality to gang up on an ALP defender, to the point, they were all suddenly trained psychologists who could diagnose all sorts of mental instabilities from 140 characters, I realised that Left wing or Right wing, twitter is just for trolling.

Yes, both sides really are as bad as each other.

While we seek comfort in conforming to the opinions of others, not risking having a different opinion, as long as we tweet-nice to the biggest bully on the block, we are safe.

Be different, and you risk being a victim, like the smallest gazelle in the herd, cornered by the lions and hunted down and eaten.

Run with the herd, say what everyone else says, conform, don’t think, don’t be different – and you too just may be accepted for who you are.

My people. My community. Your opinions are welcome… until we decide they’re not.

I have witnessed Lefties swarm, hunt in packs, gang up on one person they don’t like, round-up a posse, and bitch and bitch and bitch, attack, attack, snipe until their victim sets their account to private, then they move on to target all the people who follow their victim, all based on whether they prefer Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard as prime minister, or their religion or postcode or sexuality – or something else just as trivial and insignificant.

I see Lefties all day making appallingly sexist misogynist vile comments about women. But apparently I’m supposed to laugh, because they come from a Leftie.

Um, no, voting for the ALP or Greens doesn’t somehow magically make your sexism and misogyny evaporate.

I see the most vile hateful inaccurate comments about Muslims (just tweet “Muslims deserve the same rights as all other Australians” or similar, and watch the racism and religiousism hit you thick and fast), apparently saying outrageous comments like “let’s get all the facts before we accuse people based solely on their assumed religion” is enough to warrant a torrent of abuse. Who knew that “all Muslims should be shot” – seems some Lefties on twitter seem to think so.

I have witnessed some viscous bitter on-going sagas, based on who is following who else… What is this like, you know, High school? I won’t be your friend if you are friends with that person?

The final straw came from an unlikely beginning:

I tweeted an Alan Jones comment about who he thinks should be allowed on “our” Cronulla Beach – home of the race riots in 2005 – locals against the Lebanese from the Western Suburbs.

And the hate tweets just rolled on in! Like a tide, it didn’t seem to end.

These are our beaches, we decide who comes here and under what circumstances” was the general tone of the tweets.

The hypocrisy was bizarre in all its glory.

How exactly is that attitude any different from the anti-boat-people attitude these people protest against.

When I say “protest against” I don’t actually mean, these people take to the streets and march and wave placards, I mean they send out a few anti-western-suburbs-of-Sydney tweets.

Because in the world of twitter, making vile racist classist elitist discriminatory comments about people in the Western Suburbs is the New Anti Racist, Pro Refugee, Tolerance.

… And people think the Right reject reality and create their own. Ha!

Apparently people from the pretty white beaches don’t like it when you mention that they prefer their pretty white beaches Lebanese-free.

And could someone explain to me how the Western Suburbs are simultaneously full of “them”, “the brown people”, the “Other”, “foreigners”, and also full of rednecks? These anti-Westies can’t even get it straight WHY they hate the Western Suburbs, maybe they are just different, maybe they are just simply “NOT US”.

Is it classism, racism, or just good old-fashioned elitism that makes people feel entitled to shout as much hate towards the Western Suburbs as they like: “they’re just all rednecks anyway”, they’re just all “low-life fringe dwellers* (that one came from the ever classy Sandra Eckersley on twitter)”

There are more people who live in the Western Suburbs of Sydney than in all of Tasmanian, South Australia, ACT and Northern Territory combined, and yet, if politicians visit the suburbs and take an interest in their opinions they are condescendingly referred to as “pandering”.

*Note: There was over 1,530,000 google results to the phrase “pandering to the western suburbs”
*Note: Pandering technically means “the facilitation or provision of a prostitute in the arrangement of a sex act with a customer”.


So why do we never say that Politicians are whoring themselves when they visit South Australia or Northern Territory, why is it something reserved for the Western Suburbs of Sydney, are the people who live there subhuman, sub-citizens, less than entitled to full benefits of being a voter? Seriously, why do we even let them Westies vote!

The same people who spend all day lecturing others about the rednecks in the western suburbs of Sydney, the xenophobics in the western suburbs of Sydney who want boat people in concentration camps, the same people governments “pander” to – are the very same people these non-Westies have no problem vilifying.

I’m baffled to understand how insulting, stereotyping, and demonising people based on where they live proves your own tolerance and fair-go values.

And this is what passes as intellectual debate on twitter.

It is brutal.

“Oh well, it you can’t handle it, get off twitter” people will say.

They then proceed to attack the Right for their misogynist anti-Gillard comments. As if those two things weren’t connected, or at least similar.

So, do I stay, and defend my right to tweet? or do I finally admit that twitter is filled with group-think anti-intellectuals who value bullying above all else, and realise, it is just not worth the time or energy to give it a second thought.

Deactivate and walk away.

The racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, geographic hate is… well, frankly, it’s boring.

Oh. My. Darwin! It is so boring watching people have troll-fights over opinions. The same fights, every day. The same opinions. Pointless. Mind-numbingness, staggeringly pointless.

(because has anyone ever said “Oh you have spent three days harassing me, bullying me, berating me, I will change my opinions to match yours now”)

You win a debate on twitter, what does that prove. You are more vile, nasty, and hate-filled than the person you are attacking? Bravo, take a bow.

You can attack someone on twitter until they leave? What does that prove? What a legend.

Does it prove that you’re a better human being than they are?

Does it prove that the Left is angelic and pure, while the Right is nasty and full of vitriol?

Does it just fill up the hours in your boring, useless, pathetic little life that you think you gain anything at all by driving others off twitter…… Victory. You win The Twitter, Champion.

How is sniping with the hate and insults good for the Left? Another voice silenced because it is easier to walk away than deal with the hate day in, day out.

In fact, that is the object of twitter, that is how you win, to troll all day, until everyone else leaves, and you are the last account active.

Wait, what? You mean it isn’t? So many on the Left seem to think so.

And so I got out, silenced, no more (for the foreseeable future) social networking for the Left, for the values of justice and tolerance.

And this was the tweet that did it; nothing bad, nothing extreme, no threats of violence / sexual violence which sometimes appear on twitter, it was just pathetic and bitter and boring and a bit of an over reaction:

You @gonehomer, are the epitome of the pointlessness of twitter.

Why is it necessary for you to be so disgusting and bitter because someone unfollows you?

and @GoneHomeR I didn’t block you because you’re a “Westie”, but because you are an elitist, who actually thinks (or at least tweets) as if where people live makes them better than someone who lives someplace different.

And the fact that you think me talking about geographic discrimination makes me a bigot, shows your own elitism.

Yup. Nothing I love more than following people who call me a “bigot”…. you must think I’m really stupid as if I would want to continue following you. And then you get all precious and insulting because I don’t like it and block you? Is your ego really so delicate that being unfollowed – as a result of your insults – really worth the unhinged tweets that followed? Poor petal.

Because if you really think where you live makes you a better person than someone who lives in a different postcode, perhaps, deep down you really are a racist elitist Right-winger who would find more in common with the Liberal Nationals than the Left.

And, I didn’t unblock. I deactivatived, pity you that you don’t know the difference.

If you really think you do the Left a service by insulting people, you’re not. (Oh poor Gonehomer, must be just as fragile too, because s/he is still bitching about being blocked even after I walked away from Twitter).

By visiting twitter without logging in and doing a search on my old name (“turnleft2013“) I could see the hate still flow.

And Gonehomer is out there, arguing with him/herself. Bless his/her little hate-filled heart.

You kept going, hours after I had deactivited the account… You don’t think there is something a little bizarre, odd, strange, unstable, unhinged, about debating an account that no longer exists?

Oh you amuse me with your bile and bitterness, Wow, you win twitter. Champion of the world. You are a joke. A trolly small insignificant little joke.

I didn’t leave because of YOU gonehomer, I just finally realised that I don’t want to end up like you, a nasty, bitter, small, degraded human being who insults people, then continues to insult them after they’ve walked away.

The amount of racism, classism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, elitism, misogyny coming FROM the Left towards others on the Left is shocking.

Shocking…. not quiet, it is social media, perhaps the word I am a looking for is “pointless”, or maybe “boring”, or “trivial”, or “distraction”, or “so-1999”, but shocking, no, it is just typical.

Of course I may be back, there are too many good people, Left, Right, Centre, Unaligned, but at the moment, it is just not fun.

*Hint: the western suburbs of Sydney is one of the most ethnically diverse places on the planet, statistics say behind only Miami and Vancouver – so this anti-boat-people sentiment you rage against, is not coming from the pretty bleached white suburbs, it is coming from places more racially diverse than where you live and lecture others from… which doesn’t actually make sense. You just like to think you’re better than someone else, based on their postcode.

*Glossary: Wikipedia tells me that Fringe Dweller” is a name given to groups of Aboriginal Australians who camp on the outskirts of Australian towns and cities. So to use the phrase Fringe Dweller to insult people in the far western suburbs is either bordering on racist or straight up classist. Either way, it shows your own prejudice.

“You can build an abattoir on Anzac Cove You can invade Poland, scream, “Death to the foe!” You can cut the ozone layer down by thirds. Just don’t come from the Western Suburbs” – TISM

disclaimer: I do NOT live in the Western Suburbs of Sydney,
although, I may be back on twitter, right now, there are too many people there who just way too sanctimonious and bigoted in their elitism to want to spend much time in their company

December 30, 2012

As usual Right Wing trolls steal my post

Aw the Right wing have to steal other peoples work, so typical of the Right, they can’t create anything of their own, parasites who thrive on the work of others.

[The post that was in this space has been moved, as it was reblogged by a right wing troll, yep, let this post show up on his blog]

December 3, 2012

Another Day, Another (Implied) Death Threat Against The Prime Minister

How tough is our Prime Minister? PM Julia Gillard must be one of the strongest people on the planet – male or female.

She would far stronger in character than any of the Opposition.

Tony Abbott would have punched walls by now if he ever had to face the kind of threats of violence from all segments of Australian society. Football players tweeting death threats (Robbie Farah), radio hosts Alan Jones wanting to put the PM in a chaff bag and dump her in the ocean), Liberal party strategists (Grahame Morris said “kick Gillard to death” on national TV).

Even Tony Abbott has fantasised about the Prime Minister’s death in parliament on more than one occasion: during Question Time in March made the comment that PM Gillard had a “target on her forehead”.

This gives the general public the feeling that death threats against our democratically elected politicians are acceptable.

This little gem is from the Herald-Sun Facebook page: (here: Herald-Sun)
Oh Mindy, what a little charmer you are.

Oh sigh… this is just monotonous.

And – how is this even legal?

Anyone else would have crumbled, but our PM just keeps on keeping on.

Julia Gillard is invincible.