Another Day, Another (Implied) Death Threat Against The Prime Minister

How tough is our Prime Minister? PM Julia Gillard must be one of the strongest people on the planet – male or female.

She would far stronger in character than any of the Opposition.

Tony Abbott would have punched walls by now if he ever had to face the kind of threats of violence from all segments of Australian society. Football players tweeting death threats (Robbie Farah), radio hosts Alan Jones wanting to put the PM in a chaff bag and dump her in the ocean), Liberal party strategists (Grahame Morris said “kick Gillard to death” on national TV).

Even Tony Abbott has fantasised about the Prime Minister’s death in parliament on more than one occasion: during Question Time in March made the comment that PM Gillard had a “target on her forehead”.

This gives the general public the feeling that death threats against our democratically elected politicians are acceptable.

This little gem is from the Herald-Sun Facebook page: (here: Herald-Sun)
Oh Mindy, what a little charmer you are.

Oh sigh… this is just monotonous.

And – how is this even legal?

Anyone else would have crumbled, but our PM just keeps on keeping on.

Julia Gillard is invincible.


20 Responses to “Another Day, Another (Implied) Death Threat Against The Prime Minister”

  1. hey, turn left, there is a new facebook page being set up on facebook, giving voice to positive achievements of labor govt, they are looking for a good name for page, eg ‘Team Labor Connect’, so, a kind of broad + inclusive name? any thoughts- ?

  2. Quote:

    “… before she makes the whole of Australia even poorer”


    There is certainly a poverty of truthfulness among right wing fruitcakes.


    Brisbane Times, 11 October 2012

    Australians have the world’s highest median worth according to a Credit Suisse survey.

  3. I lost my computer like you in October , my goodness- I felt disonnected without one- juts the wall to wall negativity from the MSM.

    I thought the Tonester let Julie Bishop do it in case it went pear shaped- clean hands, ‘not me’ and a woman attacking another woman could not be sexist.

    In his parliamentary account he did use the sexist word saying this went to character not gender. For Jule B glory days, Images of power, a female pm from the ‘right side’ who knows?

    Also seeing as the case re asbestos in which she represented CSR was lost to Slater and Gordon perhaps a bit of personal vendetta?

  4. PM Gillard is a cool woman of steel, rational thought, reason and vision. I studied her temperament, (might have told you already), she in league of sharing the Fieldmarshal Rational (Strategic intelligence, great coordinator and mobiliser)temperament with likes of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, William Pitt, (dare I say it, look at temperament perspective not her deeds),-> Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, the only other Aussie Fieldmarshal PM being John McEwen (to best of my determining). Gillard is, from what is considered in temperament personology, the ‘Leader of Leaders.’

    In my humble opinion, I believe she is only just hitting her straps. We haven’t seen the best of her yet. In time to come, (and again IMHO), she will be regarded as one of the most resilient, finest, pro active PM’s Australia has ever had. Their strength is mobilisation. No accident over 449 pieces of legislation/reforms etc have been passed through this minority government. I am in awe of her. And if nothing else happens she has created a powerful legacy already in Aussie political history.

    Abbott is no match for her at all, the point he has made impact is about a sexist, old boys culture support from his mates, unifying them, (think Lord of the Flies) the parts of Australian culture that also share this and the enormous negativity +fear mongering campaign built up. Abbott, politician/political leader to leader + politician, on policy and principle and vision is not even in the ballpark. (Sorry about ramblings, realise personology is not everyones cup of tea) but Julia is simply awesome.

    I must add I mean no offence placing her in Thatcher temperament, environment, and also character formation (the nurture to her nature) is also an important building block to where she got to from birth. Thatcher came into politics from a business mindset point of view, (her father losing his business), while Julia’s life is as different, much determination along with compassion, beautiful but honest intelligent battler parents).

    Here is another APP site, just saw, looks even better:

    • Thanks for this comment, fine observations.

      Certain fans on twitter have dubbed the PM “Titanium woman” – stronger than iron or steel. The fact that PM JG has not crumbled, not lay down and died, but survived annoys the Right totally. You have a point about Lord of the Flies, perhaps the Right think that’s how society works, last MAN standing wins.

      And as Anthony Albanese said on the last day of parliament – “449 not out”.

      Thank you for the link – there is an app for everything these days!

  5. The disturbing thing is where this/these hate speech and death calls are coming from, public figures, people of power. And, again, priviliged white male power. Mates of Tony Abbott. I’m picking up a theme here. Misogynists, their operandus is to silence women, they hate powerful, efficient, achieving, strong, resolute women. When they can’t silence they become more desperate. You get a feel for how cults, regimes, Hitler et al set up, they create the sense of fear, propaganda, they reel people in by droves. Ironic thing is Abbott stands for nothing but vitriole and negativity, fear mongering.

    The disgusting thing is how media support him, enable this culture. This is where they should be picking up on this, addressing this, and hold them accountable. Don’t let anything get in the way of a vindicitive righty tighty dummy spit rant and death calls though.

    • At the beginning of the year, I used to track the death threats, death fantasies and implied death threats, as a regular column on the blog – until it go too frequent. If this was any other politicians in history, or any other celebrity or Sydney north shore school girl entire squads of federal police would hunting down the person responsible.

      • The key has got to be the utilisation of social media. getting all this out there. Mainstream media can’t be relied upon anymore to ‘just do their job’-they are in pockets of [insert the various ole’ boys clubs here]. I might have said already, my mother was a life long liberal voter, but she is a fair woman, her impression is Tony Abbott is only interested in power, no policies, he has the boot in her mind. She disgusted by his and his cronies behaviour, the majority of press. Women are more attuned to the games being played out on the political and media landscaped. Most of us have been there, experienced that in some form or other. But it can be demeaning also to think of us as vacuous feminists, not interested in policies, LNP’s have let down Australians badly there also. It is similar to USA election just held, in many ways. Crikey just did a story on a poll that overwhelmingly shows support for JG + team, almost double that to TA and double to approval of media’s role.

        We must grasp and run with social media opportunities, at every point. Andrew Laming is on facebook trying to use it to rouse the masses agin federal government, (while his Nero Newman is fiddling while QLD burns). I’ve been posing him questions, re-directing him back to dismal performance and actions of Newman, while pinning him, (Laming) for answers re policy. I’ve been a little naughty. 😉 I posted heaps of news articles re Newman’s troubles. He has been deleting, so I post on his timeline, others have been supporting me.

        Twitter bases, built up as much as possible, blogs, tumblr, facebook, there are some great blogs coming out, I am reprinting everything u write, incl twitter. I think ur apps idea brilliant. JG is selling herself, her team, her polcies (even if all aren’t possibly agreeable to everone), but also her toughness, her misogyny footage, there is a lot to market, we just need to build the social media. Especially the coming year.

        Here: Essential: Gillard comes out ahead on AWU

  6. Nice to see you back here. Missed your contribution while the great unhinging went on

    • I lost my computer – thanks for your comment.

      The Tony Abbott – Julie Bishop unhinging? When the Liberal party is involved the unhingings are so predictable : )

      • Yes Julie Bishop looked quite unhinged by the end, i actiually meant the old media though who followed every lead every trail and came up with zip, zero, zilch and never questioned the motives of Nick StyantBrown , Ralph Blewitt. Mark Barker , at al

      • The unhinging is bizarre, though, if Tony, Joe or Chris thought there was anything to be gained from the relentless questions, they wouldn’t have let Julie ask the questions and get the glory and the political advantage.

        We are living in strange times indeed, where absence of evidence is taken as a sign of guilt, where the media and the drama queens of the Shad-Cab have decided they are now judge and jury and the media fail to ask any questions, where an Opposition leader can promise to have an inquiry if he makes it to PM into the PM Gillard – who would by then be a private citizen being investigated over 20 year old events. They are all unhinged.

  7. If Mindy isn’t a LNP troll I would ask her (and her lucky baby) to look at this graph from ‘The Economist’. It reminds us that Australia is the second best place in the world to be born, at the moment, to provide the best opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life in the years ahead.


    The full article is here –

    • Thank you

      – people don’t need quality of life, or longevity = according to the Neo-con Right- people only need to stay alive long enough to work 50 years and be obedient little tax payers, once they are too old to work, they are surplus to requirements of society.


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