As usual Right Wing trolls steal my post

Aw the Right wing have to steal other peoples work, so typical of the Right, they can’t create anything of their own, parasites who thrive on the work of others.

[The post that was in this space has been moved, as it was reblogged by a right wing troll, yep, let this post show up on his blog]


6 Comments to “As usual Right Wing trolls steal my post”

  1. I hope you do not mind, I also posted this over at Cafe Whispers.

  2. Hall the serial offender, never an original thought in those very few brain cells of his, he is just a racist and a bigot.

  3. I see you have attracted the attention of Iain Hall, one of the internet’s most annoying parasitic trolls.
    Don’t worry, he is not stealing your posts because he can’t create anything of his own. He just enjoys trolling people who have no interest in engaging or communicating with him. Like a bad case of herpes, Iain Hall just refuses to go away.

    • He admits he gets gratification from harassing leftwing bloggers, especially women. But, according to wordpress, blocking him is a violation of his rights of free speech, even if that speech is threats of sexual violence or physical assault or a promise to online stalk for evermore, but, it sends traffic to the blog, so every silver lining has a grey cloud.

      Thanks for this comment.

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