#AshbyInquiryNow – the plot to overthrow the Government is ignored by the media

The day that Justice Rares handed down his decision in the Ashby-Slipper case was the day the media lost all interest in reporting the facts.

Until then, the focus had been on salacious gossip and innuendo, and smears against the government.

Once this case could no longer be used to smear the Government, it was of no use to the media.

Rares had found that:

I do not accept Mr Ashby’s commentary that he had feelings of distress and harassment concerning Mr Slipper’s actions. Ms Hubbard’s message quoted in [34] above suggests that at 4 February 2012 Mr Ashby was contemplating that Mr McArdle would use the text messages. The passages I have emphasised from the exchanges of text messages show that Mr Ashby’s discussion with Mr McArdle concerning his text message exchanges with Mr Slipper, particularly those of 1 and 2 February 2012, was to do with empowering Mr McArdle or someone else with the ability to use those messages against Mr Slipper. Mr Ashby’s references to “empowering others”, and “national decisions”, were concerned solely with the political consequences of what Mr Ashby was contemplating. Those consequences could affect the balance of power in the House of Representatives, depending on whether Mr Slipper could remain as Speaker if Mr Ashby used his “power” and what effect that use would have. That was because the Government did not have a majority in the House and was reliant on cross bench support, assisted by Mr Slipper having ceased to be a member of the Opposition
Emphasis added, Source: here

The day the judgment was handed down, the ABC twitter account and some on-air personalities said that the ruling went against Slipper, this was quickly retracted.

Justice Rares has also found that James Ashby, a staffer for the Speaker, did not act alone.

Rares identified where Ashby had conspired with a former, and possible future, MP to change the make-up of the Government, in an attempted to bring down the Government.

The other prior event must have been Mr Ashby making contact with Mr Brough to indicate his preparedness to undermine Mr Slipper. That became apparent when Mr Ashby began exchanging texts the next day with Mr Brough about the diary entries.
Source: here

What we have is a judge has found that the allegations against Slipper were for the purpose of getting Slipper out of his. You can’t change the balance of power, unless you change the people involved.

The current government being a minority government relying on the votes of independents and cross-benches, change who sits there, and there was a good chance of changing the government.

There was a conspiracy between Mal Brough, who is now the pre-selected candidate for Slipper’s seat and Ashby against a sitting member.

This was, without a doubt, a plot to bring down the democratically elected government, and install the (democratically rejected) Tony Abbott as Prime Minister in charge of a Liberal government.

This is treason, this is sedition, this was a failed coup d’état.

What part did Murdoch play in this?

Well, we don’t really know, because the media has dropped the issue. Almost as if nothing had happened.

We do know that it was Murdoch newspapers that broke (invented? caused?) the story, it was his newspapers that paid for Ashby’s travel and accommodation.

It was also a Murdoch-hack that was involved in the plot to unseat Slipper (and possibly bring down the government).

News Limited hack Steve Lewis is on record telling Mr Ashby “We will get him!!”

Mr Lewis: “Ta Abt to hop on plane Will call later We will get him!!”

Mr Ashby: “Great Thanks for coming up”.

Mr Lewis: “I am here to help!!!”
Source: here

Lewis has tried to convince us that it was a remark taken out of context – Justice Rares rejects this.

Rares has said

Mr Harmer gave evidence that Mr Lewis had informed him that his remark (emphasised in the above exchanges) “We will get him!!” referred to locating the hire car driver so that he could corroborate some material. I do not accept that assertion. That is not how the text messages read. In my opinion the reference is clearly to Mr Ashby and Mr Lewis “getting” Mr Slipper, not to Mr Lewis finding a driver
Source: here

The plot to unseat Craig Thomson did not work, the plot to bring down the Prime Minister with 20 year-old gossip from her time as a lawyer did not work. The Ashby conspiracy to unseat Peter Slipper did not work. The Liberal National Parties under Tony Abbott, it appears, will not stop in their obsession to force out legally elected members in order to force a by-election, in the attempt to change government.

During the Watergate scandal in the US in 1972, reporters helped uncover the plot, in Australia, we have journalists who almost seem as if they are covering it up.

And what does the media prefer to focus on?


source: here

This is apparently the most important issue going on in Australia today.

Look, shiny sparkly blingy celebrities. The media are hoping you will be so dazzled that you won’t notice anything else.

Full judgment against Ashby can be found here: FEDERAL COURT OF AUSTRALIA
Ashby v Commonwealth of Australia (No 4) [2012] FCA 1411

outraged? good, you can do something about it

Sign the petition
Attorney General, Parliament House, Canberra.: Inquiry into people involved with James Ashby acting against Peter Slipper


8 Comments to “#AshbyInquiryNow – the plot to overthrow the Government is ignored by the media”

  1. Abbott let slip his fantasy about Australia becoming a Guided Democracy. Well we’re already living in it, and he’s only the Opposition ‘leader’.

    Sometimes it feels like those stories where we’re on a deserted island. The only chance of communicating our plight to the outside world is to put a message in a bottle, throw it into the ocean and hope it washes up on some friendly foreign shore.

    The message would read something like: Help Please. The people of Australia are being repressed by a corrupt media in cahoots with right-wing extremists intent on forcing regime change. Despite many pleas the media refuse to report on stories of significant wrongdoing by members of the extremists. Send Help Please.

    God help us if they manage to tip the balance Abbott’s way at the election this year. Blogs like this would eventually become unlawful. We’ve already got an unofficial totalitarian media. Fascism is never an accident.

    • Abbott is not good for Australia, even as LOCO.

      The rest of them might have the same extreme Neo-Con values, but, they are not as toxic and damaging. Abbott has made bullying and abuse publicly acceptable, replacing intelligence and logic.

      This man is too dangerous to get the keys to the Lodge
      -99- editor of TurnLeft

  2. Democracy is dead in this country unless this despicable and treasonous act by the LNP is not acted upon by the full force of the law. Democracy is dead because of the cowardly and despicable lack of account by the MSM in this country. This includes our ABC, also now known as Abbott’s Broadcasting Cronies. Without a doubt if the ALP was behind this treasonous act the MSM would be calling for their execution, literally. What type of country will we become if Abbott’s curs are elected next year? I truly fear for our country if this happens. It must not happen. Keep up the good work, Turn Left.

    • What do we do? Apart from Keep on campaigning on social media… Old media, politicians, those in power want this to disappear, the greatest outrage since Whitlam’s Dismissal and the media are talking about celebrities in airplanes

      it's time

      Tony Abbott as PM? never!

  3. Yes it was wall to wall silence– can’t be coincidence can it? MSM – fail once again – 5th estate doing the job they are supposed to do.

    • Tony Abbott is not smart enough to do this, he is vicious enough, but there is no way he could keep the smug smirk off his face if he was the master mind – someone is pulling his strings, and the media is not telling us who

  4. “This is treason, this is sedition, this was a failed coup d’état.” WELL SAID!

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