Happy 2013 – Look back at top 10 political moments of 2012

Here are some of the top moments in politics of last year:

1. The Coup To Overthrow The Government. actually, that should be THE MEDIA SILENCE about the coup

James Ashby, a staffer of the Speaker, Peter Slipper, conspired with a Murdoch owned newspaper and other senior members of the Liberal party to get Slipper removed from his seat, with the aim of changing the composition of the House of Representatives, in an attempt to bring down the government.

You will not read this in the mainstream media.

It is all laid out here: #AshbyInquiryNow – the plot to overthrow the Government is ignored by the media.

One of the biggest stories since the Dismissal of the Labor PM Gough Whitlam in 1975, and the media are not interested.

2. That Gillard Speech.

15 minutes of the Prime Minister carving up the misogyny Tony Abbott and fact checking him with truth, logic, his own sexist past and present, and passion.

Full transcript of that speech can be found here PM Gillard’s anti-misogyny speech

Over 2 million views of one video on one online site, and the day after this speech, the media barely mentioned it. The narrative became “Julia attacked Abbott”. Or, we won’t talk about it, because the public won’t understand “the context”. Or, they’re all overseas viewers.

Yeah, no. We get the context, what you in the Press Gallery mean, is you can spin it for Abbott.

The media took the truth we could see for ourselves and lied to us. Again.

I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man. I will not… Not now, not ever” PM Julia Gillard

3. Tony Windsor, one of the wisest men in Parliament

Tony Windsor got up in Parliament in August and eviscerated Tony Abbott. It was a moment of beauty, poetry, sheer brilliance, and must be watched in all its glory, to see Windsor completely demolish the smug smirking Abbott.

Carved. Him. Up. Like one of Barnaby Joyce’s $100 roasts.

For the full text of that speech: here

Windsor has reminded Abbott how Abbott said he would do anything except “sell my arse” to get the job. Tony said that he would never use language like that

But hey, “shit happens“, right? or does Tony save that language up for talking about deceased military personnel?

When Abbott challenged Windsor, Windsor responded by pointing to his phone.
And a shiver ran down the spine (or what passes as a spine) of Tony Abbott.

What is on that phone? will that be one of the turning points of 2013, an election year.

4. Dissecting A Media Beat Up – The MP and the Channel 7 reporter, and the Ch 7 reporter admits making it up

Was Joel Fitzgibbon trying to destabilise the Gillard government?

This was one of the more popular posts on Turn Left, it shows how a reporter can put words in the mouth of a politician, then force other politicians to respond.

Rudd versus Gillard had been the major theme in political reporting for the first half of the year, and some reporters (I’m looking at you Michelle Grattan), still haven’t gotten over it.

Does the Canberra press gallery champion Rudd because he is not a female? Or because it will cause chaos for the ALP and make them look unstable with a lack of unity?

(It has also been suggested that if Fitzgibbon was speaking off the record, the reporters couldn’t admit he had spoken to them, and looking at some of the recent statements from Fitzgibbon, this is also possible)

5. Craig Thomson and the scandal that wasn’t

Craig Thomson, was a victim of set up from friends of Tony Abbott, evidence manufactured (the faked credit card slips listed him as “Craig Thompson”, surely the man knows how to spell his own name, those setting him up may not).

Day after day, stories in the media, lies, lies, lies, created a feeling in the public that “Thomson is guilty” – if you ask people “what is he guilty of?” they didn’t know… but he was on the front pages, so he must be.

Question time after question time, the nation was subjected to the Liberal party obsession with Craig Thomson and his time at the Health Services Union. The media storm was relentless. Thomson’s wife was spied on in the shower by channel 7, prostitutes were paid to invent stories about him and go on national TV to say they had never met him.

Tony Abbott got up in parliament, and suggested that Thomson should perhaps seek another career path, after all, this sustained media pressure could not be good for his mental fragility.

Was Tony and his puppet masters in the media actually pushing Thomson over the edge in the hope that a suicide would create a by-election? Some people seemed to think so.

Not only did Thomson stay, he was a strong voice for his electorate, and not long after during a vote in House of Representatives was the reason Tony Abbott to run away like a coward (see point 6 below).

6. Run Tony Run
And keep on running.
In May, Tony Abbott in a fine understanding of democracy, ran from the chamber so he would not have to vote. The people of his electorate are well represented in parliament, apparently, Tony doesn’t believe their opinions are worth much.

All stunt and no policy.

Watch the gutless coward Tony Abbott run away.

7. Leigh Sales and Lisa Wilkinson became two of the most hard-hitting political journos in the country. How? did they manage that? …. They asked questions.

They asked so many questions (Such as “did you read the document?”) that Leigh Sales was actually accused of bias (and cleared: full story here). Yep, in modern Australia, asking a question that Tony Abbott gets caught out lying is seen as bias.

Truth and facts are, according to the Liberal Party, a Left Wing Conspiracy.

If you watch these two video clips back to back, you will see, Tony Abbott has only a few answers, that he sticks to, no matter what the question.

8. Carbon pricing
It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine – REM

Carbon pricing (or, if you only get your news from Murdoch and can’t handle words with more than one syllable it becomes a carbon “tax”) would be a blitzkrieg “cobra strike” on our economy, so bellowed and squawked Tony Abbott. Entire towns would be wiped off the map overnight. They weren’t.

Anyone who had seen even a minute of Federal Question Time in the second half of the year would have noticed the Liberal Nationals taking an extraordinary interest in power bills. It seemed every day there was yet another power bill, the most important thing in the nation – until the day the LNP bitched about the increases in one power bill, while failing to read the vital part about that customers skyrocket usage.

When it became clear the reality did not match Tony Abbott’s doom and gloom, he changed he animal du jour to “python squeeze”, you might not notice the impact of carbon pricing, but you should still be afraid.

When that scare campaign did not work, Abbott switched to “octopus embrace”. And who on this earth knows what that is supposed to mean.

Truth is, carbon pricing is more like a snuggle from a kitten, and Tony Abbott will probably still be screeching “carbon tax” when he is in the nursing home (or some other care facility) and is unable to even remember his own name.

July 1st saw a price on carbon, because the ALP know that you don’t have an economy if you don’t have air to breathe.

9. The death of the ABC as a source of news.

When they spend all day examining what the Murdoch media says about events, when an on-air personality has admitted that yes, ABC does follow the Murdoch lead on how to report news, when it seems every live cross the Prime Minister’s speech was interrupted by “technical difficulties” or a cross to a Very! Important! Tony! Abbott! Stunt!

It seems as if the ABC has decided their charter is the promotion of Tony Abbott and Rupert Murdoch. There was endless gossip about Peter Slipper until Justice Rares handed down his decision that there was a Liberal party – James Ashby plot to bring down the government, and then … silence.

“Tony Abbott says” or “The Opposition says” is the default lead for all news breaks and news shows. Closely followed by “The ALP can’t get their message out” (D’Oh)

2012 was the year that the former Liberal staffer and ABC managing director (Howard appointed, ALP reappointed) Mark Scott decided that Rupert Murdoch would make a good South American style military president.

source: here

10. Carbongeddon, Carbocalypse, Truckwit Tony, Whyalla wiped off the map, Loltika, LOCO.
If these words mean anything to you, chances are you get your news and views from anything but the mainstream media. 2012 became one of the few remaining outlets for those who prefer facts over Tony Abbott’s confected stunts.

Social media did not let Abbott’s stunts or MSM’s pandering to Murdoch and the Liberal party go by unnoticed, and he was called on it, every lie, every attempt at spin, every family photo-op.

Tony Abbott’s stunts could be laughed and fact-checked at in real-time.


2 Comments to “Happy 2013 – Look back at top 10 political moments of 2012”

  1. Thanks for the reminder of a truly amazing year and for doing the job that the MSM should be doing – but can’t or won’t.
    Yes Tony Abbott is getting the go soft treatment- any focus on him and his front bench would be enlightening.Thanks for keeping on posting despite trolls – wishing you all that you wish yourself for the New year ( and more!) and that Labor are returned with a larger majority. Well I might as well dream big! In my opinion Our PM is doing a great job under the most hostile and oppressive press commentary and I applaud and commend her

    • Thank you for your comment, and your support of the blog during 2012. As Rocky Horror Picture Show said “If you can dream it, you can be it”.

      With an election within 6-9 months, it will take the collective power of the left wing on social media to defeat the Murdoch-backed liberal party. If the media was truly fair, PM Gillard would romp home.

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