Roll Up, Roll Up, Welcome To Rupert Murdoch’s Travelling Circus and Disappearing Coup d’état Magic Show

image Penny Carter and text Trevor Sharp

And for your entertainment pleasure today, under the Big Top we have the Tony Abbott’s Bible Preaching and Snake Oil Medicine Show

Snake Oil, now contains traces of actual snakes… mainly pythons and cobras.

how much will it cost, Professor Abbott? just your entire future and the future of the planet

Watch as with a few magic words the Amazing Abbott transforms himself from a wall-punching, woman-hating, student-groping, semi-literate, non-reading, anti-boatist, into a potential Prime Ministers with 6 little words “Have you met my wife, Margie?”.

hey presto, the public is bedazzled

Watch as the Clowns and Marionettes in the Coalition Shadowy Cabinet count to the magical number of Eleventy – a number so big that only they know what it is.

Although, they have been reduced to counting on their fingers and toes, as Joe Hockey sold the LNP calculator to buy some magic beans.


Watch The Malcolm Turnbull Contortionist Show – be stunned as he twists and bends his values, prepared to be amazed at the way Turnbull folds up his ethics and beliefs in science and shoves them in the tiny little box that holds all the entire Liberal Party science policy.


Don’t miss out on the Incredible Shrinking Woman – Julie Bishop everywhere during the final week of Parliament, asking questions about AWU, has shrunk to nothing, and has disappeared completely off the face of the Earth.

what? what? where did she go?

Go for a Ride on the Liberal Party Slippery Slope – hand over all your money and watch as the MPs race to reach the Lowest Common Denominator – come on in, there is plenty of room in the bottom of the barrel.

There is lots of fun for kids of all ages, don’t forget to visit the Mud Bucket, fun for everyone, throwing mud at each other.

Warning: Mud Bucket is over 20 years old, and may have dried into a Dirt Unit.

But in the most stunning of all tricks – prepared to be astonished as the puppet masters of News Limited make the Ashby-Brough coup d’etat disappear from the front pages of the newspapers right around the country.


Wait, what is that? I think that might be the Fat Lady Singing


12 Comments to “Roll Up, Roll Up, Welcome To Rupert Murdoch’s Travelling Circus and Disappearing Coup d’état Magic Show”

  1. And the biggest clown act of all. Barnaby Joyce could be the DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER

  2. Just keep them writing and we’ll keep on tweeting them on.

  3. There has been a steady progression of building/establishing people into places of relative media power also. Mark Scott, appointed by John Howard has been very busy annoiting likes of Chris Uhlmanns, (he and Lewis tickle each other) The Australian, Herald-Sun, it goes on, it’s called the Patriarchial System.

    It all tracks back to Patriarchial System. Old Boys. Yes, it can include ‘good girls’. This hasn’t happened overnight, it’s been a steady, stealth progression to more extreme right. What does surprise me is Aussies falling for the more bizarre propoganda. But overall, I think Australians, and that includes both males and females are seeing through Abbott and his old boys.

    Keep up the great blogs, we need you more than ever.

    They are just repulsive! Patriarchial system players, people are just so bloody repulsive.

    • Thats the ‘culture war’ and the right are better at it, because they fight dirty, the Left tend to just get on with making good policy.

      Murdoch was fond of saying he never influenced editorial policy. (IF true) he didn’t need to, he would just hire the right editors who would know what he wanted, they would hire the right opinion writers, and Murdoch never has to pick up a phone.

      Although sadly, Mark Scott’s contract was renewed under the current government.

      Uhlman, shudder!

      -99- editor of TurnLeft

  4. What the hell have Australians done to deserve the threat of this freak circus? Is this the price a population must pay for political apathy? I find it hard to believe any nation would be so dumb as to make a “wall-punching, woman-hating, student-groping, semi-literate, non-reading, anti-boatist” the PRIME MINISTER!! Rednecks don’t speak for the rest of us. Abbott’s barely even capable of speaking for them.

    • But Rx you’re forgetting one very important thing, something which is more important to many voters in the wider community, one bigger than policy, more relevant than negotiating skills – Tony Abbott doesnt have a v#gina (word censored to fight spam bots, but you can guess)

      -99- editor of TurnLeft

      • Yeah, there’s a lot of sexism here. But it’s not as though Australia is the first country ever have a leader without a v#gina. I wonder how the rednecks in India, England, and New Zealand took it when they got their first female Prime Ministers. Somehow I doubt their “spokesthings” (pardon the Abbottism) went on the airwaves and mused about putting their PMs into a chaff bag and dumping at sea. How cursed is Australia if this mob of appalling misfits with their corrupt media bring about an electoral tipping point. Thanks for your work sounding the alarm, TL2013. Keep up the good work warning people. I reckon plenty of people read the blog, far more than type in responses.

      • New Zealand is in some ways more advanced than Australia, the first place that gave women the vote and didnt repeal it, and in some places, theres a class element to it, such as England with Thatcher, there was always that ‘exceptionalism’ that was part of their culture, with the Queens, who werent regarded as mere women, they were the exceptions.

        Thatcher copped a lot of abuse, but she was a nasty woman who tried to destroy Britain, return the country back to masters and serfs, but PM Gillard hasnt done nothing to deserve chaff bags, except prevent Abbott being PM (in the minds of the RWs) some of who dont even realise she was PM at the 2010 election

        Thanks for your last sentence, I hope youre right : )

        -99- editor of TurnLeft

  5. You forgot to mention the hilarious clowns, Hockey, Abetz, Miserabella, Brandis, Joyce, Bishop the Elder, et al.

    You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll panic when you realise they might actually win the next election.

    You’ll be thrilled as the Fighting Fifth Estate prevents them from ever occupying the Treasury benches in Parliament

    • Laugh? No just cry and weep at the thought, all Abbott and his Drama Queens have to do is convince enough voters in 50% of the electorates that hes ‘the best man for the job’.

      But my little band of writers will keep blogging on the issues

      -99- editor of TurnLeft

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