Has Australian Media Reached Maximum Stupid?

Possibly not, Australian media can get much more stupid.

ABC thinks breaking news is Peter Slipper and his taxi vouchers

Source: here

How about instead reporting on Justice Rares finding that Peter Slipper’s staffer James Ashby and former MP Mal Brough conspired to changed the make-up of the House Of Representatives, which if successful, in a hung parliament could very well have brought down the government?

What? The ABC doesn’t think a coup d’etat is newsworthy?

Or, how about reporting that Justice Rares found that Peter Slipper DID NOT sexually harass Ashby? The ABC was more than willing to report every salacious piece of innuendo, non-fact and gossip as news.

How about reporting that Tony Abbott claimed expenses when he was promoting his for-profit book. Tony Abbott’s tour dates to promote his book “Battlelines” resulted in a claim of over $6000 worth of travel expenses billed to the taxpayer.

If that wasn’t stupid enough, following Murdoch medias nauseating piece yesterday about Peta Credlin’s (Abbott’s chief of staff) IVF, today we got served an equally nauseating piece from Fairfax:

Abbott ‘supportive’ during my family’s IVF pain: Pyne
Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne has spoken about how Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was “extraordinarily supportive” during the five years he and his wife went through IVF, saying it is a “myth” that Mr Abbott is against the treatment.

Is this suppose to appeal to women?

Tony Abbott’s obsession with the reproductive abilities of his staff and colleagues is getting a little creepy.

So we get force-fed stories about Abbott being so considerate regarding IVF for two days in a row. And we are supposed to believe that makes him a good person.

Are we expected to suspend disbelief that Abbott, the strict Catholic, supports IVF? IVF is deemed immoral in the Catholic teachings. Although, IVF is allowed for Muslims, according to Shari’ah when a woman is experiencing difficulty conceiving.

Will that convince the voting public that Tony is a good man?

Let me remind Abbott’s disciples about this:

If you are spiteful and petty about a dying man, you are a not a nice person. Regardless of how many of your colleagues you support through expensive medical procedures.

That is still not enough Stupid for Australian media, they’ve got plenty more.

After two, well placed, PR stories in the media, what is the end result?

The Project, on Gina-Murdoch Jr TV, is continuing to feed the general public the bullshit that Abbott is a wonderful, caring human being.

Source: here

As Homer Simpson once said “I’m living in a cuckoo clock!”

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BY -99- editor of TurnLeft


2 Comments to “Has Australian Media Reached Maximum Stupid?”

  1. Not only is the idiot Abbott getting super desperate but the idiotic Main Stream Morons are getting just as desperate for “their” man. It will not work because we all know that Abbott is a liar,a hypocrite,a coward, a mysoginist and a batshit crazy bullying freak. In your guts you know he’s nuts.

    • Wife, sister, employee, colleague – people who all stand to gain from Abbot being PM or a LNP government – are all trying to convince us how special Tones is. And on some people it is working.

      -99- editor of TurnLeft

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