Hot? Nah… Climate Change is Crap, The Planet Is Cooling

Australia is breaking weather records for the year, and the year is only 8 days old.

Tony Abbott says “Climate change is crap”.
Source: Malcolm Turnbull “Abbott’s climate change policy is bullshit

Tony Abbott’s mentor, Nick Minchin, according to Malcolm Turbull, has said that the world is not warming, its cooling and the climate change issue is part of a vast left wing conspiracy to deindustrialise the world. Source: Malcolm Turnbull “Abbott’s climate change policy is bullshit

Who do we believe? Scientists who have spent decades studying climate and weather or Tony Abbott?

Right now climate change deniers are pointing fingers at scientists of all kinds, screeching “witches, witches, they’re all witches”.

The sceptics hold so much power over the un-thinkers on the Right, that they actually believe the planet is cooling.

Actually, neither Abbott nor Minchin are climate scientists. It is in fact so hot in Australia, temperatures are off the charts.

The Bureau of Meteorology have had to add another colour to their temperature charts: 54 degrees C

Source: Australian Government Bureau Of Meteorology
map used without permission, but for educational purposes hopefully covered under the copyright fair use act

Could all those who bitched about Julia and the carbon price stop bitching about the weather.


8 Comments to “Hot? Nah… Climate Change is Crap, The Planet Is Cooling”

  1. You should at a minimum delete “truth” from your claims in your “About Us” page. Your willful censorship of my response because it proves your posting to be incorrect clearly establishes that you aren’t interested in the truth at all.
    This is just another political site that hides behind half truths and smears. Noted.

    • Get over yourself, I have no obligation to post offensive derogatory comments, and you dont have an explicit or implicit right to your every abusive comment published. I dont publish death threats or spam either, does that equal censorship?

  2. Thanks for that “quote” turnleft. But reading the reference you cite, it is actually a quote from Malcolm Turnbull, his political rival at the time, not Mr Abbott.

    Yes, I have search for “climate change is crap”, probably a lot more thoroughly that you have, and in all instances it is either someone claiming he said it, usually an opponent. In a number of these “quotes” the reference was a speech he made in Vic, and the actual quote doesn’t correspond to this statement.

    Saying “take it up with Mr Turnbull”, when you are claiming it came from Mr Abbott is rather weak.

    I like evidence. And thanks for all the ad hominems by the way. You seem to accept as truth quite weak and rather dubious “evidence”, and you seem overly certain about it.

    Looking at the wikipedia entry around this “quote”, it supports what I have said:
    “At an October 2009 meeting in the Victorian town of Beaufort, Abbott was reported to have said: “The argument is absolute crap…”

  3. Could you cite a source for your claimed comment from Mr Abbott.
    The best I could find was a comment on the climate change debate and the politics around it. Where he said:
    “The argument is absolute crap”. He was talking about claims that “the science is settled”.
    There are a variety of sites that make the same claim, but they all are paraphrasing and refer to the same statement said in Victoria. The only direct quote from that speech indicates he didn’t say what you claim.

    • Really? you cant find that quote?

      I clicked the link and scrolled down, and in less than one minute could find it. My guess, you don’t actually want to. But since you refuse, Ive gone to the site and found it for you:
      And since you sound like a climate change denier, I have included the link, so you can find it yourself, since deniers tend to not believe the evidence.

      Malcolm Turnbull was not paraphrasing, he was quoting, if that quote is inaccurate, and I think Turnbull has probably heard a few of Tony’s opinions that you may not have, but if the quote is wrong, take it up with Malcolm, or the newspaper who quoted Turnbull.

      And if that is too complicated, type “climate change is crap” into any search engine, and it will probably be one of the first articles.

  4. And Alan Jones says it’s crap too! So it just can’t be true when such God’s hand down their commandments to us poor uneducated trash!

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