Tony Abbott’s Queensland MP, Andrew Laming, is he racist?

Why does comments comparing Aboriginal people and Islanders of Logan to welfare abusers surprise anyone, Andrew Laming has a stylised image of a swastika on his website.

Can’t see it? Here it is again, with the swastika highlighted in red:


6 Comments to “Tony Abbott’s Queensland MP, Andrew Laming, is he racist?”

  1. I’ve seen much worse behaviour from you on twitter. Thought the crackhead joke would be water off a duck’s back given how hard you dish it out at times.

  2. I’d say we both have not wanting TA as our next PM in common, as well as a general disdain for Andrew Laming. But to seriously link his web site (which he probably didn’t design himself) with a swastika through semiotics just undermines the (very justified) criticism of Laming’s racist remarks. How could expect anyone to take this seriously? Am pretty sure a fair few victims of Nazism would object to this comparison too.

    Do yourself a favour and look up what “crackhead” means.

  3. Dude – serious? Please stop discrediting the left with this trash, your style of reportage just harms your (and my) cause and makes it more likely Tony Abbott will be the next PM.

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