Futurama’s Fry ‘Not Sure’ About Kochie and his publicity stunt

Breakfast morning show host David Koch, just like Alan Jones, just like Kyle Sandilands, use comments designed to outrage to generate publicity.

Which group of women was it this time who were the victim of his stunt-gone-wrong? Mothers with breast-feeding babies.

With Koch saying women should be ‘more discreet’ when breastfeeding their babies, they shouldn’t do it ‘in such a high traffic area’ and ‘you’ve gotta be a bit classy about it’.

What is the result? Days of publicity for him and his tv show, and an opinion piece in the Fairfax papers
‘I have an opinion … always have and always will’.

Koch might have an opinion, but so does this Fry-meme:


4 Comments to “Futurama’s Fry ‘Not Sure’ About Kochie and his publicity stunt”

  1. I had some adjectives for them, Koch, Kyle, Jones, Pickering, Abbott-but I don’t want to play their dumb game. Good blog. Again!

  2. Thanks I shared the link and maybe will have let others know about Turn Left.
    It distresses me when people say they dont care about politics- it affects almost every aspect of their lives– and they don’t care? Forget trash Tv/the real story is political- drama, suspense, intrigue and more..

  3. I was going to ask if I could post the cartoon on FAcebook – but I see you have thoughtfully provided a link.Thanks! Yes we do all have an opinion – some of just can’t post it on the MSM though.Its dog whistling – if you dont like it/him/the show change channels and let the Tv station know you are doing so and why.I am sure the station loved the stunt-

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