Is this Tony Abbott’s most unhinged stunt yet?

Tony Abbott is the man who prides himself on being “Dr No”.

Tony Abbott is the man who has spent practically every day since he failed for form government after the election in 2010 on the most relentlessly negative pre-election campaign this country has witnessed.

Tony Abbott is the man who has promised “the next election campaign will be the filthiest and the most personal in living memory” (source).

Tony Abbott will say anything to get a headline, and he knows he has a willing media on their knees to report his every utterance.

So Tony’s Stunt-Of-The-Day is to complain about how unpopular he is.

Tony Abbott’s latest roll of the die is to play the victim.

Look at moi, look at moi, I’m unpopular.

Source: here

If Tony has nothing new to say, he just puts on his hard-hat, visits a construction site and repeats his tired old three-word-slogans, all in an attempt to get another article in the papers and another grab on the nightly news.

Tony Abbott is now whining that people see him as negative. And Fairfax thinks that is “breaking” news. There is only one possible response to that: well, duh.

This Fairfax article (Abbott reflects on popularity woes) will breathlessly report that Tony Abbott has blamed the ALP for his unpopularity with voters because of ALP negativity about him, while throwing out insults, lies, and negative comments about the ALP. Fairfax seem to have redefined “quality journalism”.

Is it possible that Tony Abbott has run of women who will run to the media and tell us how much of a feminist Tony is. Has he visited every business in the country to wear hair nets scale fish or roll dough or sort fruit and pack vegetables. Has Tony visited every construction and mine site in hi-viz vests and hard-hats to drive (or pose in the driver’s seat) trucks and bobcats, to mix cement, to lay bricks, to shovel sand?

This is neither ‘news’, nor ‘breaking’.

Tony Abbott is like a little child who blames everything on other people, like the petulant six-year-old who spills their milk and then says that mummy or daddy made him do because they didn’t pour the milk properly.

Either Tony Abbott completely lacks all self-awareness, or he hopes voters have the memory of a goldfish and take him at his word.

Like all bullies, when the person they have been attacking for years finally says enough, they squeal that people are “being mean”. Call the whambulance. In this case, the victim has been the Australian public, and the attacking has been whining and moaning and doom and gloom and smear and lies and cobras and pythons and No, No, No.

Australian voters have had enough of the scare campaigns and relentless negativity, we want to live in the light, with hope and sunshine.


9 Comments to “Is this Tony Abbott’s most unhinged stunt yet?”

  1. The head bully of Australia is in good form as usual, it’s not my fault and has everyone noticed how mean people are to me and how they don’t understand what a great bloke I am and how I really deserve to be PM and how that witch won’t lay down and die and . . .and tune out and fade to black.
    What I am really waiting for is to have the MSM FINALLY discover the Ashbygate affair and actually report on it. I can dream, can’t I? It’s all reported and cut into bite sized pieces on so many of the fifth estate web sites that the so called journalists wouldn’t have to tax themselves greatly.

  2. Phony Tony…yes he was the chosen one in the family. He just shouldn’t speak & he is such an embarrassment. I wait for him to drag poor Margie out again, you can tell she doesn’t want to be out in the public, but Abbott is so unlikable he has to get women to try & boost his public image, funny stuff

  3. The media fawn over him.

    They smile politely and nod their heads when he lies.

    They don’t pull him up on his slogans or platitudes.

    They let his ‘policies’ go by with a featherbrushing of scrutiny.

    They beat up any mispronounced syllable by Labor.

    They rake over and relentlessly reheat non-stories about the doings of Julia Gillard before she entered politics.

    They fail to balance with progressive voices, the right-wing urgings of Bolt, Jones, Akerman, Uhlmann, Henderson, Sheehan, Hadley, Sheridan, Albrechtsen, Reith, the IPA, Fran Kelly, Vanstone, Grattan.

    They broadcast right wing hate radio into most markets, city and bush from NQ to SA.

    They are the most concentrated newspaper landscape in the world.

    AND YET with all that advantage to him and handicap for Labor Abbott is still unacceptable to no more than a few dozen per cent.

    What a born loser, this man they want to make ‘win’ the election.

  4. Precisely. Great blog essay (again). The Boy who would be Emperor, the entrenched idelogical mindset, no ability for insight, compromise, growth, vision. I suspect he the least visionary leader (LOTO or PM) this country has ever seen. In Susan Mitchell’s ‘A Man’s Man’ she is able to capture the origins of this sense of entitlement he has, he brings to the stage of Australian politics. He has never fooled me for a minute. I guess the benefit (if possible) of having all this play out the last few years, is it has brought out in the open, the culture of patriarchy within this country. The Boy’s Club media, the entrenched sexism and misogyny that PM Gillard has surged through and deal with. Never once faltering in her job of working for, and implementing better plans for Australia and Australians.

    My words have been to describe her, (PM Gillard and team), as ‘Taking Care of Business’.

    Tony on other hand has shown us his capacity for petulance and anger, weilding an ideology that further feeds divisiveness, sexism, misogyny, racism, a dumbing down of solid, constructive debate on ideas, policy, (he has no policy apart from ‘make me King’).

    The irony is we have never had it (relatively) so good from a ‘sheila in the lodge’, while in the company of one so stupid in opposition. Many parts of mainstream media have played his game and been operated by an Abbott army of tactical blowhards. Puppets on a string. What’s worse? A stupid or stupid’s cult?

  5. Love the new word “whambulance” . It fits perfectly with the whiny tone that LNP take when they are put out by the alien intrusions of honesty, free speech or heaven forbid held accountable for their actions.

  6. Brilliant and every word the truth, unlike the evil words Abbott spits out relentlessly

  7. Well wasn’t he the ‘special one’ in his family? Wasn’t he the one mummy and daddy made sure got his own way? Wasn’t he the one his sisters had to step back for? Wasn’t he adored and praised?
    Well why isn’t that happening now?
    Its unfair- some girl is in the job he wants- getting the accolades he wants
    .Some girl is in his way – and she won’t shift.
    And she called him names- nasty names.
    Its just NOT FAIR!!

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