When will Tony Abbott apologise for his Racist Comment?

The media have done their best to turn a bad joke about prostate cancer into a political scandal (Election Now!) following a comment from Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s boyfriend, Tim Mathieson.

Lyndal Curtis (@lyndalcurtis) of ABC tweeted
Tony Abbott says the PM has to deal with the comment made last night by Tim Mathieson personally, expects her to say something today.

Tony Abbott expects? He expects? Who does he think he is making demands on the Prime Minster?

Radio 2GB has this little gem on their website – now “Access Denied” members only. Never mind that they recorded a vote of over 100%… but no one ever said that Right Wingers were good with maths. Or fair voting.

And yet, Tony Abbott’s racist comment just disappears from the media, as if it never happened.

The demands for the Prime Minister to apologise are as ludicrous as demanding Margie Abbott apologise for her husbands racist comment. In fact, Abbott’s comment is worse, Tony is a politician, Tim is not.

The country is being ravaged by bushfires, floods, tornados, cyclones, communities and families are being torn apart, there are heartbreaking deaths from natural disasters – and THIS is what the media are focused on?

Has there ever been a time in this country were a bad joke could push multiple natural disasters off the lead story in news bulletins and websites?

Some people have greater priorities at the moment, and others work for the media.

Tony Abbott:
Source: Remarks at City of Holdfast Bay Australia Day Awards and Citizenship Ceremony, Adelaide
Posted on Saturday, 26 January 2013

It is a proud people that you are joining. We had inauspicious beginnings. The first lot of Australians were chosen by the finest judges in England, not always for good reasons, and from that rather inauspicious beginning we have become a rich, a free and a fair society which has contributed so much to the wider world in good times and in not so good times.

When will Margie Abbott apologise for ‘Terra Nullius Tony‘s comment?

To ignore thousands of years of history of the first people to live in this country, to declare that they weren’t even people, but the white convicts were, to redeclared Terra Nullius, does Tony get his speeches proof read?


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