Asylum Seeker debate reaches Maximum Stupid

Skip the queue because you can afford private health insurance, a-ok. But pay to get on a boat and skip a queue? BAD BROWN PEOPLE.

Really? Someone is actually comparing private health insurance, to what is in her own words someone paying money to skip the asylum queue?

Someone who does the responsible thing and takes out private insurance in order to relieve the burden on tax payers is now in this persons mind comparable to and/or responsible for the demonisation of asylum seekers?

Someone who takes out private health insurance in order to avoid paying the government penalty for not having private health insurance is now comparable with someone xenophobic and anti-asylum seeker?

Having health insurance and being an asylum seeker who arrives by boat are two separate things, very separate things, and only someone who is playing politics would even attempt to connect the two.

BY Penny Carter


2 Comments to “Asylum Seeker debate reaches Maximum Stupid”

  1. I don’t think it was stupid. I think the point she is trying to make is that it’s OK for people to jump a queue by paying private health insurance, but people who jump the non-existent refugee queue are demonised.

    • Oh My God, you are so right, paying money to put your own health as a priority is just like being a boat person. And you know those people who buy vitamins and pay for gym memberships and get up at 5AM to go for a run – jumping the queue for heart surgery. And all those people who buy and cook vegies instead of eating takeaway burgers, they are so jumping the stroke and cancer queues too. And people that study hard to get better paying jobs so they can afford private health insurance, gym fees, vitamins and vegies, they are the worst of all queue jumpers, we should penalise them for using doctors less, yeah that would teach em for jumping right off the queue.
      –99– of Turn Left

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