Yet Another Ashby Scandal Emerging For MSM To Ignore

There are a team of 7 writers who contribute to the Turn Left blog (well, 6 now that -99- left, the person who ran the twitter account and answered comments), and one of us has a friend/relative/acquaintance/stranger-on-a-train/random anonymous contact who has said that there is another scandal yet to go public.

This person works for the tax office, and as a government department cannot tell anyone details of clients files, that would be illegal, however, they have said “Follow The Money“.

Uh, yeah. “Follow the money” is apparently what the Watergate whistle-blower Deep Throat told Woodward and Bernstein.

Although. given the way the media ignores everything else about the Ashby scandal, this one will probably never see the light of day.

Supposedly one of the major players involved in the Ashby failed coup d’etat has a large and unusual tax bill outstanding, one which they are willfully ignoring. Seems like this person believe only little people pay taxes.

BY Penny Carter


2 Comments to “Yet Another Ashby Scandal Emerging For MSM To Ignore”

  1. So this would be a big fish? Sizzle, sizzle…

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