Thanks Western Sydney for ruining Australia, but don’t panic, Tony Abbott has a plan

BY Penny Carter

Here we go again: anything that is wrong with Australia must be the fault of those millions of people who choose live in Sydney but reject the East.

Too racist and way too lazy. And the Left and the Right both have plans that will fix all that wrong with Western Sydney.

First up Tony Abbott has a cunning plan. He wants to force all the lazy people to move to the other side of the country and work in the Public Service mines, or something. Completely ignoring family bonds, or family care responsibility or community ties, Western Sydney jobless are responsible for the soaring unemployment figures in Australia.

Oh wait. Unemployment is not soaring. It is at historic lows, not even five and half percent (5.4% Jan 13, compared with 7.7% in UK, USA and over 26% in Spain and Greece).

The leaked document can be found here Although, was it really leaked, or was the LNP just testing the reaction of the public?

This is economic apartheid, rights for the rich, less rights for the poor. Pushed into social isolation to provide cheap labour for the mining and resources industries (for example, Karratha, one of the areas targetted for forced relocation is also home of the Woodside-operated North West Shelf Venture).

Will there also be “Gina-wages” for all those forced to relocate? Less than $2 a day? Once you force all those spare unemployed people into a remote location with few job opportunities, the competition for jobs will increase and wages rate will crash.

How about a ‘Work In The Mines For A Wage’ scheme?, and transfer the entire wages bill from private companies to Australian tax payer.

Abbott’s plan to relocate up to public service 20,000 jobs from Western Sydney will do nothing to help with the region, it will reinforce the economic disparity between those that leave with those left behind. This plan will tear apart families and communities while removing a skilled workforce from an area in desperate need for workers with qualifications.

Even Sydney’s Murdoch-owned The Daily Telegraph is unsure of this idea:

Northern exposure as Tony Abbott goes troppo
While not specifying which southern state capital cities would be targeted for relocation… western Sydney would be expected to be a major source of the new northern workforce, with 22,000 public sector jobs in the region alone. …
[The LNP Plan] also includes an audit for a 15-year infrastructure plan for new highways and rail projects through the desert, dams in the tropics and new education facilities to cope with the expected population boom.
Full article: here

screen grab, for full article, visit

Once we forcibly relocate all the lazy people, we can then work on all the racists.

Apparently, all the racism in Australia the responsibility of Western Sydney, which also happens to be home of one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse places on earth.

Western Sydney is also home to more people than live in South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and ACT combined. However, if you listen to some people, everything wrong with the way these people in the suburbs vote reinforces racism.

The Lefts plan for fixing Australia is to stop all the racist and xenophobics who are currently forcing the ALP to institute refugee policies. Because clearly if the ALP wants to have a refugee policy that involves putting people in tents on Nauru, it MUST be the fault of Western Sydney.

Labor’s tough-on-refugees stance is not about head office, the power-brokers, the otherwise loveable Prime Minister or any of her ministers or the chase for votes from LNP voters, No, it is all about those nasty racists in Suburbs. (Really, the West is that powerful it can dictate Federal policy? the people saying this have never needed a decent hospital or public transport system in the West, their vote out there is not powerful enough to make those happen.)

Here is an idea: let’s give people of the Suburbs a vote that is worth on 3/4. If they insist on voting for… well, Muslims (division of Chifley, NSW, the Mount Druitt area, voted in Ed Husic, ALP, also the first Muslim to be elected to federal parliament). Also Jayme Diaz, a Liberal candidate of Filipino descent, who happens to be an immigration lawyer from Blacktown was narrowly beaten (less than 800 votes) in 2010 for Greenway. They are clearly SOOOOO racist.

Love your work Fiona, but please, a little less of the ‘caricatures of W Sydney’ in your geographic bigotry.


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