Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Senior Moment’

Why does Rupert Murdoch hate Central America? What has Guatemala ever done to him? Perhaps he means Guantanamo Bay.

Someone should buy that man an atlas-app.

*Rupert is speaking USAmerican, by “liberal” he means “left-wing”


added by Janet Sharp


7 Comments to “Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Senior Moment’”

  1. Unlike his anointed one for Australia, dipwit Tony Abbott the Weasel. He would bend over backwards so far for Rupert he would be able to kiss his own belly button.

  2. The crap he pours into Twitter, he can’t like it much either. Must be because he can’t control the flow of information there.

  3. Rupert Murdoch’s senior moments are becoming more & more frequent & his gobbledygook tweets denser & denser. Even the really scary ones.

    He probably hates Central America because he doesn’t own their governments or make squillions from the huddled masses. Although he probably employs some of them to clean his palatial apartment on 5th Avenue NYC on below minimum wage.

    • Too many commies in South and Central America, you think?
      –99– of Turn Left

      • Just think there is nothing there for him. The TV & newspaper market would be all tied up. While he would call a a left leaning socialistic government a communist government the only one is Cuba. There are some right wing fellow travellers of Rupert’s in Central & South America too.

      • Agree. That is why there has been such demonisation of Morales in Bolivia and Chávez in Venezuela, they don’t bend over for Murdoch.
        –99– for Turn Left

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