How’s That Election Campaigning Working Out For You So Far, Tony Abbott?

Since the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, announced the date of the election (just the date, parliament hasn’t been dissolved, we are not in caretaker mode, for all the confused Right-wingers out there), it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Tony Abbott and his LNP.

Tony Abbott has seen two leaks to media, his “hurt the working poor” policies are being examined by, a story splashed all over The Australian that he had given a positive character reference for a child-abusing priest, and a fabulous new make-over.

One of Tony Abbott’s big themes during his time as Opposition Leader has been how “united” the Liberal Nationals are. This is so he can present any non-conformity or differences within the Government or between the ALP and Greens as “chaos”.

However, unity is also conformity and conformity is not always a good thing, and as it turns out, the LNP are not as united or marching in lockstep as Tony Abbott wants to believe.

Leaked email
There have been at least two leaks within the LNP (or supposed leaks) in recent days.

The first leak was regarding Tony Abbott’s speech to the National Press Club (NPC) on 1 February.

Revealed: Tony Abbott’s email on election agenda
However, an email exchange within his inner circle, including his wife Margie, obtained by The Daily Telegraph online, has revealed that Mr Abbott appeared more concerned with making friends in the media and convincing them to think he was a “good bloke”. …
he suggests that the speech contained enough personal stories “that’s personal for the commentariat to say…yes he is a good bloke, and yes he is more fair dinkum..”.

read more here: Revealed: Tony Abbott’s email on election agenda

So either someone passed it on to Murdoch’s The Daily Telegraph, or they are part of the inner circle.

Joe Hockey tried to portray this leak as being the work of a stranger taking a screen cap of Tony Abbott’s computer in the Qantas Lounge. Perhaps Tony Abbott shouldn’t leave his computer unattended so that strangers can get screen caps.

However, it is not really news that Tony is more concerned with his appearance, or how people think of him, than any policies of his party, Tony has been all about spin over substance his entire career.

Although, Tony, if you want to be liked, perhaps you / your party could stop trying to put your friends in prison, like former Speaker, Peter Slipper… you remember him? you were best man at his wedding.

Leaked draft policy
The second leak is more serious, a draft policy discussion paper that involves cutting the country into two economic zones, forcing public servants to move to Darwin or far north Queensland, selling more land to Asian developers, redirecting $800 million foreign aid budget to build hospitals in Darwin, a massive infrastructure programme for road, rail, dams, schools, hospitals and communications.

Found here: Developing Northern Australia A 2030 Vision Discussion Paper

Are you serious Mr Abbott? Surely those sort of things are best left up to the market, if people don’t want to live and work in northern Australia, you are going to redirect billions in taxpayer money on a social engineering programme that is doomed to failure. The capitalist free market has spoken, they don’t it.

Hit the poor, subsidise the rich policy
Leaked documents at least serve Tony Abbott, as they distract from his election policy of raising taxes on the poor.

Tony Abbott’s plan to remove low-income (less than $37,000) superannuation concession will hit 3.6 million people across Australia.

A case of Tony Abbott “callously hitting 3.6 million of the poorest taxpayers while opposing changes to curb disproportionate tax advantages for the wealthy.

Treasury figures show the top 5 per cent of income earners, who have a greater capacity to direct savings into super, obtain a combined benefit of nearly $6.5 billion a year.”

Source: Liberals’ super pledge to hit the poor hardest

This has been described as “a gross injustice” by former Liberal premier of NSW John Brogden.

Channel 9 not playing their part
Although, it seems the Liberal Party does not appreciate when you look at their actual policies, instead of just repeating the PR.

We now have the ludicrous situation where reporting facts and telling the truth leaves media open to accusation of bias from the LNP.

For more of that exchange between Joe Hockey and Bill Shorten, click here

Are you serious, Mr Hockey? Channel 9 are your boy and girls, they’ve been aligned with the Liberal government since the days of Black-and-White TV, just because you can’t keep them on a short leash, does not mean they don’t check the facts.

Don’t worry, Joe Hockey, you still have ABC on your team, pushing for Wayne “Triple A Economy” Swan to resign.

Character reference for a child abusing priest
Two leaks against Tony Abbott says more about his team than him, but what happens when Tony Abbott shows bad judgement, who does he blame then?

This one is all Tony, and not a random stranger in the Qantas Lounge.

Tony Abbott linked to Catholic priest dumped after child abuse case, read all about it in a The Australian story, which is not paywalled.

John Nestor, a priest charged with child abuse got a character reference from Tony Abbott, which completely overwhelmed the evidence from a child he tried to portrayed as lying, leading the judge to question the ‘validity of the boy’s evidence’.

Tony Abbott said

‘An extremely upright and virtuous man. I guess one of the things that I like very much about John when I first met him was his maturity – intellectual, social, emotional. And he was, to that extent I guess, a beacon of humanity at the seminary’

Where is the justice for the abused children?

Lawyer Chris Murphy has said that the upcoming Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse should “look at cases of powerful people overwhelming abused children who dare to speak up”.

Sources for all information relating to this is from Tony Abbott linked to Catholic priest dumped after child abuse case

And a stunning make-over

Just fabulous.

It has twitter all a-tweeting, dubbed “Tandoori Tony“, the botox, eyeshadow, the pink lipstick, all drew comment.

This image from Tony Abbott’s NPC address (1 February) confirms, Tony is all about appearance, not substance. How about a policy or two?

Meanwhile, the Abbott side-show will go on, with the bloggers of Australia keeping an eye on the facts and ignoring the PR spin.

BY Trevor Sharp


2 Comments to “How’s That Election Campaigning Working Out For You So Far, Tony Abbott?”

  1. Congratulations on a fine article. This is the sort of journalism we need (but won’t get) from the lamestream media. The miserable coalition is inflated with hot air and media spin, lightweights with no substance. The media have to hold them in kid gloves because the slightest rupture of the veneer tenuously holding the act together will cause the whole thing to ‘pop!’, deflate and be blown away by the winds of progress.

    • I will pass that on, but the good news is Lenore Taylor and Katherine Murphy going to the Guardian Oz, just in time for Election 2013.

      Theyre like fairy floss, all artificial colours and spun sugar, and easily dissolves.
      –99– for Turn Left

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