Austerity: grotesque and insulting

To recommend thrift to the poor is both grotesque and insulting. It is like advising a man who is starving to eat less.
Oscar Wilde (1891)
The Soul of Man under Socialism

Source and full text of that short essay can be found here:
The Soul of Man under Socialism


6 Comments to “Austerity: grotesque and insulting”

  1. I unfollowed Adam Bandt on Twitter because so many of his tweets were anti-Labor. Nor did he engage in dialogue when I tried to get through to him. In the time I followed him I saw one tweet from him that could be construed as criticising the Liberals. Even then, it was not his comment but a retweet of something another Green had posted.

  2. It was the $7 for petrol that got me, plus buying toiletries for a week…I understand that he used his car and took a taxi!!
    We can’t suddenly dump our pets- at least i couldn’t, and thats what his budget suggests, in a sense.Its a stunt from a condescending pratt.
    Having experienced first hand years of living on a pension – I know you shop around- after all time is what you have plenty of, you use libraries for cool/ warmth as well as books. You dont’ buy coffee out, you don’t eat out, you don’t go to the movies, you buy your clothes at op shops, not cause its fun or trendy, but because you have to.

    This sort of stunt just infuriates me.

  3. Adam Bandt’s week on ‘Newstart’ is a case in point.. a hilarious case of middle class thinking and with No IDEA of the demoralising effects of experiencing weeks ands months living like this. Thinking about every purchase, worrying about every bill and losing hope..

    • That was a disgusting stunt from Bandt, did he move out of his posh inner city apartment? did he continue eating his organic activated almonds that hed bought the previous week? did his partner pay for anything?
      I looked at his budget, he excluded his partner and pets from his budget – which makes a total, complete, absolute mockery of demonstrating what it is like for single parents recently moved onto Newstart from parenting pension.

      What did it prove? People on high incomes such a politicians are even more out of touch and condescending when they try and stunt their way into showing solidarity.

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