What do you mean the Australian media can’t change the Prime Minister?!


4 Comments to “What do you mean the Australian media can’t change the Prime Minister?!”

  1. she is right ,polls are a policitical tool and are they honest,?sometimes they flucuate too much,the media are bent on julia bashing

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  3. I can’t believe what I’m watching. At least Kerry Ann Walsh tried to put up a reasonable argument against the total propaganda garbage that both Sky (Murdoch) & The Australian journo (Murdoch again!!!!!) were trying to ram down viewers throats.
    The MSM, in all of its forms are trying to force an early election, trying to destabilize the gov. and while all of that is going on run a campaign force a change of leadership of the ALP.
    We the public, should be aware of what is going on and be VERY, VERY ANGRY.
    The LNP, Murdoch Press and TV and Fairfax Press & TV (Reinhart interests) should be bought to account. They are the ones who only report what they feel will SELL their product – Kerry Ann Walsh says so in this video clip. There we have it folks, self interests overrule democratically elected governments. Is this what we want for our country?
    Those of us who really care about our country should rise up and repel something that is so dangerous to us all.
    Freedom of speech? Is this the price we have to pay for Freedom of Speech?
    It is pure propaganda, run by people who have no social conscience, who do not care about anyone else or anything else by their own self interests which are POWER & MONEY.

  4. The one way to beat them is to ignore them, show the bias and don’t believe what you read- challenge what they say and to think for yourself. Of course the media ( especially under The Yank) are trying to destabilise the government.
    Was there evr so much commentary? I dont think John Howard who had some shocking newspolls got this.

    A lot of the men in media can;t seem to forgive M/s Gillard our elected PM for not being a bloke. And some of the women too, for example Michelle Grattan are on the same wave length.Nikki Savva former Liberal adviser and now working for The Australian is hardly liable to be impartial.

    For me I reckon she’s a smart savvy woman BUT i just wish she’d not assume that everyone is intelligent- that’s why the three word slogans win out – easy to remember.

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