Goodbye MSM, it’s not me, it’s you. I’m just not that into you. We need to break up.

Dear MSM

We need to talk.

It’s not me, it’s you. We need to break up. It’s not that I’ve found something younger, newer, shinier, it’s just that you’re unable to meet my needs anymore. It’s time I moved on.

You might have thought everything was going to well, every morning we would sit and read the newspapers, which, face it, are really yesterday’s news and celebrity gossip, then every evening we would settle down while the 6 o’clock news played. It was our quality time together.

But you’ve change. You’re not who I thought you were. I mean, I always knew you had right-wing leanings, but recently you’ve gone the Whole Tea Party, and started dressing up in Freikorps boots with little double lightning bolts insignia on your shirts.

You took me for granted. You fed me bullsh!t and told me it was prime steak.

You thought I’d always be around. You thought if you eliminated the competition that I would have no choice but to stick with you, no matter how badly you treated me. How wrong could you get!

I started spending time with others, I now know there is a whole world out there just waiting for me, while you’ve kept me cooped up in a little box of fear and xenophobia, just because it suited your personal agenda.

All my friends keep telling me “MSM are just not that into you anymore”, at first I didn’t want to believe them, I mean, we’ve been through so much together – Titanic sinking, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, a man landing on the moon, the deaths of Elvis, Princess Di, Amy Winehouse, our rights to privacy. But my friends are correct, you’re not into me, you’re into Tony Abbott.

We seem to have drifted apart, we no longer do things together. We just don’t talk anymore. You want to tell me about the Prime Minister’s shoes, I want us to talk about the Prime Minister’s policies.

You lie to me non-stop. You try to convince me that climate change isn’t real, but Weapons of Mass Destruction were. Ten years later, they still haven’t found any WMDs but the glaciers are still melting. And if you lie to me about something so obvious, what else are you lying about? Well?

You started holding things back, I knew there was something going on, something you weren’t telling me. I had to go sneaking around behind your back, and get my daily news from other sources. They understand my needs better. I mean, ‘Who is this Ashby I keep hearing about?’

It’s the Liberal Party, isn’t it? Well! Isn’t it? I knew you liked her more than you liked me, the way you’re always kissing her asp… or python, or cobra. It was that old carbon price octopus squeeze. I knew it.

There was traces of Liberal party lipstick on your dictatorial demands.

Face it, you don’t even give good headlines anymore. It’s like you’re just going through the motions.

You’ve become bitter, twisted, vengeful, hate-filled, vacuous. You’ve become obsessed with bringing down the democratically elected government to the point you can’t focus on anything else. Unless its Lara Bingle’s naked body.

I deserve better.

But every time I turn around you’re there, with your lies and mendacity. You’re on my radio, my newspapers, my TV, my computer, my books. You’re even in my bible*. You are now taking over my politics and the education system. You’re smothering me.

I need some space.

I thought I was ready to be with one media exclusively when we got together but I’m not. I haven’t lied or cheated, or hacked murdered girls phones, or bribed police, or stoodover politicians, or editorialised the planet into an illegal war for oil, and I don’t want to, so I need to make a clean break or I’m afraid I’ll start to become like you. I’m sorry I’ve led you to believe I could be more committed. I can’t.

I’m way too good for you.

I’m way out of your league. You would be lucky to have me.

Could our relationship be salvaged? Is there any point giving you a second-chance, even though I know you will only lie to me more and let me down?

What do your friends say, they know you better, Malcolm Turnbull (‘The Minister For News Limited‘) came to your defence, told me I shouldn’t listen to our democratically elected government, told me that only you could save me. Turnbull told me that the ALP Government’s media reform laws (technically: Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Convergence Review and Other Measures) Bill 2013, Television Licence Fees Amendment Bill 2013) would hurt me. He said
The Daily Telegraph is free to be as biased as it likes. Its readers can decide not to read it, they can be appalled by it, they can cancel their subscription, they can throw it in the bin or do whatever they like, but it is free to do that. Source: Hansard

But I know that he doesn’t have my best interests in his heart.

Throw it in the bin? Sounds like it should be a good idea, except that would involve paying for it first in order to have it in my hand to throw it in the bin.

Even faux-freedom from you still has a price to be paid, and that is not real freedom, is it?

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, had some advice, on how you could win me back. “Don’t write crap, It can’t be that hard” (NPC, 18/07/11) but as it turns out, did keep writing crap. Clearly you didn’t want to win me back.

And now, I’ve moved on.

After all this time, everything we saw, everything we did, I have only one thing to say to you:

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish & Chips wrappers.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, gute Nacht

* For those who don’t know, Rupert Murdoch owns the bible. His publishing company Harper Collins has the exclusive rights to the New International Version bible. Rupert Murdoch was also made a papal Knight by the Pope in 1998.

* Some lines in this piece were inspired by Douglas Adams “Hitchhiker Guide To The Galaxy’, The Sound of Music, Doctor Who ‘The Stolen Earth’, and Tony Abbott’s carbon price scare campaign beat up.


14 Comments to “Goodbye MSM, it’s not me, it’s you. I’m just not that into you. We need to break up.”

  1. Brilliant, just brilliant, should be Labors election song.

  2. Thanks for this post and well done. Your comments covered all the things I have believed for a very long time (and some of my tweets have agitated for change). The MSM have worked themselves into a position of distrust with lies and innuendo against the elected government of this country in a way that most thoughtful people find quite unacceptable. We do need a change, because I think the media won’t, they seem well entrenched with the right wing side of politics, and are all following the hateful Rupert Murdoch in lemming like style. Social media is a fine way of letting off steam, but ways of extending this to the uncommitted voters and political waverers is an urgent need. I would think it an honourable pursuit to be part, however small, of any scheme to provide an alternative to the present corrupt media system.

  3. Apropos of nothing, I recently attended a GetUp meeting in Crows Nest, Sydney where some 14 of us got together, talked civilly and inclusively for two hours and, after a brainstorm or two and a cup of tea, came up with three concrete suggestions to take to our political “betters” via a country-wide coming together of the 4,000 or so of us GetUpperers that participated. After a passionately-fought process of elimination, the three suggestions left standing when the dust had settled (and paraphrased outrageously) were:

    1) Extend the existing public school system gradually down until it encompasses children from 2yrs old. i.e. incorporate the whole kindergarten / day-care thing into the rest of the education system. Crazy to have a motley collection of private and public options for the first 2-3 yrs and then a completely different system for the other 13 years.

    2) Move more aggressively to transition from non-sustainable (coal/oil/gas) energy options to renewables. Cut the fossil fuel subsidy and feed the savings directly to the growth of renewables. Encourage innovation in renewable technologies esp those that suit our country (solar / geothermal?)

    3) (And this is the whole point of this digression) Examine, evaluate and update corporate law to properly recognise that corporations are an integral part of our society and should not be allowed to act completely without moral consequence. Ensure that corporations are legally bound to work as active and contributing members of the society they inhabit rather than psychotic bullies who think they are only beholding to shareholders. Deal strongly with corporations that grow too big to be manageable with their society.

    Yes, you’re right, I plugged the third one for all it was worth but there was general agreement that organisations like BHP, Woolworths and News Ltd are too powerful, too monopolistic and acting with impunity solely in their own narrow self-interest to the ultimate detriment of the rest of us.

    • 3 good logical ideas, thank you for this… the problem with TBTF too big to fail, is you end up with corporations running the country… even more than they already are – and yet people keep handing over their cash to support the companies that are paying slave wages and trashing our planet

      if our media gets anymore concentrated in the hands of miners and Rupert, I feel that it might be ‘game over’

  4. I am so over the MSM in all of its forms. I have been so obsessed with trying to find what is truth and what is not that I am driving myself & everyone else mad, especially after watching last weeks attempted suicide of the ALP idiot brigade.
    What exactly were they thinking would happen. Well the ramifications have been, of course, an absolute TA/LNP love fest where the LNP/TA are the only ones who really know what is going on in the ALP.

    WTF and all the other expletives.

    Just had someone close to me, send me an email about the losing of actual print forms of news. At the moment I really couldn’t care less about losing them, how could I when all they do is print propaganda. They deliberately leave out what is truth and just all parrot each other chasing the sensation.

    Last night I read again the IPAs goals, this is really frightening. Where are they reported in the MSM – Nowhere.
    Where can you find them, in some of the really good social media sites, but because there are a lot of these sites out there, struggling to spread TRUTH in news, one can get totally obsessed in trying to find them all and pass on the good news.

    Then there is the problem of, what happens when we want to spread the TRUTH via social media such as Twitter & Facebook. Our accounts on these social media outlets are being invaded by bots, trolls and the like.

    We, as a general public, are being very badly abused. We need a battle plan to combat what is going on, the ‘Giant Bullies’ as Peter Bayley has pointed out need to be forced to be accountable, not only to be socially responsible, but FFS to be truthful.

    That means that newspaper barons such as Murdoch & Fairfax who own approximately 90% of the MSM and support bringing down a duly elected government by giving the LNP/TA a complete free ride in all forms of media.

    I am angry, so very angry that this is happening and want to know HOW THE HELL DO WE COUNTERACT THIS ABSOLUTE FORM OF PROPAGANDA.

    I’m off to take a cold shower, because this all getting me all steamed up, again.

    • a lot of frustration in that response. we dont have any alternatives in this country, we have Rupert, Rupert-lite (ABC) an mining magnates, that is not diversity. We could go to the source: politicians blogs, political party blogs, youtube where they upload interviews, Hansard, then getting your daily news becomes a full time job. Or we could unite in a huffpost style blog – not to get a conformity of opinions, but a range of opinions all available in one place.

      Interviews, profiles, videos, podcasts, vodcasts, live blogging House of Reps and Senate, live blogging senate inquiries, extracts from important sites overseas (copyright limits you to 10%), bloggers covering politics, lifestyle, policy, opinions, content creators themselves could donate that content, daily news not just Op/Ed style opinions – but everything, link the hell out of it, so the bloggers, image creators, video makers, get full credit. Our leftie superstars could emerge, there are a few now, but imagine the power of half a million views a day would have on the political landscape.

      A forum for comments, discussions, a moderator to block Rightie trolls, ideas could move around fast, and facts checked before Abbott has even begun his daily run from reporters that ask questions.

      Jello Biafra said “Dont hate the media, become the media”. It would only take a handful of people wanting to see change to make it happen. And Ive already offered to stake up some cash to see it happen.

      The public would have an alternative, it might not pull back some of the more rabid MSM, but it would be an alternative.

    • Thanks for your reply to my rant. Yes I feel very frustrated because I realize I’m not the right person to be an instigator of rebellion as at 72, I’m a pensioners who really cares what is happening to our democracy, but I’m not IT savvy enough & only capable of reading, responding to comments & forwarding the many sites wonderful articles. This I do with great regularity.

      Do you think that all of the leftie bloggers could contact either other, join together and get an underground like movement so that we (those of us who are wanting to help, but don’t have the expertise or perhaps time) can do something, no matter how small to participate.

      The PM & her party should be made aware that there are so many of us who really want to ‘come to the aid of the party’ so to speak. I know that you have my email address, perhaps you might contact me there, as I do have some good ideas that I don’t particularly want to share with the LNP trolls who lurk.

      If your interested, would like your response.

      • you didnt supply an email, just a twitter (DM me, dont publish it). I will put some ideas down in a post very soon. I was an activist until last year when I put that on hold because I thought the fight to stop Tony ever becoming PM was more important, so I have some ideas…. now, how to find motivated people? that is the question.

        there are a couple of aggregated blogs, we follow many of the same people on twitter, so Im sure you’re aware of some of them, but they only focus on a handful of the best bloggers, whereas, I would like to see the best of many bloggers, not just about number of clicks but about the sheer number of people coming together to create content, not just click a link

  5. Beautifully and sensitively written. This morning my msm said, after she told me what a low opinion she had, in a voice dripping with sarcasm. ‘ … Julia Gillard is going to WA for the first time since the Labor parties failed election attempt.’
    I thought for a minute, said nothing, and switched off. She used to be like an aunty I could trust but now she’s just looking to be bitchy all the time.
    I’m taking your advice and dropping her & her rich suck-up friends.

  6. Excellent work. Well done. The last to realise the need for change are usually those with the most to lose from it.

    Standing back, the current overriding problem in all western societies is the size and dominance of our largest corporations. These powerful, entities with the statutorily-enforced, antisocial morals of a certifiable psychopath now so dominate our lives that something radical needs to be done. Big Oil, TBTF Banks, Big Pharma, Big Retail, Big Mining… and Big Media have warped our social values to such an extent that their influence must be addressed and controlled. As Oscar Wilde said in his famous putdown, “they know the price of everything and the value of nothing”. The problem with MSM is that it is only secondarily about communicating messages and primarily about the business of controlling, profiting and dominating in a market, destroying competition and influencing government policies to its own ends, regardless of the social cost.

    It is obvious to any thinking person that News Ltd is out to get Tony Abbott into power and willing to do anything and everything legal or untraceable / deniable to make it happen. The Labor party seem happy to oblige them, helpfully pulling themselves to pieces in front of us. Tony’s policies, which are not likely to ever be announced – because the fight isn’t about policies no matter what Julia thinks, have already been developed and are waiting in the wings

    The most telling and hopeful comment in your article was the line “You thought I’d always be around. You thought if you eliminated the competition that I would have no choice but to stick with you, no matter how badly you treated me” That’s the only way these Biggies know – dominate; monopolise; control; profit. Luckily the Internet has appeared and people can now talk back to power and talk amongst themselves. While the Internet is free – and that won’t be for much longer – “Big Internet” is coming – we have an opportunity to coordinate, to discuss, to plan and to act – to bring these Giant Bullies into line and force them to be socially responsible – or, looking at the current state of Uncle Sam – perhaps, even for that, it is now too late.

    • wow, thank you for this comment, says it brilliantly, the IPAs goals, you mention “developed and are waiting in the wings”… people say Tony Abbott doesn’t have policies, he does, he says them all the time, people via the media choose to ignore them

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