10 Reasons Why The Australian Left Will Never Again See Power

Guest post from Stephanie Cole Bare from Conservative Girl. Reposted with Permission.

The Left Do Not Stay On Message: You would think with one of the greatest economies in the world (1/8 with a gold-plated, Triple A economy) they could get that message out to the voters. But NO. Like cats, the Australian Left are easily distracted by shiny things. Don’t believe me? Just say the words “Kevin Rudd” and watch the reaction.

The Left Are Paranoid: Say the words “Kevin Rudd is leading in the Polls” and the Left would knife their own mothers if they thought their polls would rise.

The Left Prefer To Complain Than Take Action: What is the Left’s version of “taking action”? Joining a Facebook group… to whine to other Lefties about “how unfair” it is. Face it, the Left don’t control the media, people from the Left don’t control the radio, the television, the newspapers, and when they do, perhaps they get the right to decide what government is in power or what taxes they would like to pay.

The Left Love To Complain About ABC Bias, And They Would Know, They Watch It All Day: Not only do they watch the ABC to find alleged* Right Wing bias, they then tweet to each other about it ad nauseum. The Left don’t like alleged* Right Wing bias, they don’t even like balance. Sure, they say most of the balance is false, but still, they’re not happy.

If you’re not happy, Step 1) Stop Watching, Stop Reading, Stop Listening, Stop Clicking… then for God sake, Step 2) Stop Complaining.

The Left complain to each other, what do they hope to achieve. I don’t understand why they don’t write letters to the editor, write letters to ACMA, write letters to the ABC board, tweet Latika Bourke, form a lobby group, boycott advertisers (does the IPA count as a sponsor or an adverstirer? and how would the Left boycott the IPA anyway?)

The Left spend all day complaining to each other about the “creeping Murdocracy” in Australia, well, not all day, they do take a break to watch cricket and football on their Foxtel. Apart from that, they would know about the “Murdocracy”, they spend all day watching Sky news.

The Left Are Obsessed With The Trivial: Someone on the Left could write a 150-page finely honed essay on how to win the election, set good policy and solve Australia’s Triple A economic crisis and low-interest rates, and the response? “You misspelled ‘Orwell’ on page 69”.

But good on you Lefties, while you focus on the trivial, like fact checking, spell checking, style guide checking, grammar checking, the Right are focused on whinning (edited to correct: “winning” not “whinning”).

The Left Would Rather Fight Each Other Than For Australia: The Left spend more time fighting each other, Labor Right faction versus Labor Left faction versus the Doug Cameron far Left faction versus the Greens, than they ever do fight for Australians.

You never see the Nationals and the Liberals fight each other. The Nationals have learned, if they want to share government as the junior partner, they must be subservient.

The Left Destroy Their Own Even If That Means Weakening Their Party: When someone from the Right gets into legal trouble, the Right just “circle the wagons”, strengthen the walls of the fortress. They will fight, defend, excuse, minimise, distract, Cry Rudd! to take attention away from the legal transgression of the Right. And it works. The Left will eventually give up and the problem just goes away.

When someone from the Left gets any sort of bad publicity, real or media confection, the Left will knife their comrade in the back and toss the dead body over the barricade in the hopes the media onslaught will go away.
Of course the media will then see that as a sign of weakness and pile on even harder, inducing even more paranoia in the Left, leading to even more virgin sacrifices to appease the media gods. It works every time.

The Left will eat their young in a way absolutely never seen in nature, they will knife anyone in the back at the slightest provocation or negative front page on the Daily Telegraph. Unless your name is Obeid and you are from NSW Labor, in which case, even the hard Left Doug Cameron will support you all your way to a half billion dollar fortune from mining the Hunter Valley. It’s a win-win situation. Especially once all the vineyards of the Hunter have been turned into coal mines and CSG wells, where will the Left get their chardonnay from.

The Left Are Obsessed With Bias: The Left are so obsessed with bias, they find bias in things that don’t even exist, and if they can’t find bias in things that don’t exist, it makes all their protestations about alleged* Right Wing bias at the ABC seem like a joke.

The Left Would Rather Be Liked Than Win: If the Left have a good policy, they expect the voters to find out for themselves. Apparently talking about all the good things you are doing for voters is unseemly, and like a political puritan, good policy must never be talked about. I read newspapers every day, and am yet to see any evidence of good ALP policy. Why do they not talk to the voters?

The Left Choose The Wrong Battles To Fight: ALP’s Anthony Albanese once said “I like fighting Tories. That’s what I do”. That is the ALP’s problem, they act like they are still in Opposition, they would rather fight the current Opposition that pass good policy.

That is just 10 of the reasons why the Left will never again be in power in Australia. But keep it up Lefties, and Tony Abbott will be having Christmas drinks in the Lodge. He said it after the previous election and it didn’t come true in 2010, or 2011, not even 2012, but maybe 2013 will be his year.

You know why people don’t like liberals [The Left]? Because they lose. If liberals [The Left] are so fuckin’ smart then how come they lose so goddamn always?

The first scene from Newsroom, aired on Rupert Murdoch’s Foxtel in Australia, so you know it has good-old-fashioned Right Wing values.


17 Comments to “10 Reasons Why The Australian Left Will Never Again See Power”

  1. Turn Left whatever you think will help – yes use it if you like- I am spitting tacks that the disaffected former ministers- are now set to wreck Labor’s chances.I see Mr Crean – who was actually a virtual nobody by now ,has been revived by the media as a’ former Labor leader’. He was so uninspiring they dumped him for Mark Latham. It just distresses me that the hard working committed Labor people have to put up with the disgruntled former ministers in safe Labor seats. Minority government has many trials – but having these old fogies around backgrounding and back stabbing- must be an additonal one.

    • Did you ever see Lindsay Tanner chatting with Christopher Pyne on QandA, every time Kate Ellis (I think) tried to talk, they would have little discussions amongst themselves. I’m surprised Tony Jones didn’t force her to apologies for the middle of her sentences interrupting the start of the boys chat. It was disgusting. Of course Tony Jones didn’t pull it up. But that is what ex-ALPs do, they get friendly with the Liberals even if it means humiliating the people in their own party.

      Have reposted the Crean letter, thank you for permission.

  2. I have emailed Mr Crean after his appearance ( or disturbance) regarding his views re superannuation- I said this and I wish other people (especailly those in his electorate) would do the same.

    Dear Mr Crean,

    Are you really so naive as to believe that the media are your friends? And friends to the Labor party?
    Do you still care for the party ? Or are you out to get us an Abbott government?
    If you keep on that’s what will happen, can you really countenance that?

    You talk about Hawke and Keating, they knew when to go and are still revered within the party.

    By your own actions you are trashing the party and any legacy you hoped to leave

    .In the interests of the party you should resign and clear the way for someone who can support the party.

    If your faction had won- you would have expected the others to shut up and get on with winning the election. Well why aren’t you doing that?

    Some of us do want Labor to win, its not about you-its about what Abbott would do to fairness to health, education, working conditions( I know yours, have been good for so long) but what about the rest of us? Its about pensions, and savings, and superannuation – not yours the poor workers with $37000 or less who will be penalised by an Abbot government. Why aren’t you expressing concern about them and helping Labor’s cause?

    I hope that you will at least, if you can’t support the Gillard government have the dignity and good sense to remain quiet.

    Always a proud Labor voter and supporter of our great PM.

    Of course I signed it with my real name and email address and also put for read receipt.

    • I don’t watch TV so I never saw the interview, and missed the whole thing. I don’t know what Mr Crean did that has so outraged people, but I hear he is willing to cross the floor and vote with the LNP.

      Good letter. If you like I can make it a separate post. With your Sue de Nim authorship, or not, if you would prefer it to not be.

      Thanks for this comment.

  3. Much of the reason for the perceived apathy and self absorption of by the Left, can be found in the lack of choice between the political parties. On the Right you have the LNP and on the centre Right you have the ALP. There are no single parties as representatives of the Left. The Greens, who are in the best position to represent the Left and offer an alternative to either Liberal or Liberal Lite, seem befuddled at being given a golden opportunity to build a much larger following in the electorate and as to date seem to show little interest in pursuing it.
    This puts the ball in the ALP’s court. It’s still six months until the election, and despite all of the pundits predictions of ‘it’s a foregone conclusion’, anything can still happen. The ALP can reinvent itself but it needs to shed the free market economics policies which make it just another version of the Libs, and forces them to fight on the NLP’s terms. Despite the pessimism over the MSM and Rupert Murdoch, the MSM has sounded its own death knell with its barely disguised political bias. People do want the facts and objective analysis from their news sources and more frequently this information comes via the net rather than ‘ACA’ or the ‘Hun’. It will take a while but the MSM will slowly wither to insignificance as more and more people get their news and entertainment from other sources.
    The Australian electorate is hungry for change! They’re sick to death of the same tired promises from both sides.
    What is needed is a catalyst to fan the winds of change. If the Left or the ALP can provide the catalyst, then the election will be a foregone conclusion.

    • I’ve read that the current ALP is further to the Right than John Hewsons Liberals were. Also if you ask the Greens they will deny they are to the left of Labor, they will tell you they are centre (maybe we need a triangle not a line), also many Greens are Blue-Greens, rather than Red-Greens. But agree with your comment, we need something to shake things up.

  4. I cant help but comment on “the left are obsessed with the trivial” …this form some who constantly complains about line breaks in tweets…

  5. As long as there are individuals with the authors attitude, yep I agree.

  6. The question is asked why don’t the left wing get out and inform the public about their good policies. Fat chance when all of the media is directed by the far right. I think you are right, the piece must be satire!

    • If we (the Left) agree that the media is never going to give the ALP a fair go, then the question becomes: do we continue to talk about media bias and how unfair it is? or do we figure out alternatives to get the message out?

  7. I think that by NOT watching ABC we may also play to what they want _ I have given up ABC except for the occasional drama and most other Tv stations have much on that bores me. BUT they will used diminishing viewing figures for the ABC to argue that its no longer a ‘National broadcaster’ and can therefore be sold off to guess who? Murdoch..

    Yes the Libs are a bunch of piranha fish but they are holding together- the front bench are all keeping Abbott there- remember he won the leadership by one vote.They keep discipline but the left can’t.

    Of course it would be better to get the malcontents out of the party- but they all seem to hold safe LAbor seats-some sort of ‘inherited privelege’. The only one who seems to have shut up is Chris Bowen. Joel Fitzgibbon just keeps on and on spouting stuff after saying ‘you wont hear from me’

    But surely the party can do something wiht them? And I dont mean ‘reward them’.

    It may be’ a game’ to some of the players, but its our futures at stake, our pensions, our kid’s education, our health system, our working conditions, our superannuation. Win or lose theirs is ok.

    So I say get out there and .tell people what LAbor is doing- and it wouldnt hurt if they had some snappy three word slogans of their own.

    People are regretably misinformed, over half seem to think that the carbon tax has put petrol up – when its not even on petrol !!

    remind people of all the good things LAbor has done, and plans to do.
    Lots of the policies are very female friendly – but women seem pretty unaware of them.
    And let LAbor itself know you want more form them.
    Email politicians, message them, phone the offices and engage.

    • Your suggestions are all brilliant, but how to motivate people to stop tweeting each other about how bad life will be under a LNP government and start getting active? I asked people once, “what can we do?” and was told to join a facebook group. The Right would laugh at the idea that joining facebook is activism. The Right have been fighting the election since the day Tony failed to sell his arse. The Left worry about spelling errors, I don’t know if the Left are paralysed or if they just don’t realise that spending a week abusing someone over a spelling error is not the way to win elections.

  8. If we as a nation elect the Whinging Wingnut we will have the entire world shaking it head at us asking why, what were you Aussies thinking?!. Simple the average Australian is bloody stupid we have had it good for so long we have become complacent.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but the idea of being the laughing stock of the rest of the world doesn’t sit well with me, but that is what we will be. It will be too late then. We will deserve what we get, recession social up upheaval. In 2 yrs time we will know what we lost, when Hockey has rising interest rates 8 1/2 % watch all those western Sydney voters bitch then. Housing for closures will cause a massive drop in housing values, this will feed back upon itself causing a collapse in the share market. It is coming, so to all those that are complaining now your just practicing soon you will REALLY have something to complain about.

    Gina will be happy so will Murdoch, who cares if the rest are poorer, disadvantaged, thrown on the scrap heap replaced with imported cheaper 457 workers. Just because you supported the Liberals won’t mean you will not lose your job, you will have outlived your usefulness, you voted Liberal. You will have done it to yourself, but naturally Labor will get the blame for yrs to come.

    It comes back to the one fact here in Australia, the right owns the media. They are laughing at us all, knowing ‘No-one can stop them’. They own you, they control you , & they don’t give a crap about you!.

    • Love this comment, Tony can’t even do morning tv without a script, how will he manage meeting world leaders or the worlds poor, or educated people?? He will probably do alright with the worlds stupid, but only because they don’t know better.

      (Btw “If we as a nation elect the Whinging Wingnut”… he is elected)

  9. Aired on Foxtel in OZ, does that mean that Rupert believes he is telling the truth, informing the electorate, or is it just so he can say he is not biased?

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