Anything you post to Twitter is copyright exempt for MSM

Apparently. If you post something to twitter, whether it’s a quote, or especially a photo, you lose copyright ownership of it. Anything you post to twitter becomes fair game for MSM, and they can do what ever they want with it. Or so they think.

Compare the photo credit on the two pictures used to illustrate this article.

Belly up? No, that’s just the punters doing their dough

One is a photo of Gai Waterhouse, the other is a photo of her son Tom signing autographs for kids at a sporting event, during the same week there was a Inquiry into gambling in sport.

The first photo is given credit Jenny Evans, the second, is credited to twitter. Twitter did not take the photo, twitter did not post the photo, twitter is where the person saw the picture and scraped it from. That is like saying “source: book”. Someone took the photo, someone uploaded the photo. Yet, Fairfax does not think that person deserves the proper credit. (It is possible that Fairfax contacted the photographer and they gave permission to Fairfax to use the picture but they wanted to stay anonymous).

post by Penny Carter (@redglitterx)


4 Comments to “Anything you post to Twitter is copyright exempt for MSM”

  1. Just had a look at Twitter conditions and in using the facility you are allowing Twitter a license free right to use whatever you post, wherever, whenever, however. And, your bear sole responsibility for what you post!
    Hmmm? So if I post a copyrighted photo (or whatever) to my Tweet without appropriate permission, and Twitter uses it, or allows it to be used by another party. Has copyright been breached just by you, or by you and Twitter, or by you Twitter, and the third party?
    Ooooh! Copyright lawyers and lots of money required — urgently!

    • I don’t believe that posting anything to twitter give Fairfax the right to use your stuff unacknowledged, although Fairfax seems to. A licence to use is pretty standard for social networks, FB, Tumblr, Instagram, I think when you lose your right to your work just because you upload it, is when users get upset.
      Penny Carter, for TurnLeft

      • If Twitter have licensed on to Fairfax right to use then they can. I didn’t see anything in the conditions that indicated a requirement for attribution.
        In my Deknarf blog I use photo’s off the web quite a bit! Wherever it’s possible I attribute. I have also taken to placing on any graphics that I manipulate because I found that people were using the graphics, often without attribution, or they were appearing in graphics collations. I don’t mind others using, but would appreciate at least being acknowledged that the work was mine — not matter how terrible, or otherwise.

  2. Copyright Law: A minefield for the unwary it is!

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