President Tony Abbott, Hail To The Chief – Not On My Watch

If Tony Abbott is elected…
If Tony Abbott wins the election…

In Australia we don’t directly elect the Prime Minister, we elect the a local representative. Which ever side wins enough seats forms governments. They choose the Prime Minister, not the people.

Tony Abbott is already elected, he is the Member for Warringah, NSW. Tony may “win” in September, but the LNP may not win enough seats to form government. So, would that count as “winning the election” or not?

Australians never vote for the Prime Minister, they vote for their local member. Some people who are living in the Prime Minister’s or Opposition leader’s electorate vote for a local member who may also be Prime Minister, but they are voting for them in capacity as a local MP, not as a PM.

It is a rather simple system. Yet, it seems to confuse some.

Tony Abbott says “I think it is time to give the people a chance to choose the Prime Minister“.

Tony, you are advocating for a Republic now? With the people choosing their head of state? Or are you just confused?

Tony Abbott wants to replace the Queen as Head Of State and be a President?

But Tony is not the only one who is confused:

Ben Cubby in Fairfax says: “Mr Abbott has pledged to abolish the Climate Commission – the federal government’s agency for explaining climate science to the public – if elected”

Team Penny Wong (the person who tweets on behalf of Senator Penny Wong) says: “Confirmed. Tony Abbott would take over $600m a year from Tasmania and around $1b from SA if elected – … – TeamWong”

Michael Bachelard in Fairfax said: “even if Tony Abbott is elected Prime Minister in September”.

NewMatilda, online journal tweeted “Tony Abbott may well win the election in September, so you’d better brush up on his politics. Take the quiz:

‘The Shovel’ blogger brought us this “Tony Abbott To Scrap Climate Change If Elected
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he will ditch the Labor Party’s climate change if he is elected to office in September.”
Although, this may be a quote from Tony Abbott, I do believe he is uneducated enough to say it.

The National Times said “Climate Commission head Tim Flannery may lose his job if Tony Abbott is elected PM
Yes, he can be elected PM, by the Liberal parliamentary caucus who choose someone to be Prime Minister, but the general population is not invited to that vote.

<a href=";>Murdoch’s The Daily Telegraph said: “Abbott will sack Flannery if elected: TONY Abbott has signalled he will sack Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery…”

The Herald Sun, however, knows their politics… somewhat: “Tony Abbott says he will axe the carbon tax if the Coalition is elected #auspol #carbontax” {emphasis added}

Tony Abbott is already elected and only the party that wins can choose Prime Ministers.

post by Penny Carter (@redglitterx)


2 Comments to “President Tony Abbott, Hail To The Chief – Not On My Watch”

  1. Abbott is doing badly in the preferred PM polls and has been from the start. Of course there is little made of that by the Murdoch MSM, but he is a dead man walking if the LNP do manage to get it. I give him 6 months (generous) and he’ll be replaced by someone more palatable to the Murdoch, Gina et al and the neo-cons and then…god help us!

  2. Here you have the main reason Abbott wants only the rich to have a good education, keep the masses dumb & manipulate them to Rupert wills, via his puppet Abbott.

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