Subscription Only Post: Tony Abbott’s Education Plan, targets women and the working class

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9 Comments to “Subscription Only Post: Tony Abbott’s Education Plan, targets women and the working class”

  1. Thanks – shamefaced look:(

  2. Devastated as I can’t remember my password- ( it gets difficult with various accounts subscribed to if you don’t use the same one)can you please either email me the password that I used – or let me set another one? Sorry to be a pain!

    • If you subscribe, a copy of the post gets sent to your email. You log in to the email account that you used to received posts by email, I not sure what you want reset.

      And never a pain.

      Anyway, these were the two graphics that made up the post (the written part of the post was the text of the images, in case the graphics don’t load for some people):

  3. The elitism and sexism shown by Tony Abbott is truly alarming. To realize that he could be voted into office as the Prime Minister of Australia is indeed a frightening prospect which half of our nation seems totally oblivious to. We should do all in our power to try and educate the swinging voters of this country against the most un-Australian potential Prime Minister in our history. Social media has a strong role to play in this challenge, but can it ever be enough?

    • But think of the business advantages in a post-Pm Abbott world…. soup kitchens, fingerless gloves, protest music, revolutionary art, shovels for digging tunnels to New Zealand in a ‘Great Escape’, tins of baked beans as fresh food is priced out of most peoples range, pawn shops.
      -99- for TurnLeft (@turnleft2013)

  4. Thrilled to see you- what a shame that a fictional character espouses the educational cause so passionately.
    Tony Abbott’s comments are so backward thinking, so patronising to women and so elitist. Yes there is a class war and its perpetuated by people like him!

  5. Anyone but Abbott!

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